Should America re-elect Barack Obama?

Should America re-elect Barack Obama?

San Francisco : CA : USA | Feb 13, 2012 at 6:05 PM PST
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People are funny. In 2008, Americans voted by a clear majority to elect Barack Obama as president of the United States. But during the mid-term elections just two years later, Americans voted overwhelmingly for members of Congress who were directly opposed to everything Obama campaigned on and stood for. Why would we do that? Why would we deliberately elect people who told us they opposed Obama’s agenda? I thought we liked Obama’s agenda.

What was Obama’s agenda? Prior to the 2008 presidential election, Candidate Obama made hundreds of campaign promises. Of the top 10 campaign promises as reported by PolitiFact in January 2009, Obama has kept two, is still working on two, has compromised on two and has broken four. (1, 2)

The two campaign promises that President Obama kept were withdrawing troops from Iraq and implementing legislation to protect consumers from fraudulent bank practices. True to his campaign promise, Obama successfully removed the last of the combat troops from Iraq in August 2011 and declared an end to the Iraq War in October 2011. This was a key issue in the 2008 elections, and according to NBC Nightly News, it was a major reason that Obama was elected president. Also true to his campaign promise, President Obama signed The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in July 2010, which put in place financial regulations designed to protect consumers from unfair corporate financial practices. (3, 4)

As president, Obama continues to work towards accomplishing two other campaign promises: creating “green” jobs and reducing the nation’s oil consumption. Although these promises are not entirely fulfilled, the steps taken by the Obama administration so far are on track with the timeline he set during the 2008 campaign. (5, 6)

Obama’s health reform bill was rated as only partially fulfilled due to the fact that it did not include a public option. However, the Affordable Care Act was a landmark piece of legislation containing important protections for Americans including:

· Increasing insurance accessibility to those with pre-existing conditions

· Preventing lifetime limits and phasing out annual limits on coverage

· Preventing unreasonable insurance premium rate hikes

· Ensuring that insurance companies spend 80% of premium dollars on health care (7)

Another campaign promise rated as only partially fulfilled was Obama’s proposal to give working people a tax credit. The justification for the rating was based on the fact that the current payroll tax cut will expire this month and that it does not benefit lower-income taxpayers. However, a tax credit was given to all workers as part of the 2009 stimulus package and lasted for two years. Also, the current tax cut benefits two-thirds of middle-class taxpayers, and Obama continues to fight for it. (8, 9)

The four promises that Obama made that were rated as broken promises are:

· Closing Guantanamo Bay Detention Center

· Eliminating the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy

· Reducing carbon emissions through cap and trade

· Creating a fund for homeowners affected by the mortgage crisis (1)

Of these, three of them have failed due to strong resistance by Republicans in Congress, and one may not turn out to be a broken promise after all.

Regarding Guantanamo, it is important to note that Congress has been strongly opposed to closing the detention center and has passed legislation severely hindering Obama’s ability to remove the prisoners. According to a March 2011 White House Fact Sheet, the Obama Administration continues to advocate closing the facility and promises to be working on ways of doing so. Of the top four Republican presidential candidates (Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul), only Paul is in favor of shutting down Guantanamo. (10, 11)

Opposition in Congress is also stalling the President’s efforts to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. While it is true that the tax cuts are still in effect, the president has openly opposed them and is met with stiff resistance from Republicans in Congress. In fact, today the president released his budget plan for 2013, which includes raising taxes on the wealthy. According to Fox News, Republicans have already rejected the plan. (12)

Obama’s goal to reduce carbon emissions via a cap and trade program is yet another example of a program that failed due to strong resistance by Republicans in Congress. Republicans criticized the program claiming it would result in higher taxes. Obama has stated, however, that he is committed to reducing carbon emissions and will explore other ways to accomplish this goal. (13)

The fourth “broken promise” may turn out to not be broken after all. PolitiFact claimed Obama’s promise to help struggling homeowners was not kept based on the fact that the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) failed to help them. However, Obama announced just last week that mortgage lenders would provide $25 billion to Americans who have been affected by the mortgage crisis. A task force set up by the Obama Administration along with the Attorneys General from 49 states secured the settlement and is currently investigating the banks for illegal practices that caused the mortgage crisis. (14, 15)

Obama’s actions since he has been in the White House are consistent with what he campaigned on. Obama has not changed his vision, nor has he given up on taking steps to get there. And although you may believe that Obama has not done enough to further his agenda, you can count on the fact that his opponents will do even less.

What we really should be asking ourselves this year is, “What do I want?” And then vote accordingly. We should not be asking ourselves, “How can I show Obama how disappointed I am?” Forget what Obama deserves or doesn’t deserve. Decide what you want for America, and then vote for the person who you think will best get us there. We really have to stop voting against people and start voting for people. After all, a vote against one candidate is really a vote for another.

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Obama's re-election depends on what America wants
In this image from a 2012 campaign mailer, then President-elect Barack Obama addresses an Election Night crowd in Chicago's Grant Park.
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