Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 11b)

Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 11b)

Cebu : Philippines | Feb 02, 2012 at 6:29 PM PST
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Dear No One - Toni Kelly ♥

Skooter reporting 02/03/12

Six months later Doc RJ stood on a dais reading his medical report before a few colleagues and to his professor Dr. John Paul Darvil another neurologist. The young doctor was so enthusiastic to discuss about types of brain tumors. He centered on Gliomas and Meningiomas. It seemed Dr. Darvil was interested to listen how this young doctor could talk about brain tumors. He crossed his arms about his front as he listened and watched the boy doctor.

“Gliomas is an intracranial tumor which can arise from any structure present in the cranial vault – nerve tissue, blood vessels, neuroglia or the pituitary gland. The greatest number come from glial tumors, about 60% which arise from the cells of ectodermal origin constituting neuroglia, or the nonnerve support tissue of the brain. These tumors called gliomas, are not encapsulated and spread by direct extension. They make up the largest group of primary CNS neoplasms in children and adults.”

The lecture went on and touched on the assessment of cranial surgery. He stopped there and let Dr. John Paul Darvil discussed the surgical techniques and procedures. On the large screen before them they watched a power point presentation of craniotomy.

After a couple of hours the crowd congratulated Doc RJ for his incredible lecture and as young as he was they believed he was gifted in the field of medicine. He has a long way to go they said.

“Well done.” Dr. Darvil patted his back. Dr. RJ saw at this moment Dr. John W. Rush who extended a hand to him without hesitation.

Dr. Kim Bauer was there too smiling at him. She was so beautiful even lovelier when he first saw her in the library. He walked towards her and the woman kissed him on the cheek as if they were so close to each other.

They became closer everyday until both fell in love. But Kim kept distant from him saying she was too old for him. For her it was not right for an older woman to seduce a young man of nineteen.

“What so wrong about it,” he complained. “And besides I’m no nineteen anymore I’m a year older now. The gap is only five years… so what’s the fused woman?”

Kim gave him a small grin on her lovely face and touched his hand gently. They looked at each other’s eye and surprisingly they embraced tightly feeling the warmness of their bodies.

In a matter of hours both found themselves in RJ’s bed entwined together under a thick blanket. And in the next several hours Kim opened her eyes. She unknowingly smoothed the young face of her lover. While RJ slept profoundly she asked herself why she fell for this young man. Until this moment she couldn’t understand herself. Nevertheless she went on smoothing not his youthful face but his bushy hair.

She then whispered to herself again. He’s so young…I’m terrified he’s going to leave me in a day or two. Oh my God is he?” She got up from the bed.

It’s his first Christmas in Boston. He and Kim Bauer celebrated the day with Kim’s family. The parents of the lady doctor welcomed the young man without protest on their part. A day earlier RJ called up Toni in Lansing telling her the news that he was coming there after Christmas day. He chose to take the railway so that he could also watch the beautiful countryside as he travels.

At Lansing terminal she met and saw him. RJ was in a dark brown trench coat and a fedora hat on his head. She nearly didn’t recognize the young doctor who looked like a mafia man or a federal agent.

Toni walked fast nearly running to embrace him. Toni held him tightly. Then she looked up to him. To his surprised she kissed him right on the lips. What she did was a big surprise indeed. This is the first time this lovely creature kissed him passionately on his lips. He smiled looking down at her.

“Look how you grow up and what a man, you’re a doctor now.” She said, holding him both arms. Then he put his arm around her shoulder looking at her meticulously. “You too I’m surprised to see you getting lovelier.”

“Oh yeah?” She replied. “Let’s get outta here.”

Cherokee, huh? RJ said in his thoughts. “You drive this truck? The young man told her that he too would like to have an SUV like hers.

Before Toni brought him to her modest apartment she brought him to Lansing Sparrow Hospital where she worked. She drove past the Michigan Avenue where the hospital located just to show him where she worked. In East Lansing she brought him to Ryan’s Family Steakhouse in Cedar Street. They have dinner there together.

“I’m happy that you come to see me, RJ. Merry Christmas.” They hugged tightly and kissed passionately that night. She wanted to bring him to her apartment but the man denied her. He wanted to stay in a hotel for the night.

But then again she insisted, “There are so many things to talk about,” she said. “I know you’re tired after a long travel. However, I still insist that you will stay with me tonight. I’ve been waiting for this meeting for a couple of years. And now that you’re here I…”

She put up a finger and went on. “I wouldn’t let you go because I need you tonight” A challenging laughed, a laughter that RJ couldn’t forget for the rest of his life. I think I really love her, he thought.

He asked her what do she meant by that.“I said, I wouldn’t let you go away. No not tonight.” Again she laughed heartily and RJ laughed with her.

They made love for the first time that night so vigorous so that they woke up late the next day. It was Toni’s day off.

RJ wanted to go to Mackinac Island State Park. Toni said it’s not good to go there for it’s cold and snowing. “You come back here on summer that’s the best time to see Mackinac…the best time to see me again too.”

Toni spent her day off with her beloved in bars and night clubs hopping around Lansing. First they have lunch at Ponderosas in Cedar Street. Dinner at Best Steak house in Kalamazoo St. After dinner they went dancing at Shot Zone in Pennsylvania Avenue and ended up in Club 131 in Albert Avenue, East Lansing.

The Club 131 was just a couple of blocks from Toni’s flat. They were so drunk so that that night the lovers made love once more and it was so fulfilling. The next morning RJ bid goodbye to his sweetheart as if nothing had happened and traveled back to Boston.

Another woman who was anxious to see him back in her arms was waiting. Kim agreed to go to Jennifer in Cambridge. She would like to see grandma too and she understood that the old granny was alone there since her second husband died three years ago. She was eighty five and a private nurse took care of her.

RJ and Kim met Jenny in a well trim loan outside of what seemed to be a grandiose house. It doesn’t look like a mansion but it was just a modest large sprawling bungalow in a middle of what look like an estate. The house stood on a couple of acres of land in the suburban area of Cambridge.

This was the first time RJ met his granny since he arrived in Boston apologizeing for his delayed visit. The old woman told him it was all right. She understood the situation especially if you were still fixing yourself in a big well known university such as Harvard.

Jenny looked fabulous even though she was in the advance age and in a wheel chair. They have a good time chatting all day but it was surprising that RJ didn’t mention or even care to ask about Jenny’s husband.

It was also strange though they enjoyed scanning some old photos of the family in an album there was no a single photo taken on her first husband.

Jenny has prepared for them a delicious dinner that night. Balsamic chicken and vegetable with bistro salad a recipe taken from the internet ‘Lean Plate’. It was she who actually took note on the tasty recipe but was prepared by her nurse who was also a nutritionist. She introduced Miss Sandra Dee.

Kim asked for the recipe from Miss Dee. It was a long list of ingredients. She reads it- 1 cup pre-diced onions, 1 cup baby cut carrots, 4 ounces sliced baby portabella mushroom, 1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts cooking spray, 1 tsp. Montreal steak seasoning and 1 ½ tbs. balsamic vinegar.

And for the bistro salad preparation it consists of 5 ounces spring mix salad, ½ cup seasoned croutons, ¼ cup shredded parmesan cheese and ¼ cup Caesar salad dressing.

RJ teased her if she could cook. Kim smiled saying, “You don’t know me yet, young man?”

After an enjoyable day, they were ready to go when Jenny called after them saying, “RJ…do you already have a photo of your grandpa?”

He turned about and was quite surprised of the late call. He replied,” Yes I have one. Mom finally found one in your old room.”

To be continued...

By Noel Horlanda

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Kim Bauer
skooter is based in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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