The Self-Appointed "Occupy Wall Street" Spokesman

The Self-Appointed "Occupy Wall Street" Spokesman

Highland : IN : USA | Jan 14, 2012 at 6:54 PM PST
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The Self-Appointed "Occupy Wall Street" Spokesman

Because the media has failed to understand the message of the masses occupying Wall Street and Washington D.C, I have taken it upon myself to speak for the people based on what all know are grievances requiring redress, and the logical requirements needed for peace and prosperity that will allow a natural state of harmony to exist between man and Nature’s laws.

Americans demand that government, its agents proxies in all their forms, offices, powers and principalities be subject to the rule of law. Neither should there be, nor can there be without perverse manifestations that cause complete systemic breakdowns as we are currently witnessing, a two-tiered system of justice that places the masses under tyranny while the elite are allowed to make Americans victims of every conceivable injustice. Many are afraid to overthrow the system, but that the system continues is of no relief because it continues at the cost of lost opportunity, suffering, fraud, theft, torture, murder and genocide. Our nation has been literally destroyed as the result of those who think that orders from superiors, promotion within a political system, expediency or convenience outweigh justice. Such thinking has allowed government to engage in every variety of police state oppression from police committing false arrest and perjury to false imprisonment, torture and murder while courts excuse, rationalize and cover these police state crimes. It has led to a government, in collusion with corporate sponsors and beneficiaries, to commit every variety of criminal tyranny that includes civil immunity, spying, fraud, theft, torture and murder under the color of law against Americans and those of other nations without redress.

To think the government power is superior to the God-given rights of any individual is the antithesis of liberty. The government’s number one priority ought to be to protect individual liberty and justice because they are a property of the people. By doing so the government will never run out of patriots needed to defend the people and their liberty. The U.S. Constitution was put in place not to grant people liberty, those liberties already exist as a gift from God, the constitution was created to limit the powers of government. The people in government have written themselves a blank check with regard to the tyrannies they allow themselves to perpetrate while seeking to be above the law in actions and deed. This has placed government in a position in which it is almost in a state of war against the people it is supposed to represent.

Our political system has granted corporations the rights of an individual person. But, corporations have not shouldered the responsibilities of the individual under a burden of law. As a legal fiction, in the case of pharmaceutical companies, the military industrial complex and banking, these corporations have been granted almost complete impunity from financial loss in the marketplace and civil and criminal accountability in the justice system. Moreover, they have been able to dump their losses, not on the people who profited so obscenely in the short-term as the result of poor long-term business decisions, but upon the victims of a destroyed middle class that have been reduced to poverty and the poor who have seen their benefits dwindle to subsistence levels as a result of the initial banking losses. People whose retirement nest eggs have vanished now find themselves out of work and homeless. These individuals are left to suffer additional insults and injury as the rich have gained unprecedented profits and bonuses directly at the expense of this poor and middle class segment of society.

Both U.S. political parties, in their arrogance, have engaged in what is by any historical measure wars of aggression. These ongoing crimes against humanity encompass so many individual war crimes that their totality has grown to the point that they have become almost genocidal crimes against humanity. That Bush laughed and joked about looking for weapons of mass destruction under chairs and tables of a press dinner ought to have brought this nation into open rebellion until he be tried for his crimes. It is my belief we will eventually have such as a result of the crimes of the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations crimes against Americans and the people of the world. It is the failure of our institutions to treat each person as an equal that has encouraged our leaders to engage in actions that prove to lead to greater unaccountable crimes. Now the American government seeks to prosecute and persecute those who have exposed their crimes. Government now protects these crimes and criminals. Those who demand the rule of law have become enemies of the state and face job loss, false criminal charges, prison and in some cases even murder while the lawless are proclaimed heroes of the state and have wealth, power and public praise lavished upon them.

Some people now demand social change and want the government to provide jobs and social benefits. This is not the job of government. People and businesses fail, markets die and fortunes are made and lost. This is the way business works. Markets seek to have demands filled from businesses that seek to do so while making a profit. In this manner the best and brightest, as opposed to seeking rule over the people to serve them, actually become the servants of society by providing things like computers, other electronic items and durable items such as cars that make peoples’ lives incredibly more satisfying, rewarding and productive. But, when the law begins to be perverted by power, we see that the system gets gamed and wealth begins to be stolen in an increasingly criminal manner.

All these crimes to which I speak have been excused, rationalized, lied about and hidden by a media controlled by corporate power. Once can see the bias of the media in its failure to act as a fourth branch of government and address the crimes of which I write. The government has sided with corporate media. People are now so disillusioned with the media that readership has declined. The media has engaged in a disinformation campaign against the American people. As the American people increasingly became aware of this and started to drop from the roles of corporate media readership, media corporations actually had the nerve to seek bailout money that went to banks, airlines and the automotive industries. That the media has decided to blackout the growing protest to minimize the movement while attempting to portray it as merely a small rabble without a leader or coherent set of demand is disingenuous in the extreme.

The U.S. Constitution is a failed document. It either cause to happen or allowed to happen all the crimes under which Americans now suffer. The U.S. Constitution does not enforce itself, but relies on a vigilant and informed citizenry to jealously defend it. In this manner the American people have been ignorant. They never took the time to learn and understand the banking system or economic laws that are as immutable as gravity. They decided to trust government and pay deference to sanctimonious trapping and demagoguery. They did not take to the warpath to stop government abuses the moment they presented themselves and they called any person who stood up to unconstitutionality and tyranny a troublemaker. The people who warned Americans were derided as kooks, nuts, lunatics, conspiracy theorists, socialist, and enemies of America. But it was these people who were the patriots and were the vigilant and informed. We Americans owe a debt to those who have been “voices in the wilderness”.

So, the way forward is clear. We need prosecutions for war crimes, fraud, theft, and murder. We need police prosecutions for perjury, abuse, false charges, false imprisonment, torture and murder. We need impeachments and charges for engaging in treason to the constitution by judges, police and prosecutors. We need bankers to return their ill-gotten gains they received by holding our economic system hostage and through their insider trading, market manipulation and credit default swaps as a form of insurance fraud and insider trading. We need the government to force the banking system to return the responsibility for the creation of money a government back to the government instead of holding the American people hostage to interest for trillions of dollars the bankers create out of thin air.

With reference to the media, we need to prosecute those who lied and engaged in disinformation, propaganda and incitement to violence on behalf of corporate war profiteering. The people have no ability to make accurate appraisals because truth has been killed. The masses are manipulated and reality seldom has the opportunity to be heard until it bumps up against globalism on a battlefield and the soldiers come home telling the people of the slaughter of humans for political ideology.

The fixes are easy to see. The action to take is easy to see. Break down the barriers to accountability for the media, police, judges, prosecutors, politicians, bankers and corporations. Ensure people have a fair and powerful way to be compensated for crimes by government and corporations. Spying, torture, perjury, false arrest, waging war, fraud and theft should all be punished without regard to the person or position. Prosecutors who refuse to take action ought to be charged with official misconduct, malfeasance, misfeasance and obstruction of justice. The elites can not continue to protect their power at the expense of the people. While having done so they have left the people defenseless in a war of domestic imperialism and cronyism by the oligarchs of a kleptocracy.

Once the rule of law is established that is just, people will have jobs, prosperity and peace. But as Thomas Jefferson warned, “If the American peopleever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, ... banks and corporations that willgrow up around them [the banks] willdeprive the peopleof all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

The changes must be made or there will likely be war. I hope Americans will understand who are the patriots and who is the enemy if there is war. And if there is war, it will have to be violently waged by all the people everywhere to succeed. For if it comes to bloodshed, there should be no mercy to any who betray the people and their liberty to a system of dominant men that rule without law.

Now, can the media and government explain to me what part of "liberty, accountability and rule of law" they do not understand?

Joseph Zrnchik is based in Highland, Indiana, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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