Four reasons why Obama will be re-elected President

Four reasons why Obama will be re-elected President

Everett : WA : USA | Feb 10, 2012 at 6:19 PM PST
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Watch Donald Trump Endorse Mitt Romney for GOP Presidential Candidate

I try not to pay that much attention to the GOP circus that is currently underway across the nation--other than watch the caucuses swing towards Mitt Romney one minute and Rick Santorum the next.

Nobody is really "winning" anything at this point in time, nobody has become a serious enough contender to unseat Obama as President. In fact, none of them seem to really care about the White House at all.

What's unfolding lately is just a preview of the insanity that has virtually consumed the Republican Party and has cast into serious doubt on their electability as a mainstream candidate.

For example: Mitt Romney claims he's an "outsider" to Washington, when in reality, he's a Wall Street insider who has spent the majority of his life amassing so much wealth at the expense of the working class--that he feels 'entitled' to further reductions in his tax rates while the working class and the working poor will see an almost unheard of sixty percent increase in their overall taxes.

On the other hand, he's damned determined to uphold DOMA while swearing to make LBGT's second-class citizens by denying them the right to marry.

And let's not forget he also wants to start a war with Iran the second he gets into office.

But the real issues? The ones that matter to mainstream voters the most and doesn't pander to the fringe elements of our nation? Mitt Romney lacks a plan or set of ideas to deal with high unemployment or job creation.

Except further government deregulation of certain "industries" and lower taxes. (The same kind of economic nonsense that gave us the Great Recession.)

Newt Gingrich? The man attended this year's CPAC in DC and declared in one voice: "Unemployment benefits violates the Declaration of Independence!"--citing that collecting 99 weeks of unemployment is somehow detrimental to the "happiness" and "general weldare" of the people.

No one has told Commander Moon Beam that the Declaration of Independence has no power. It is simply a guide post for the nation and a good one at that.

Of course, nobody should forget that Newt is also the one that wants to establish a moon colony by 2020 and make it applicable for US statehood by 2023 soon after.

Rick Santorum is an enigma in himself: Attacking women, women's rights, abortion, Planned Parenthood, gays and lesbians, blacks, and now has--OFFICIALLY--declared war on heavy metal; saying that it causes mental illness, lactose intolerance, and rebelliousness in teens, as well as criminal intent in the same demographic. Not to mention that it is seeped in Satanism.

And Ron Paul? He thinks that states should be granted more power than the federal government--citing the need to return to "individual freedoms" and "personal liberties"--failing altogether to realize that the Constitution specifically forbids states from wresting control of matters sensitive and/or pursuant by a centralized federal government; nor can it take on more power than it is legally allowed to.

All and all, the GOP have made it hellishly easy for Obama to be re-elected. High unemployment won't kill his chances because the economy is improving. Unless we go to war with Iran soon for more stupid intelligence failures (which is a given--seeing how forgetful we've become over the last war that got started over the same intelligence failures...?), gas prices will remain where they are; having dropped almost fifty cents in the past several months alone.

Job creation was strong for the month of January--pointing to a slow, but healing job market.

But the Republican candidates have yet to offer any strong alternatives to Obama's Presidency, or ideas or plans that won't lead us back into a worse mess than in 2008.

What's transpiring in the hear and now, are four candidates that are airing out more of the same ignorance and stupidity that gave us 8 years of one George Bush.

And what's that so many people actually believe Newt, believe Rick Santorum, believe Mitt Romney, and believe Ron Paul with such a vengeance that they are too blind to the consequences of their own decisions.

And like before, we as a nation have to constantly pay for them. Either in blood or in treasure.

But we do pay. One way or another, we pay.

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L-R: Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann
L-R: Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann
SchuylerThorpe is based in Everett, Washington, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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