The mask of the so-called Hizbullah has dropped: the balloon is deflating

The mask of the so-called Hizbullah has dropped: the balloon is deflating

Beirut : Lebanon | Feb 12, 2012 at 8:50 PM PST
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‪Beirut protests in solidarity with Syrian people‬‏.

The major weaknesses of the so-called Hizbullah in Lebanon: A blown balloon to deflate with the return of Saad Hariri:

Time has passed and the major weaknesses of the so-called Hizbullah have revealed after the famous July war between Lebanon and the Israelis in 2006 as well as after the assassination of Rafic al Hariri.

The driver to publish such article is the shocking facts that reflect the real face and weaknesses of such armed party in Lebanon dressing the mask of defending the sovereignty of Lebanon but in fact the so-called Hizbullah with his slogan "The Resistance" is executing a Syrian-Iranian direct agenda with the explicit support of Russia and China from one side and the implicit coordination with the Israelis and the cover of American from another side.

Scandalizing facts

1. The assassination of Rafic Al Hariri in 2005

2. July war 2006

3. May 7, 2008 invasion to Beirut

4. The Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the military court and the Telecoms chapter.

5. The fear from change in Syria and from Saad Al Hariri

1. Killing Rafic Al Hariri

The prime minister Rafic al Hariri was assassinated on February 14, 2005 during the Syrian occupation to Lebanon. On the same day the leader of so-called Hizbullah had announced the strong bond with Hariri and revealed meeting with him secretly. After the assassination, Lebanese were split to March 14 who accused the Syrian regime in the assassination versus March 8 coalition which has accused the Israelis in the assassination. The Syrian troops left Lebanon under the manifestation pressure leaving behind them a country with escalated conflicts, but empowering the so-called Hizbullah to take their role.

Pro-Syrians in Lebanon have claimed the Lebanese to ask the question who benefits from Hariri's assassination? They added that Killing Hariri was the reason behind the Syrian's withdrawal from Lebanon and thus they defended the innocence of Syrians from the explosion.

In fact, the massacres in Syria nowadays are an indicator of such criminal regime who is killing not only men but also children and woman. Also, the so-called Hizbullah's leader Hassan Nasrallah had announced on screens he will not permit the collapse of the Syrian regime and already his party is fighting there.

Moreover, before they killed Rafic Hariri in 2005, the pro-Syrian parties in Lebanon had communicated a wrong message to Syrian about "Hariri loss of popularity". Because of that message, who killed Hariri didn't expect the Lebanese will revolt on Syrian and he considered Lebanese will forget easily. A fact on that is the fast cleaning of the explosion area which was criticized by General Ashraf Rifi.

Also, the weakness of the so-called Hizbullah is his lack of understanding in reading what was really going on field to the extent a message was being propagated that the reason for those who were crying on Hariri is not the love but they were crying because no more money to get. Consequently, the so-called Hizbullah had invited the Lebanese to a manifestation on March 8, 2005 to say Goodbye Syria, thus provoking the other part of Lebanese. Then March 14, 2005 manifestation was the answer to March 8 slogan and afterwards the Syrian troops had left Lebanon.

2. July war 2006

After killing Rafic Hariri, the authority of Syrian becomes weaker in Lebanon and the field has become open the Iranian plan to reach their goal and to adapt their strategy accordingly. To hide their goal, they triggered a war with the Israelis in July 2006 and afterwards a wide campaign on so-called traitors in Lebanon and Lebanese start hearing a new type of indictments tailored by the so-called Hizbullah to use it as a pretext to invade Beirut afterwards.

Observers were shocked by Tsipi Livni who was complimenting the Resistance during July war by saying "if the Israelis army cannot defeat the so-called Hizbullah then no other army will defeat them". Tsipi Livni has scandalized an implicit consent to not reach the target they set to disarm the resistance then opening the door to a new era in Lebanon by BLOWING THE BALLOON of the so-called Hizbullah to the extent their leader Hassan had repeated the words of Tsipi Livni to convey a threat message to the Lebanese.

As a reply on Tsipi Livni message, the facts on field during July war had proved the opposite with a major weakness in the so-called Hizbullah communication network as they announced the use of cellular network during the war. Military experts consider using VHF and UHF devices with simplex mode are 99% safer than using digital communication such as GSM because cellular phones can be easily traced compared to VHF. Consequently, the usage of cellular phones by the resistance is a main indicator of the lack of understanding of security issues within the so-called Hizbullah who was blown by Tsipi Livni to give them implicitly the green light to invade Beirut in 2008 because of the private wired transmission network as well as the theory of those they classified as traitors.

3. May 7, 2008 invasion

After assassinating Hariri in 2005 and July war in 2006, the Syrian president Bashar Assad has announced the victory of Lebanon and asked the Resistance to translate this victory to political gain. An agreement between American and Iran took place in 2008 regarding Iraq thus giving the green light to the so-called Hizbullah to invade Beirut. The pretext was to push the government to change the decision taken on May 5, 2008 to dismantle the private network of the resistance. Hundreds of Lebanese were killed under the silence of the UN. What was shocking also the satisfaction of Georges Bush towards the Lebanese army. He expressed his position in an interview on Al-Arabia TV.

After May 7, 2008 the resistance has reached one of its anchor goal to govern Lebanon with a pretext to protect its arms from what they called traitors, but they didn't pay attention that a Special Tribunal for Lebanon is waving in the horizon. This reveals another major weakness in understanding that they cannot hide their real face and plans even if they were supported by Russia, China, Syria and implicitly by Israelis and American.

4. The Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the military court and the Telecoms scandal

Once again the telecom sector is a major parameter that scandalize the real face of the falsified slogan of the so-called Hizbullah. Trying to mystify Hariri's assassination didn't succeed. July war 2006 manifested errors by using cell phones they couldn't prevent when they killed Rafic Hariri.

After they rebalanced their power during 2008 and the triggering of a campaign on suspected spies, Der Spiegel published an article in 2009 revealing an indictment to issue by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon to accuse the resistance in the assassination of Hariri. Consequently, the intelligence in Lebanon commenced in 2009 to arrest randomly Lebanese because of what they call suspected number and to accuse them for spying. They have arrested more than 150 persons and the Lebanese state governed by the so-called Hizbullah has taken the issue as serious matter to complain to the UN as a breach for the resolution 1701.

Why they did that?

The answer is simple: to mask what has been revealed here above and to convey an image to the Lebanese they are strict towards collaborating with the Mossad and thus to distract the population from any implicit agreement. Most of what they called spies have been released or sentenced for just 1 year or 2 years. Some cases' sentences were politicized with the military court headed by Nizar Khalil under the pressure of the Resistance but released by the military court of cassation. Lately, 4 persons sentenced by the military court for 15 and 10 years prison were released after less than 3 years by the military court of cassation to trigger a defamation campaign on the judge Alice Shobtini because she's uncovering implicitly the so-called Hizbullah plans and plots. The most flagrant case is a telecom engineer from Beirut who was working at Alfa, cellular operator, called Tarek Rabaa. He was arrested in 2010 and the Resistance used his story to attack the Special Tribunal for Lebanon indictment. Tarek Rabaa have been announced internationally a victim of torture and he didn't collaborate with the Mossad. However, the military court is refusing to release him because the so-called Hizbullah will be scandalized again. What is weird, is the silent position of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon which has based a case on the cellular calls. Where's the States position? The UN position on oppression?

This is a flagrant weakness in the structure of the resistance.

5. The fear from the change in Syria and from Saad al Hariri:

After May 7, 2008 the Resistance has governed Lebanon by force. The prime minister Saad al Hariri has discovered by his own experience the real face of the so-called Hizbullah in Lebanon which stands on dishonesty which has led to loss of trust. As a young deputy, Saad Al Hariri the son of Rafic al Hariri will be able to courageously face the lies and the conspirators who killed his father. Because he knows their malicious plot, Saad Al Hariri left Lebanon temporarily to support the freedom of the Syrian people, but from another side, 'the masked resistance' fears the change of the regime in Syria which will lead to weakening the authority of all March 8 coalition in Lebanon.

Also, Tarek Rabaa is a citizen from Tarik al Jadidah district in Beirut which is represented in the parliament by Saad al Hariri, thus the so-called is putting a strong pressure on the military court to not release Tarek Rabaa as to target Saad al Hariri from one side, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon from another side as well as to retaliate from Tarik al Jadidah district the masked resistance couldn't invade on May 7, 2008 because they risked to loose the control and drive the country to sectarian war. However, a party fearing a prisoner is not a healthy indicator of strength. A party backed up by Iran, Syria, Russia, the States and the Israelis, yet fearing the son of Rafic al Hariri is another anchor indicator of weakness.


The so-called Hizbullah with his masked resistance project in Lebanon has done major strategical errors which have led to an obvious conclusion to describe him as a BLOWN BALLOON which will deflate soon if no radical changes are decided inside the organization. The real face of this pro-Iranian party has revealed, his implicit relations with foreign intelligences, the spies he detected lately internally, the exaggeration on some empty suspected spying cases, the lies, the plots to govern Lebanon, supporting the Syrian regime, his intervention in the judicial system and threatening the Lebanese, the defamation campaigns will lead to a collapse of this organization and change will emerge soon with change in Syria and the return of Saad al Hariri. The puzzle is solved.

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A picture of Lebanon's former prime minister Rafiq Hariri is placed on top of his tomb
A picture of Lebanon's former prime minister Rafiq Hariri is placed on top of his tomb
nasasaomar is based in Jalīb aš Šuyūẖ, al-Farwānīyah, Kuwait, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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