Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 11a)

Fiction: Planet of the Archangels (Chap 11a)

Cebu : Philippines | Jan 28, 2012 at 12:37 AM PST
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Skooter reporting 01/28/12

After going through the custom and immigration booths he didn’t forget to pick up a couple of baggages from the revolving conveyor. As soon as he was in the open, he flagged down a taxi cab. Leaving the Logan Airport he carefully took note of the route so that next time he would be back here, he would not get lost. And by that same hour, he had already in mind to have his own car in a couple of weeks.

The taxi cab took Rte. 1A south through the Sumner Tunnel. He took note on that right away. He noticed the driver watched for detour north before allowing access to Rte. 1A south. After the tunnel, the cab driver followed signs to I-93 N. Then he followed Storrow Drive/North Station. Keeping right at end of ramp he took underpass to Storrow Drive approximately 2.5 miles to Kenmore Square exit that was on his left.

Then the cab beared right at end of exit ramp into a fork at intersection onto Brookline Avenue. RJ observed the Hotel Buckminster on his right. Later he again noticed a landmark the Beth Israel Hospital on his left. The cab turned left onto Longwood Avenue and proceeded 3 blocks. The taxi cab stopped right in front of Tosteson Medical Education Center.

He looked about at the vast quadrangle in front of him. On his right was the Armenise Bldg and far beyond the quadrangle right in the center was the Gordon Hall. He looked at his left was the Seeley G. Mudd Bldg.

The boy doctor doesn’t know where to begin. So he asked a passing gentleman to direct him to the medical school administration. At first it was confusing when he was given a lot of directions before reaching his intended destination.

At the administration building he presented his papers to the dean of college of medicine. Then he was directed to go and see the dean of post graduate studies.

The dean Dr. Robert S. Stewart welcomed him. They talked for a while before the dean started the interview. At first Dr. Stewart couldn’t believe that Dr. Ralph James de Montehor was such a young physician he had ever met.

Nevertheless Dr. Stewart briefed him on the specialty that RJ would like to take. The interview and the conversation took only half an hour and the good dean directed him to his dormitory.

He liked the room where he will stay for a couple of years. Looking down from the window he viewed the vast ground of HMS. Its clean walkways, rows of lovely flowering plants and big shady trees along side made him smile, impressed of what he saw. This is the right place to study, he said it in his thoughts.

“I can read your mine old boy.” A voice from behind and when RJ turned around he was in for a big surprised. His tongue cleaved to the roof of his mouth.

Antiochus was in the air dramatically descending until he was on the floor.. “Yes RJ I’m also here. I’m happy to be here. Good choice old man, this is the right medical school for you.”

As if exhausted, the boy doctor took a chair. He was actually under stress knowing that his mentor followed him here. He didn’t want to see him.

He covered his face with his hand and said, “Why are you following me? And what do you want, oh Good Lord.”

“Your Good Lord didn’t send me here.” Antiochus replied. “I come here on my own volition. You understand? I will never stop guiding you until you become a perfect medicine man. I want you to become the greatest neuro-surgeon in the world has ever known.”

RJ shook his head in disbelief. “How are you sure that you have the power to make me the greatest surgeon, huh? And why should I believe you?”

“I have it all the time old boy…I am always behind you, For me there’s no impossible. Can’t you see it?”

RJ covered his face with his hand again and said, “Go away…get out…live me alone.”

He knew his ward was jet log, fifteen hours travel was no joke and he understood that. Antiochus rose from the floor laughing, waving his hand bye-bye as he disappeared. RJ looked up and knew that he was alone. He thought of Jamila’s formula for a minute. If he would used the formula now, could he get rid of Antiochus? And if that is, everything would be fine. But no, he had to wait for those aliens to come back before using Jamila’s way of getting rid of an evil one, he thought. It would be right to let an alien battle an alien. He smiled amused in his thoughts.


Kokawiel met Ghedoria and Savanaiah at the assembly hall where Kandalucia officials held their monthly conference. Kokawiel brought them to a spacious immaculate white room where they also met Chokmahiel the Director General of the Kalaonium council. The said white room had a wide panel glass window showing through the skyline of Kali City, capital of Korabulo, Union of Kandalucia one of the four major unions in Kalaonium. The other three were Klatriah, Koncordah and Ramesiah Union.

Chokmahiel understood that the two agents were not able to bring the wanted rebel leader back to Kalaonium for the latter was ubiquitous, he was everywhere. It was very difficult for them to track down Antiriah even though they have the scrying mirror to direct them where the rebel was. So he ordered Kokawiel to equip Ghedoriah and Savaniah with new tools so that they could cope up with the powers of Antiriah.

Kokawiel once suggested to the Director General to attack again the neighboring planet Celenium Antiriah’s stronghold. Seven years ago while Antiriah was incarcerated, Kalaonians besieged Celenians but failed in destroying completely the rebellious army and in one year’s time the rebels regrouped and better equipped acquiring more spacecrafts and laser weapons so that they were able to drive away the Kalaonians. Every now and then Antiriah’s army assaulted the planet Kalaonium until the jailed rebel leader had an opportunity to escape and was back in Celenium.

But then Antiriah suddenly vanished from his home planet mysteriously. No one knew his whereabouts until they acquired the scrying mirror which pinpointed the rebel leader’s location.

Chokmahiel refused the suggestion to make war against Antiriah’s army again saying as long as Antiriah was around there will be no peace. So they will have to look for the rebellious leader first, frozen or alive before they would destroy his army. Kalaonians are immortal, they will not die. To punish the offenders was to put them inside a sealed container just like what they have done to Antiriah and send them into open space for indefinite period of time.

Kokawiel then supplied the two agents with a state of the art gadget called “the wheel.” The universal symbol of cosmic unity symbolizes knowledge of coming events. As such, the wheel provides the ability to recognize what will be by what has been. It is the wheel that gives a Kalaonian the ability to easily identify special opportunities and find ways to take advantage of them.

The other gadgets were the ” hexagram” represents the divine mind and power of God’s wisdom that is to direct a Kalaonian to the right decision and the “scrying bowl” made out of stone was another way of looking into the future to foretell what would come next. Though they have laser guns but these types of weapon were not used to kill but to paralyze the enemy temporarily at least for a week.

The two agents were then put to special training on how to operate the modern gadgets whose ultimate mission was to search and apprehend Antiriah frozen or alive.


Monday morning Doc de Montehor was introduced to the class for the first time. As usual the crowd was surprised to see a youthful doctor. Out of curiosity professor Dr. John W. Rush had asked RJ’s age. The boy doctor told him and for the benefit of his classmates that he was going twenty.

“If you’re only twenty Dr. de Montehor…” Dr. Rush said. “Then you must be an exceptional boy, am I right?”

Humbly Dr. de Montehor refuted the statement. “I don’t consider myself a genius and I’m not a boy.” He heard small laughter in the room. He added, “ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to study.”

When they heard him, he received loud applause welcoming him to Harvard Medical School. “You are now a Harvardian, don’t waste it,” two or three people in the class shouted and was followed with laughter

Three days later inside the research library, he came across a lovely young female doctor. She looked like one of his own kind, a Filipina he supposed. Shinny brunette hair crowned her round face. And in that round facial structure she had a pair of beautiful almond shaped eyes complete with long curved eyelashes, perfect nose, pouting red lips and a dent on her chin.

Good Lord, he thought. Focusing on her long svelte neck was a fine gold necklace wrapped around it. She was just half way from the table where he was and wanted to know her name but the silence code in the wall prohibits him. He then decided to wait until she would come out from the library.

Suddenly he seemed to hear a whispering voice behind his ear. Hey old fart, concentrate on your studies or nothing would happen to you here. He smiled thinking perhaps it was his conscience. In the other hand he thought of Antiochus the rebel alien. He dubbed this name to Anti because that was what he was. It could be him. He frowned.

RJ found out later that her name was Kimberly Bauer. Yes, her mother was Filipino and her dad an American. She was therefore a Phil-Am, he thought.

Kim grew up in Cambridge, 25-year-old, finished her medical degree in the same district and taking up her postgraduate studies in endocrinology in HMS. The boy was happy to know that Kim was unattached lately. She had a boyfriend before and that she broke up with him a month ago.

Doc de Montehor fell for her easily. As he thought of her, the image of Toni the lovable nurse in Lansing, Michigan superimposed in her cheating mind. He snapped his fingers and right there he decided to have two girlfriends at the same time. Anyway they are not in the same state, snd why not? They wouldn‘t know each other that they are both my beloved, he reasoned out quietly. A sly smile printed on his face.

To be continued...

By Noel Horlanda

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Kalaonium (Gleise 586)
skooter is based in Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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