Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 12b)

Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 12b)

Cebu : Philippines | Feb 17, 2012 at 7:00 PM PST
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Skooter reporting 02/18/12

The man in white nodded in confidence. The young ward rose and walked to the window. RJ looked down the street seeing nothing. Then he turned about and faced the man.

“ They couldn’t be wrong.” He said looking blankly at Kim. “And they were right.”

“What are you talking about?” Antiochus surprisingly asked.

“Sorry sir, it’s just a mistaken identity.” RJ apologized.

“Tell me who are they?” Antiochus demanded. His eyes followed the phasing young doctor waiting for an answer.

“Why do you want to know?

Antiochus muted and watched RJ returned to his seat. In his mind, he knew who the people the boy doctor was referring.

Kim and RJ looked silently at the man. He heard him say, “You know, I’ll be nearly a perfect force in due time just like the others. I’ll be considered an elder a high ranking Mojol. Sorry, in that level we call ourselves by that rank. Being a Mojol I have more strength and power. I could do anything just like what you call God.”

He eyed Kim as if to say what-is-he-talking-about. Again he heard him say, “I don’t want to lose this opportunity by creating violence among the living. For if you do harm the living creatures on this planet then you are in trouble with the Supreme Divine Master. He would punish me and bring me back to the first level or throw me down back to earth. Reincarnation is the most dreadful, horrible punishment for a Mojol.

They didn’t know Antiochus was referring to his plans to kill two of RJ’s closest people in the next week to come. The couple let him go on but was irritated. “You know why? You would be forced to become worse than before. You follow me?”

The couple looked at each other and RJ replied, “No, we don’t.”

He rose from his chair and phased about. They heard him once more. “If a Mojol is reincarnated he would become a reptilian. Imagine how a reptilian would look, huh? Reincarnation in your own definition isn’t the right. Being reincarnated into this world isn’t a happy thing. You understand what I mean?”

RJ interrupted the man. “We’re going outside of our target of discussion. I’m not interested in your Mojol idea. I’m interested only to know where’s Henry James right now. You said you met him where? What level did you say?”

Antiochus froze at the question that was thrown at him. Where’s Henry James for heaven sake? He wondered deeply in his mind. The man issued a grim face to the doctors saying he doesn’t know. However he assured RJ that he would look for Henry James and if he could find him, he’ll bring down the guy to him. “That’s a promise.” He said.

RJ didn’t believe him; he knew that this man in white knew where his grandpa was. That was if Antiochus wasn’t actually his grandpa he could say that. But what if he was the guy then he was fooling him.

“Tell me Antiochus my dear friend,” RJ said, exhausted “You’re not really him?”

“You don’t believe me?” He quickly answered. “Next time or perhaps tomorrow I’ll give you the proof.”

“You don’t have to…” RJ replied. “I know you have the power to clone yourself. You said you are in the fourth level; a Mojol as you said have power and strength as if you are God. Nothing is impossible for you. Am I right?”

The man in white saw him with a sly smile. Then he heard him say, “Go ahead look for him and show him to me.”

Antiochus was hesitant to leave them. His brow wrinkled. But he wasn’t worried he has to look for the wanted man. He disappeared like the way he came in.. “Well…do you believed now in ghost?” RJ looked at Kim.

“At first I thought he wasn’t real.” Kim said. “I tried to touch him if he’s really real. Too bad I hadn’t the chance. But now I believed that there is such a thing.”

“Wait a minute…” Kim said as if she remembered something. “I have read the Bible and I came across by that name. His name Antiochus?”

“Yeah I know.” He replied looking at her seriously. “Antiochus IV or Epiphanes a craze King from Syria slaughtering thousands of Jews before the coming of Christ.”

Kim asked him if he was the same man. “I don’t think so. He said he is a physician in the time of Alexander the Great. That is a big gap. What I understood Antiochus IV was the great grandson of Seleucus or Antiochus one of the generals of Alex.”

“I didn’t know you’re so well verse in world history, said Kim smiling. But then it came to his mind that Kim could be right. What if this Antiochus was the general of Alexander? He asked himself. He went on playing with his thoughts. In the other hand, what about those two guys? Who’s telling the truth?

There is a possibility then that Antiochus was not telling the truth after all. The only thing he wasn’t lying was he is not Henry James. But what I’m puzzled about why is he using me?

Alone in his flat he was still thinking profoundly trying to see if he could unveil what Antiochus’ scheme was. He now believed that Antiochus wasn’t Henry James at all. He had the hunch that he met Henry James at some level. He befriended him somewhat by letting him know his previous life.


Four surgeons worked on a seventy-two-year old woman performing a craniotomy. They were attempting to remove a benign tumor in her brain. One of them started to drill creating a door-like opening in her skull. Then the bone remaining between a series of burr holes was cut with a wire-like saw.

One edge of the bony door-like opening was left attached to muscle, creating a hinge. From there the chief surgeon worked his way in removing the tumor. In a minute a nurse handover a forcep, then a scalpel to him. Another nurse sponged him on his soaked forehead. One could tell that the cranial surgery would take several crucial hours under the bright headlamp.

The masked surgeon looked up to the other masked men who surrounded him asking for approval of what he was doing. The surgeon on his right nodded and issued a thumb up. The other surgeons took over the chief surgeon’s task of putting back everything in place. He removed his operating mask. Dr. Rush and Dr. Cornwall tapped Dr. de Montehor’s shoulder. Hands extended to him and once again congratulated him for job well done.

What he didn’t know Dr. Kim Bauer watched them in the operating theater. She creased her cheeks as she went down the steps greeting Doc RJ. There will be more examinations and trials to take place before Dr. de Montehor could get out of Harvard Medical School. Yes one more year he would be backed home. He put his arm around the shoulder of Kim and they walked away.

RJ planned to visit Lansing this coming summer. He wanted to see more of Toni. He received a return call from the woman telling him to see her instead in Chicago where she would be working. She would be living Lansing before Christmas probably on the month of October.

He asked her Chicago address. She said she can’t give him yet. She would let him know when she had it. He asked her what hospital would she be working and she told him University of Chicago Hospital.

“Why? Does they give a better pay than what you have now?”

“A big yes and don’t ask how much. She said giggling. “Secret you know?”

And he said, “See you then, take care.”

“And who was that?” He turned about surprised to see Kim. He didn’t know that the woman was over his shoulder.

RJ replying, “Nobody…just a friend back home.”

“Oh…really?” The Phil-Am woman looking suspicious. She could read his poker face, he was not telling the truth. Dubiously she said, “A boy or girl?”

RJ didn’t know what to say. He cast down his eye and remained muted.

He looked up, “yeah, what the questioning about Kim?”

Kim didn’t say a word, cautious not to start a lover’s quarrel. Let him be. Kim resigned from her thoughts. “Just forget it RJ. The subject is no importance to me. Ok?”

That did it. RJ put his arm around Kim’s shoulder. He kissed her.

That same day they were being watched by the man in white. Antiochus furious of what his young ward was doing. He was not happy about the situation. Having two women at the same time for him was trouble. The super intellect that he implanted in his young ward’s brain would be disrupted instead of focusing himself on medicine.

He then decided to eliminate one of the women as soon as possible before everything was too late. He rubbed his chin as he made his choice which one deserves to be terminated. Toni or Kim?

But before everything else he thought of destroying the psychics that RJ consulted. He thought of Jamila. She must die. You are going to die you bitch. There was a sly smile on his pallor face.

Antiochus thought of another problem which he’d like to eliminate long before. He laughed aloud thinking of him. Where’s the guy? He had not seen the unruly fellow for two decades. It’s been a long time he had not seen Chokmaiel.

In his thoughts he said, I have to ask help from his closest friend in the Mojol world .“Yes ask help from Ptolemy.” He whispered. “He is the right choice.”

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planet of the Archangels
Bust of Antiochus IV displayed in the Berlin museum
skooter is based in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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