Proof of aliens on Earth

Proof of aliens on Earth

London : United Kingdom | Jan 21, 2012 at 4:18 AM PST
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I read a report on BBC the other day which made me laugh, it wasn’t supposed to be funny and it was about cave paintings, the most famous discovered in Lascaux, France, by accident in 1940. They were made about 15 thousand years ago. What was laughable about the so called expert was that he hypothesized that they were made by children standing on adult cavemen’s shoulders!

Anyone who has seen these sophisticated freehand drawings done in a realist style will realise that they took some time to do, and if one has had children who can draw, to perform such a balancing act, would render it impossible for the artist to concentrate and children always draw on walls at their own height.

The Stone Age artist also sometimes projects, that means he sees images in the surfaces of the stone walls that are to him latent images and develops them making them visible to others. This is indicative of a highly intelligent born artist, one whose spatial temporal lobe is larger and more developed than other beings. In the majority of humans it is usually the logical lobe that is the largest. These cave artists with their incredibly life like drawings and paintings were rare beings that could conceive objects in three dimensional space on a two dimensional surface a rare talent that is inherited.

At this time human beings were a rare species of animals and survivors of the Ice Age (15 to 18 thousand years ago) ,primitive beings who had started to make weapons out of stone in order to kill the animals depicted on the cave walls for food, mammoths, reindeer, wolves, arctic grouse, hares and fish, but although all these were eaten horses seemingly were not.

When examples of these cave paintings, were discovered in 1879 in Altamira in northern Spain experts dismissed them as a hoax because the paintings and drawings were so sophisticated it was thought inconceivable that a prehistoric cave dweller could have done them.

I think that those sceptics in the 19th century were right and that these paintings showing form, colour and dynamism could not have been done by primitive Stone Age humans and must have been done by a sophisticated being from another world. I think that it is likely that because these aliens could not speak to the cave dwellers, that they were instructional images, showing the cave dwellers what animals to hunt and bring back so that most could be eaten and the reindeer and horse skins used to make clothes and their bones needles, their catgut thread.

It is my hypothesis that there are two races upon the Earth, humans and aliens, probably trapped on the planet and mixtures of the two. Why should an “expert” come out with such a ridiculous idea that the Stone Age cave paintings were made by children standing on an adult’s shoulders? I think, either because he is an educated idiot, or possibly because he or she has been paid to say something that does not stand up to analysis and for the same reason that governments do not want the public to know that aliens exists. That is why in spite of many sightings, and recordings of alien spacecraft by reliable people such as airline pilots or military personnel, governments are always quick to issue a logical explanation as to the phenomenon and ridicule those people who have seen them as hallucinatory or highly imaginative...even when mass sightings have been made this has been explained by government psychiatrists as mass hallucinations!

Governments obviously do not want the public to know the truth because they know that these aliens exist and are still on the Earth and in some cases possess supernatural powers.

What do you think? Please comment and I will answer.

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Drawing by mikefreema
mikefreeman is based in London, England, United Kingdom, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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  • Drawing by mikefreema


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