Illuminati. What they planning?

Illuminati. What they planning?

Tōkyō : Japan | Jan 17, 2012 at 8:34 PM PST
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Project Camelot Interviews Benjamin Fulford - Part 3 of 3

According to Benjamin Fulford Illuminati seek to induce a global military conflict which ultimately contribute to the reduction of human population. Importantly, the effect of elimination to be primarily Asians.

Benjamin Fulford has become in the last four years a familiar figure and an influential commentator. It operates under his own name, also known quite a bit about his life. But the most intriguing information to be communicated.

Benjamin Fulford was born in 1961 in Canada. From the father comes from one of the most significant Canadian families, while his mother was origin a Polish-Jewish. Benjamin's great-grandfather, George Taylor Fulford, was one of the richest and most influential Canadians, being the largest part of the shares in General Electric. But he died in an accident in 1905, and the whole family has lost a fortune.

According to his great-grandfather Fulford's death was not accidental. In his opinion, he wanted to fund the research of Nicola Tesla, which were opposed to the Rockefellers, who wanted to monopolize the energy market. They led to his death, and then illegally seized the property of his heirs (the grandfather of Benjamin when he was three years).

For over 20 years Fulford he lives permanently in Japan, where he first came to college in the early 80s Since then there has obtained citizenship, also speaks fluent Japanese. Until recently, he worked as a financial journalist and correspondent for numerous magazines. In 1998-2005 he was head of Forbes Asia. In the second half of the previous decade had an extensive trail links the Japanese elite corruption, which resulted in an offer presented to him to join the Japanese Freemasonry and work in the Ministry of Finance. Had he refused, he awaited death.

To save his life accepted the offer, thereby getting to know many people who are influential members of the Masonic Lodge of Japan. Soon after it contacted the other organization, which proposed patronage and cooperation, and Fulford accepted the proposal.

This second organization was a Chinese secret society with headquarters in Taiwan, which in later texts he defines as "The White Dragon Society." This organization has asked Fulford to be her spokesman in the western world and in its behalf in contact with influential people from the cultural circle.

Fulford has gained popularity relatively recently, around 2007, when he first conducted the famous interview with on a daily elusive David Rockefeller, then was promoted by, among others, Henry Makow and Jeff Rense. In interviews given to the aforementioned commentators Fulford presented not only his story, but it looks like today from the perspective of a global conspiracy of East Asia. In his view, the situation is not as tragic as it is often described. This is due to the fact that the Illuminati and their subordinate institutions have a real impact primarily in Western countries such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Japan. These influences, however, are much weaker in India, South America, Russia or China. It also shows the same Illuminati as a group quite homogeneous, with Rockefeller governing America and Japan, while Europe is controlled by another family - Rothschilds. Often the friction between Europe and the U.S. are caused by conflicts of interest is between the powerful families of bankers.

Where did the sudden engagement Fulford? It results primarily from planned by the Illuminati calls the world's armed conflicts, which ultimately contribute to the reduction of human population. Importantly, these groups seek primarily to the elimination of the inhabitants of Asia. That's what made the Chinese secret society has decided to provide him with patronage and provide the necessary information. To protect the people of Asia, the Chinese decided to act, guided by the highest members of the Order of the Illuminati ultimatum, in which he had himself mediate Fulford. They have to give up and abandon their destructive plans, otherwise each of them is killed.

How to deal with revelations proclaimed by Fulford? Works in his favor certainly the fact that it is not a random person. What's more, many of his theory seems to be consistent with the assertions of other researchers and commentators.

Thanks to people like Jane Burgermeister, Alex Jones, David Icke, Marco Strano, Ted L. Gunderson, Nebraska senator, John W. DeCamp, John Deery director of "conspiracies of silence", Geraldo Rivera, Senator Antonio Gentile, Father Fortunato Di Noto, Giuseppe Ferrari, Lloyd DeMause, Roland Summit author of many articles about McMartin, Kevin Garvey and Linda Blood, and many, many others know the things that were supposed to be hidden from us, we know the causes and effects of problems in our countries, and are bringing applications to be richer in experience and knowledge, have the opportunity to resist until it is too late and change this world for the better, but without any control over us and set us how to live. We have the opportunity to create our freedom, for which our ancestors fought for many years.

Written by amagda

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Illuminati. What they planning?
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