Israel's Threat to the IAEA, NATO, Turkey and Erdogan

Israel's Threat to the IAEA, NATO, Turkey and Erdogan

Tel Aviv : Israel | Jan 16, 2012 at 1:28 PM PST
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Israel Mulling Idea Arming PKK Against Turkey

Israel's Threat to the IAEA, NATO, Turkey and Erdogan

After an extensive history of slaughtering American peace activists, a history that is largely hidden by the U.S. media, Israel now is now facing down Turkey by refusing to provide even an apology for the murders, slaughter and executions of American and Turkish citizens. This is one of the many criminal extensions of an Israeli foreign policy that condones acts of piracy in international waters to enforce crimes of ethnic cleansing and starvation upon Palestinians.

This war of Israeli stubbornness and illegality versus Turkey's demand for international law and respect for its sovereignty is going to have monumental implications for a U.S. foreign policy that continues to allow a pariah state that is increasingly becoming more belligerent and isolated to subvert, sacrifice and bargain with U.S. foreign policy and security objectives.

Turkey’s demand for an apology from Israel has now escalated into a dangerous game of chicken between two nations driving straight towards a head-on collision that may result in Turkey initiating a drive towards nuclear weapons and closer ties with Islamic nations already having nuclear energy or weapons programs.

Turkey, a NATO member, has decided to escort humanitarian aid ships to Palestine in defiance of the illegal Israeli blockade. Israel's radical and belligerent foreign policy has allowed itself to be painted into a corner that will result in a humanitarian mission being distorted into an act aggression and provocation. But, such an analysis is a skewed and ironic interpretation of events considering all Turkey wanted was an apology for the massacre of its unarmed civilians on an aid ship that included U.S. and British dignitaries.

Turkey, as a member of NATO, has the right to seek protection from the alliance of which Israel is not a member. This begins to create a credibility problem for NATO as it is seen merely as an agent of U.S. foreign policy and beholden to U.S. interests whereby member states are only used to wage war in U.S. and European imperial interests. What the U.S. will be doing is telling alliance members to ignore treaty requirements and abandon Turkey after Turkey has spent billions of dollars in armaments to be in compliance with NATO membership treaty provisions. This will be an additional insult to Turkey as it has been excluded from integration into the European Union.

Turkey's people will demand and its politicians will be responsive to the nation seeking closer ties with Iran, as this seems the only means for respect of Turkish foreign policy and security interests after U.S. and NATO betrayal to Israeli lunacy. As Israel wields the teeth of its nuclear arsenal, other nations besides Iran will detest Israel’s diseased foreign policy of coercion and intimidation of which one lesion has metastasized into the massacre of Turkey’s unarmed humanitarian workers.

As Israeli and U.S. interests continue their sharp divergence, a divergence that is disregarded by the Zionist-dominated U.S. media, U.S. Israeli-pandering politicians will purposely ignore and feign ignorance to Israeli international criminality considering the GOP is conducting what are increasingly higher profile election debates. Accordingly, this will be one more issue that all candidates, except for Ron Paul, will either ignore or use as an opportunity to swear fealty to Zionist interests.

If NATO cannot control Israel, and the U.S. cannot control Israel's behavior towards alliance members, what good is the alliance? What Israel is not considering is that the Jewish lobby does not have a stranglehold on European politicians and the AIPAC does not carry much weight in Paris or Berlin. There are too many European capitals for all of them to be the Israeli Occupied Territory that Washington D.C. has become. Furthermore, European countries and NATO members like Turkey will not allow their citizens to be slaughtered nor will its media and political establishment initiate a cover-up in the manner that allowed Israel to massacre U.S sailors on the U.S.S Liberty.

The U.S. invades other countries to install democracies while it is a republic in which an electoral college determines its president, yet it refuses to acknowledge the concerns of Turkish politicians like Erdogan who have been responsive to the demands of his people. Such responsiveness has been the primary means by which Turkey has been able to remain a secular state with a restrained Islamic identity in which democratic institutions prevent internal instability and military dictatorship.

With all at stake for U.S. foreign policy, Israeli brinkmanship has escalated to the point that Yney has now reported that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has decided to adopt a series of provocatively radical measures in response to Turkey seeking to protect its humanitarian workers and ships sailing in international waters. In usual Israeli arrogance he has spelled out exactly what he is going to do.

The Zionist media has already forwarded Leiberman's memo to Erdogan to place him on notice that any Turkish foreign policy that challenges Israeli hegemony and outright domination will be met with direct lethal aid in support of Kurdish rebels attacking Turkey. This will result not only from Israel directly providing foreign aid, but also from its domination of Washington's foreign policy. Leiberman has also let it be known that the media war would begin with trumped up charges of Turkish human rights violations. The fact that a quasi-fascist state that tortures and assassinates opponents, massacres American servicemen and carries out a program of ethnic cleansing and genocide can still bring political pressure to bear regarding trumped up charges of human rights violations makes this author wonder as to the gullibility of Americans as useful idiots and stooges for Israeli foreign policy. How is it that nations can turn their backs on other nations and how the political elites in other nations can sell out their own citizens for the sake of a depreciating U.S. dollar? What ought to anger the world and call attention to the absurdity of Zionist control over America is that Israel will explain to the international community how they will engage in propaganda and manipulate an ignorant oaf of a people into believing its lies and then actually do exactly as it promised. Since this is a fact, why is it that other nations continue to allow themselves to be divided? Why is it the leaders of other nations continue to allow themselves to be dominated instead of forging peace and alliances with their neighbors in order to defend themselves from tyranny?

We have seen people throughout history who have fought the good fight and defeated insurmountable odds for the sake of truth. We have seen leaders in history who have laid their lives down in opposition of tyranny. We have seen leaders lead their countrymen to victory and death with patriots willing to surrender life in hopes that their children could be free of tyranny. When I see an individual like Gadaffi, whom the people of the world have forsaken, it seems I am the only person who recognizes that he has demonstrated more courage than all the minions of George Bush and Barak Obama put together. The African Union has stood with him, but it is being ignored. This is an oversight that is pregnant with blowback. The AU member nations will realize that the first time the interests of their people conflict with the U.S. empire that they will be the next leaders to be targeted for murder while their nations are targeted for international intervention and invasion and their people targeted for extermination.

While Israel believes it has previously successfully intimidated Iran into foregoing its defense of an international flotilla, as Israeli policy becomes less rational it mistakes patience and calculation for victory. This miscalculation may be the glue Iran seeks to bind Islamic interests and pull Turkey out of U.S. influence considering Iran has provided support for Turkey by attacking Kurdish militants in Iraq. This is not an issue that is overlooked by either Iran or Turkey, but may end up being a hubris-induced oversight in Israeli thinking that will become a game-changer. And, with Iran's burgeoning development in conventional arms Turkey may decide it can get a better bang for its buck via Iranian weapon systems.

Concerns of a drifting Turkey may not be considered important by Israel, and Turkish membership in NATO may not be seen with the same importance as it once was when NATO was facing down the Warsaw Pact. Nevertheless, what is at stake is NATO's credibility to the people of the nations of Europe from whom the U.S. demands collective maintenance for the alliance.

What this current situation may prove is that Turkey, a NATO ally, may have its security interests greater furthered by Iran than by fellow NATO alliance members. What does this say concerning U.S. foreign policy when a miniscule nation can so connivingly derail U.S. foreign policy and threaten to tear an alliance apart because of its control over the American political process? This demonstrates that Israel has more influence over U.S. foreign policy than the U.S. military establishment and any remaining vestiges within the Pentagon not being infiltrated and controlled by neocon Israel-firsters who have dual Israeli-U.S. citizenship. This fiasco is occurring while the entire political establishment knows Obama will not risk any conflict with Israel as election time nears, once again making the U.S. political process and establishment slaves to Israeli interests. In the final analysis, the U.S will probably end up paying Turkey via military arrangement to de-escalate the conflict and overlook the slaughter of its citizens, and it will be Americans who pay the price. However, this is a price that far exceeds what can be measured in dollars and is one more form of Israeli subsidy paid by America to Israel.

This tolerated slaughter and piracy furthermore lays bare the hypocrisy of U.S. foreign policy due to its criminality as politicians mouth platitudes about international law while allowing Israel, a non-signatory to the IAEA, to threaten international order and maintain an illegal nuclear arsenal containing hundreds of nuclear bombs as it threatens war against Iran, a nation that has been in complete compliance but for whom the Zionist media propagandizes pretended IAEA disputes.

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Agents with Israel's Mossad agency reportedly posed as American CIA agents in operations
Agents with Israel's Mossad agency reportedly posed as American CIA agents in operations
Joseph Zrnchik is based in Highland, Indiana, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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