Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance: A Flaming Disappointment of a Movie in 3D

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance: A Flaming Disappointment of a Movie in 3D

Los Angeles : CA : USA | Feb 17, 2012 at 7:52 PM PST
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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is a huge disappointment. If you thought the first Ghost Rider was good, the sequel is even worse.

The sequel, directed by Neveldine/Taylor, the guys who brought us Crank and Crank 2, falls far from Ghost Rider. The film has a lot of flaws that by the time the film ends, you will recall which parts were worth the watch and then notice that there were none.

Ghost Rider, a character from Marvel Comics is a dark individual. His alter ego Johnny Blaze is a person filled with guilt but also has a fun side. The first film captured both those sides but this time, certain parts of the character were shown.

In this new film, we get a bad ass depiction of Ghost Rider. But his character is more of a beast than the devil’s bounty hunter. He is just killing everyone and there is nothing that will leave us in awe. For Johnny Blaze, Nicolas Cage for me is just choosing which scenes he will give his full performance. In short, Cage is not at his best for this one. He just seemed to be playing Nicolas Cage and not Johnny Blaze. The supporting cast didn’t help make this film any better. Each of the supporting cast’s characters were forgettable and at time unnoticeable. Some were useless at some point.

Another wrong about the film is the screenplay. Yes, it has a great plot but the lines were just dull. There was nothing in the lines that will make us more interested to know what happens. I can’t believe David S. Goyer was one of the writers. It was just bad.

Cinematography and camera movement were a mess. Angles on each scene didn’t work out and there was a lot of zooming in and out which became annoying after you see the first or second zoom. The location was great but it was not shown well enough to be appreciated.

One thing I didn’t like in this film is the motorcycle. It’s not scary. It is just a bike with flames. The same goes for anything Ghost Rider climbs up on. The huge mining equipment, the truck, they were just vehicles on fire. Unlike the first film, the bike transform into something from hell.

The effects on this film were good at times but for most part a mess. I think the film makers focused more on the 3D aspect of the film. I watched this in 2D and I can already see some scenes which is great to watch in 3D. But it still doesn’t make this film good.

The action sequences were dull. There wasn’t enough fighting and the Rider’s enemies were humans so it was clear they were no match against him. I was expecting a huge fight against the Devil or some of his dark minions, but i only got to see a dull fight between one decaying minion and a helpless Devil which got thrown back to hell just as easily as you would take out the trash.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is a dull film. It doesn’t radiate excitement, action or even comedy. The first film did those and that one wasn’t good either but at least it delivered some form of entertainment. The sequel is just filled with craziness which should not be part in films like these.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is a film worth watching on the small screen. It just doesn’t dish out what it is intended to bring. This Marvel Comic film adaptation will leave you feeling sleepy and when it ends, you will say, “That’s it?” it is a huge disappointed especially to fans of Ghost Rider. The first film was better than this one. I recommend you watch that instead of this. I give it 4 out of 10 stars.

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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance: A Flaming Disappointment of a Movie in 3D
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