Man who lived 256 years

Man who lived 256 years

Chengdu : China | Jan 22, 2012 at 10:46 PM PST
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Chinese high school students perform a dance in Xian

Researchers do not debate whether Li Ching Yun actually lived, and whether it is true that at the time of his death he was 256 years. Suffice to say that he wrote about his death, the American "Time", and a few years earlier, a report on it published "The New York Times."

In fact, there are two truths about his age. The man himself insisted that he was dying at the age of 197 years. And in the archives of the imperial government of China in Chengdu found congratulatory note from 1827 and 1877, in which jubilatowi congratulated on the occasion of the 150th order and 200birthday. It is from them that, in the time of his death, Li Ching Yun was 256 years.

One birthdate and the second longest living make him a man in recorded history. Second, the Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, died at the age of 122 years and 164 days.

The life of Li Ching Yun know little, and writing his biography is really all of assemblers in excerpts passed from mouth to mouth story. As the report "New York Times", the journalist has repeatedly heard from elderly residents of his home village, Li Ching Yun, that their grandparents still remember him as an adult man. Among them could be among the more than 200 of his descendants who allegedly fathered with 23 wives.

Born in Qi Jiang Xian in Sichuan. Already at age 10 walked themountains, where he was gathering herbs. For the first hundredyears of his life wandering in the provinces of Yunnan, Gansu, Shanxi, Tibet, Annas (modern Vietnam), Siam (Thailand today).At that time the world went through the industrial revolution, manmade ​​successively the internal combustion engine, dynamite,machine gun, telephone, light bulb. The Poles lost theirindependence, that was still alive, Li Ching Yun recover it.

Subsequent writes are saying about the year 1749, when aged 71 he joined the Chinese army. He was a martial arts instructorand adviser to the military tactics in Kai Xian. Even then, only ateherbs with a drink of rice wine. But the real discovery was yet to come. For now served their knowledge of herbal medicine in the army, whose commander is likely to benefit extensively from hisguidance.

It seems that the next stage biography of Li Ching Yun should be treated with a little tongue in cheek - of course if not treated in this manner throughout its history. Well, according to Da Liu, master of the art of taijiquan (tai chi), one of the varieties of Wushu, a student of Li Ching Yun, aged 130 years a teacher has met a hermit in the mountains of the 500-year metric. He lived with him, training in the following martial arts, as well as exploring methods to control your breathing. Li Ching Yun learned Bagua, martial arts, which today can even preview the movie "Only One" with Jet Li.

Li Ching Yun also met then Qigong, also a popular set ofcontemporary medical practice originating in antiquity, consisting of - generally speaking - to a perfect mastering the art of controlin life.

It's a mysterious hermit, Li Ching Yun was to acquire knowledge and skills that enabled him to enjoy the health and vitality for over two centuries. Many years later, the Chinese Methuselah tells his disciples: "Longevity due to the fact that exercise I carried out every day - regularly, diligently, patiently - before more than 120 years." Another time, submit the following prescription: "Stay calm heart. Sit like a tortoise. Walk briskly like pigeon. Sleep like a dog. " In 1933, shortly after the death of Li Ching Yun, its news report about the journalist, "Time Magazine," a title is the "turtle-dove-dog."

His health has done for the diet. In addition to the aforementioned rice wine, Li Ching Yun was to feed on such ginseng, goji berries, and herbs with medicinal properties for centuries known Chinese medicine. Some of them thanks to its firming and anti-inflammatory activities are still widely used in cosmetology.

Mysterious Li Ching Yun's life ended just as mysterious death. In 1927 at the invitation of General Yang Sen, governor of Sichuan, who later became an ally of Chiang Kai shek, went to Wan Xian.Then it became one of the few pictures that have survived to our times. We see in him a tall man with an upright stance, broad shoulders and protruding cheeks, dressed in a long robe. The likeness nohow you can not infer the age of the photographed.

He died a few years later on the way back to the house, 6 May 1933. Some argue that natural causes. Others report that supposedly just before leaving he said: "I did everything here, what I had. Now I come home. "

After reading the story of Li Ching Yun, you believe in the miraculous power of taken his herbs. October 12, 1929, "MiamiHerald" worried about what will happen when discovered by a Chinese preparation longevity hit the market. "If a man will live for centuries, instead of only by a fragment of the century, we will need more food. Nothing suggests, however, that from the mountains of Yunnan potion acted against Charges automobilomand poisonous alcohol, so unless the threat of an epidemic of hunger is not so real "- mocked.

But you can also take the example of the second prescription forlongevity, which Li Ching Yun was to carry through life.

In the early 70s Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai visited Richard Nixon in Beijing. During a meeting with the American Presidentwas asked about the French Revolution. "It is still too early toevaluate it" - said Chinese policies. Colorful anecdote is the result of a misunderstanding - Enlai spoke not a storming of the Bastille in 1789, and the student protests in Paris in 1968. But itbetrays a fundamental characteristics of civilization china:patience. These exercises were also Li Ching Yun - performedregularly, diligently, patiently.

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Li Ching Yun.
Li Ching Yun
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