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Tehrān : Iran | over 2 years ago  
A five-member team of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) left for Iran on Monday for two-day talks in Tehran over controversial nuclear program of the country. It is a positive...
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  • Turkey: Ankara, Tehran and the Nuclear Issue

      Eurasianet | over 2 years ago
    As a compliment to my Eurasianet article today about the growing regional rivalry between Turkey and Iran, you might also want to take a look at an International Crisis Group report released today about the politics surrounding Iran's nuclear program...
  • Oil prices jump to nine-month peaks

      Sydney Morning Herald | over 2 years ago
    Story continues below The strong upside rally in the oil market continues as WTI crude oil surged above $US106 per barrel, while Brent oil retested the $US124 per barrel area,'' said Sucden analyst Myrto Sokou. It seems that oil market looks...
  • Obama to Meet with Israeli President on Iran Issue

      International Business Times | over 2 years ago
    Articles Israel i news outlets are reporting that Peres, whose position is largely ceremonial, will tell Obama that a military strike on Iran should not happen. Some see the meeting as practice for Obama's upcoming parley with Israeli Prime Minister...
  • 'Iran set to expand nuclear activity in mountain bunker'

      Jerusalem Post | over 2 years ago
    Islamic state to start addressing their mounting concerns about its nuclear work and returned empty handed to Vienna after two days of talks in Iran. The setback increased worries about a downward spiral towards conflict between the Islamic Republic...
  • China hopes Iran, IAEA to continue cooperation

      China News | over 2 years ago
    Wednesday that no agreement was reached with Iran over its nuclear issue during the agency's recent visit to Tehran. The team had hoped to inspect a site at Parchin, southeast of Tehran, where the agency believes Iran's suspicious nuclear activities...
  • Nuclear discussions fail to spur Iran co-operation

      New Europe | over 2 years ago
    Iranian leaders officials refused to allow the organisation access to its military base at Parchin. Iran to alleviate tension over the country's alleged nuclear weapons programme, but could not get access to military or nuclear facilities within Iran.
  • Iran urges IAEA not to “perturb climate of cooperation”

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    Iran's envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency urged the UN watchdog on Wednesday to "avoid perturbing the climate of cooperation," saying talks over Tehran's controversial nuclear program would continue. Russia warning of "catastrophic"...
  • 'Iran's failure to reach IAEA agreement regrettable'

      The Hindustan Times | over 2 years ago
    November report," the White House press secretary, Jay Carney, said on Wednesday at his daily news conference. The nuclear watchdog on Wednesday acknowledged its "failure" in trying to probe suspicions that Tehran has worked secretly on atomic arms.
  • More Iranian deceit

      Canadian Free Press | over 2 years ago
    This is nonsense and one more example of Iranian deceit because Iran has always attacked its enemies...The three primary ones are the United States, (the Great Satan), Israel, (the Little Satan), and believers in the Sunni branch of Islam, (Sunnis)...
  • Disappointment as Tehran nuclear talks prove fruitless

      The Independent | over 2 years ago
    It is not often these days that one sees emergency aid go from Greece to Germany...Suggested Topics UN experts have returned from Tehran empty-handed after two days of talks focused on Iran's nuclear programme, narrowing the options for diplomacy...
  • Unbearable cost of Iranian oil

      Japan Times | over 2 years ago
    Global politics is often compared to chess, a game invented by the Persians. That's because, when making political decisions, one has to take into account the intrigue and complex network of connections and possible consequences as in a game of chess.
  • Iran denies UN nuclear inspectors important access

      Leader Post Online | over 2 years ago
    A fruitless visit to Iran by UN nuclear inspectors sparked anger and raised tensions on Wednesday, with Russia warning of "catastrophic" consequences if it leads to a military attack on its ally. France said Iran's refusal to allow the inspectors to...
  • Russia to Israel: Attacking Iran would be “catastrophic”

      Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles | over 2 years ago
    Attacking Iran would be catastrophic by Alexei Anishchuk, Reuters Russia warned Israel on Wednesday that attacking Iran would be a disastrous and played down the failure of a U.N. nuclear agency mission to Tehran, saying there is still a chance for...
  • France denounces “missed opportunity” by Iran

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    France on Wednesday denounced Iran's failure to give UN inspectors full access to its atomic sites as "another missed opportunity" for Tehran to show good faith over its nuclear program. Parchin" where suspected nuclear warhead design experiments...
  • IAEA Team Barred from Entering Key Iranian Nuclear Site

      International Business Times | over 2 years ago
    The Parchin locale is believed to have been the site of nuclear testing in recent years. Iran without any sort of agreement "facilitating the clarification of unresolved issues" related to Iran's nuclear power program. An earlier round of talks in...
  • Russia warns: Israeli attack on Iran will bring catastrophe

      Jerusalem Post | over 2 years ago
    After UN nuclear watchdog declares collapse in talks with Tehran, Russian FM says military action would have dangerous consequences; Khamenei: "Pressures, sanctions and assassinations will bear no fruit."...Related: "Therefore I hope Israel...
  • Iran failed in latest IAEA visit, analysts say

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    Iran has shot itself in the foot by failing to engage with the UN atomic agency, lowering the chances of renewed six-party talks and stoking speculation of military action, analysts said Wednesday...Shannon Kile at the Stockholm International Peace...
  • IAEA says no breakthrough on Iran visit

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    Director General Yukiya Amano said in the statement. "We engaged in a constructive spirit, but no agreement was reached." The statement gave no further details and did not say whether another visit was planned. These negotiations will continue in the...
  • IAEA: Iran refuses access to suspect nuke site

      Haaretz | over 2 years ago
    Director General Yukiya Amano, referring to a military site where a simulated nuclear warhead was allegedly tested. "We engaged in a constructive spirit, but no agreement was reached," he said. Tehran to Vienna after a second round of talks with...
  • IAEA says Iran denies access to key site

      Al Jazeera English | over 2 years ago
    Iran denies access to key site UN atomic agency says its team was denied access to Parchin military site...The team led by Herman Nackaerts, the Vienna-based agency's chief inspector, was due back home later on Wednesday. Tehran's nuclear programme,...
  • MarketWatch First Take: Heading off $5-a-gallon gasoline

      MarketWatch | over 2 years ago
    But gasoline's annual spring price increase carries higher stakes than usual this year. For that we can blame the usual suspects: heightened tensions in the Middle East, economics and politics...Iran, the world's fourth-biggest oil exporter, is...
  • IAEA talks to Iran amid saber rattling

      United Press International | over 2 years ago
    Iranian and international officials are meeting this week over the country's controversial nuclear enrichment activities but odds of progress were seen as slim. First, Iran was unwilling to recognize the team as inspectors and instead described them...
  • Opinion: India?s rationale for Iran-Israel relations

      Arab News | over 2 years ago
    Amid the ongoing developments involving Iran, Israel, the United States and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, India's foreign policy is once again under the scanner. Though Iran's role in the recent bombing of an Israeli diplomat's car in...
  • US aide tells Israel sanctions on Iran need time

      Jerusalem Post | over 2 years ago
    We certainly understand the heightened concern that Israel has given its geographic location and other circumstances that are involved here for Israel," Carney told reporters, discussing Donilon's visit and the White House view on Iran's ambitions. "...
  • Iran and IAEA to carry on talks, delegate says

      NOW Lebanon | over 2 years ago
    Iran said earlier on Tuesday that it views its nuclear activities as a non-negotiable right, but confirmed they will be discussed in mooted talks with world powers. "The issue of our country's peaceful nuclear activities will be on the agenda of...
  • China, India plan Iran oil cuts of 10% or more

      Jerusalem Post | over 2 years ago
    The cuts would add to a European Union ban on Iran oil imports, which comes into effect on July 1, to restrict the flow of vital foreign exchange to Tehran under pressure over its nuclear program. Japan is close to an agreement with Washington on the...
  • Back to their Old Ways? Iran, Hizbollah, and International Terrorism

      Canadian Free Press | over 2 years ago
    Hizbollah's policy is greatly subordinated to Iran's considerations, certainly regarding fundamental principles or issues of strategic import...Iran, Hizbollah, and International Terrorism Since the rise of the ayatollah regime in Iran in 1979 and...
  • Iran threatens pre-emptive strike 'if national interests endangered&#...

      New Europe | over 2 years ago
    Tensions are rising in the Middle East, with Tehran announcing that it will not hesitate to act pre-emptively rather than wait to be attacked, as Israeli antagonism over Iran's controversial nuclear programme mounts. Our strategy now is that if we...
  • Iran raises tension by threatening pre-emptive action

      Guardian Unlimited | over 2 years ago
    Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, right, with Mohammad Hejazi, the deputy head of the Islamic republic's armed forces. Photograph: Hasan Sarbakhshian/AP Iran has stepped up its rhetoric with the west by warning that it could launch pre-emptive...
  • Iran says would act against enemies if endangered

      Zee News | over 2 years ago
    Iran is facing increasing international pressure and isolation over its disputed nuclear activity. Expanded Western sanctions aim to block its economically vital oil exports and Tehran has said it could retaliate by shutting the Strait of Hormuz...
  • Iran views its nuclear activities as non-negotiable

      The Daily Star | over 2 years ago
    Iran said on Tuesday it views its nuclear activities as a non-negotiable right, but confirmed they will be discussed in mooted talks with world powers aimed at defusing a crisis containing the seeds of a new Middle East war. "The issue of our country'...
  • Why Iran can withstand the sanctions

      Zawya Political | over 2 years ago
    Meanwhile, Israel is suggesting a pre-emptive strike if sanctions fail to deter Iran's nuclear program, while Tehran has vowed to retaliate on an international scale if it comes under attack.  However, determined to lift the economic siege and avoid...
  • Twisted policy: The U.S. takes a contorted approach to Iran

      Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | over 2 years ago
    It would appear that the primary focus of that policy at the moment is consulting with Israel to prevent it from carrying out an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities that would plunge the region into another major war and send the price of fuel,...
  • UN team flies to inspect Iranian nuclear sites as tensions rise

      The independent | over 2 years ago
    The FA were forced to defend the decision to change the England home kit this week after it was conf... Suggested Topics UN inspectors flew into Tehran yesterday as the White House announced that President Obama would meet Israeli Prime Minister...
  • IAEA seeks answers on Iran’s nuclear program

      The Daily Star | over 2 years ago
    Iran Monday to push for transparency about its disputed nuclear program, while several European states halted purchases of Iranian oil as part of Western moves to pile pressure on a defiant Tehran. Iran denies Western accusations that it is covertly...
  • Iran military exercises to protect nuclear sites

      Australian Broadcasting Corporation | over 2 years ago
    Iran has revealed it is holding new military exercises to boost protection of its nuclear sites from possible attack. The country says it has deployed warplanes, missiles and anti-aircraft artillery as part of a new plan to protect sites that have...
  • IAEA team arrives in Iran

      United Press International | over 2 years ago
    A delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency arrived Monday in Iran for two "constructive days," a team member said. Last week, Chinese and Russian officials joined Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a ceremony marking Iran's...
  • Iran boosts anti-air defense to protect nuclear installations

      Arab News | over 2 years ago
    Iran's military announced on Monday it has launched four days of maneuvers in the south of the country aimed at boosting anti-air defenses protecting nuclear sites. These exercises aim to reinforce the integrated abilities of the country's anti-air...
  • IAEA team in Tehran, may or may not visit nuclear sites

      Russia Today | over 2 years ago
    Iran may turn the sanctions tables by immediately stopping oil supply to Europe. The move is aimed as a response to the EU slapping an embargo on new oil contracts with Tehran. China has lashed out at the sanctions, calling them blind pressure. Iran...
  • UN nuclear inspectors arrive in Iran for 'make or break' visit

      The Observer | over 2 years ago
    The International Atomic Energy Agency chief inspector, Herman Nackaerts, speaks to the press before boarding a plane to Iran. Photograph: Dieter Nagl/AFP/Getty Images A team of UN nuclear inspectors has arrived in Tehran for what analysts describe...
  • Iran 'boosts nuclear protection'

      BBC | over 2 years ago
    Iran has announced it will hold military exercises to boost protection of its nuclear sites. A military statement said drills would be held in southern Iran to counter "all possible threats, especially to public, important and nuclear centres".
  • Nuclear talks with IAEA begin in Tehran

      The Hindu | over 2 years ago
    Tehran, February 20, 2012 AP TV grab shows Herman Nackaerts, of the International Atomic Energy Agency, speaking to reporters at the airport in Vienna on Sunday...Tehran on Monday with Iranian officials over the country's disputed nuclear programme.
  • UN Nuclear Inspectors in Iran to Investigate Atomic Program

      Voice of America | over 2 years ago
    A team of United Nations nuclear inspectors is in Iran for a visit aimed at resolving the dispute about Iran's nuclear program. Iranian officials, but he cautioned that progress may take some time...U.S. military officer, General Martin Dempsey, said...
  • U.N. Nuclear Inspectors Return to Tehran

      The New York Times | over 2 years ago
    The talks between Iranian officials and investigators from the International Atomic Energy Agency coincided with heightening international tensions, pressures and counterpressures over the nuclear program, as Iran claims significant technological...
  • UN nuclear inspectors visit Iran

      BBC | over 2 years ago
    UN nuclear inspectors have arrived in Tehran for the second time in a month to discuss Iran's nuclear programme. Chief inspector Herman Nackaerts said his team's "highest priority" was to clarify the "possible military dimensions" of the nuclear...
  • Bomb-Iran scenario risky, complicated

      Denver Post | over 2 years ago
    U.S. defense officials and military analysts close to the Pentagon say an Israeli attack meant to set back Iran's nuclear program would be a huge and highly complex operation. They describe it as far different from Israel's "surgical" strikes on a...
  • U.N. nuclear watchdog agency in Iran for more talks

      CNN Blog | over 2 years ago
    Officials with the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency begin a second round of talks Monday with Iranian officials over the country's nuclear program, a day after Tehran cut off crude exports to British and French companies in retaliation for a new round of...
  • Iran set for talks with IAEA team

      Al Jazeera | over 2 years ago
    Two-day talks in Tehran come as Iran announces halt to oil supplies to France and Britain over nuclear standoff. Vienna airport as the five-member team prepared to depart. "The highest priority remains of course the possible military dimensions of...
  • Iran halts oil sales to UK, France on eve of talks

      Zee News | over 2 years ago
    The European Union enraged Tehran last month when it decided to impose a boycott on its oil from July 01. Iran, the world's fifth-largest oil exporter, responded by threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz, the main Gulf oil shipping lane...Iran,...
  • Editorial | Iran: stumbling into war

      The Guardian | over 2 years ago
    Editorial There are two possible outcomes of the barrage of words being launched against Iran Israel . A negotiated climbdown by both sides is the least likely option, although the venue for one still exists. The next round of talks between Iran and...

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