Freemasonry is a false religion (Shocking video)

Freemasonry is a false religion (Shocking video)

London : United Kingdom | Jan 14, 2012 at 12:28 PM PST
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Dark Secrets - Iside Bohemian Grove ,Alex Jones

Unless you can put it as a caution - dedicated to all who think about Masonic, Freemasonry. Two words that curious, not only to arouse interest, but also aggression on the part of representatives of the conservative. Natural course of things so the decision will clear explanation of the matters that require explanation - just the presentation of this enigmatic movement.

Illuminati. What they planning?

The film is on the facts. It was recorded with a hidden camera. Includes meeting withone belonging to the Masonic Lodge. While watching this movie, try a little bit open your mind and think that folding the victim next time could be your child, sister or brother, or perhaps this tragedy met other members of your family or friends.

Before reading the next part, I suggest to watch the movie.will be more clearly for you to understand what I want to say...

I have no intention to convert anyone, nor condemn or scare, because this kind of work is not written for me. Important for me is the freedom of choice. So it is important to me that anyone could decide which way is for someone important , simply saying, I met with people who do not know who is Freemasons. And I'd wanted to briefly explain.

Probably have to be like that for people who believe in Jesus Christ, the path is hard but then it will be rewarded, as he had. But worshiping the Devil lives will be easy, unfortunately, but later you will have to pay for this by torture and this torture will not be 50 or 100 years. unfortunately it will be eternal torment.

I met with people who claim to be Catholics, but belong to a Masonic lodge. The truth is that you can not worship Jesus and the devil. And if it is Freemason and practices, for example, Catholic masses, that means no respect for Jesus and for us. introduces the devil to the house of God.

However ,everyone should understand himself, which is the right way. I just do not want , simply calling things by name and thats a little funny to me, eyewash when the people sayings what I heard a few days ego , for example: - "people have bad ideas about freemasonic , and I think this is asad legacy, after the period of captivity, when the two enemies created symbolic aretreated interchangeably: Jews and Freemasons. "

Of course will not praise it, because who would have boasted such a crime, especially since, that the Freemasons so respond, because the truth is that the Masons are proud of the fact that nobody from the outside did not participate and will not participate in their secret rituals and do not know their real secrets. And if the Freemasons do not know this secret is apparently still is not right 33 degrees.

These types of movies I saw more on YouTube. Freemasons if they are not sufficiently dazed after the Satanism, is trying to leave , but some are afraid, and the terrible pain of not understanding watch the bloody rituals, others and most of them imbued with a belief in Satan, and they think something is right and necessary.

Not so long ago thought that Satanism is a minority phenomenon, but it is also a marginal form of the development of numerous fashionable today occult movements. The devil certainly sets his bitter breath of the road, after which the world is heading.

Of course, do not fall into hysteria and catastrophism, we must note, however, that at least half of the hard rock and heavy metal music, which is currently on offer, includes requests and dedications for the Prince of Darkness.

America and the Masonic inaccuracy

In America, Freemasonry is not considered harmful, is regarded as a mere social organization. Often I asked myself, why is this so? The reason is that, above all, America has never been a Catholic country. America was founded by Freemasonry and Freemasonry ideology is enshrined in the Constitution of the United States. For example, the establishment of law, which says that government will not favor any religion.

This is a denial of the kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The right of free choice, which gives a person the right to practice any religion - again, the opposite of the Catholic faith.

America lives and religion of Freemasonry because Freemasonry is not noticed as a threat. In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court, during the reign of presidents Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower (all three were Masons), ruled that created the doctrine of separation of church and state. They appointed a total of twenty judges of the Supreme Court, all of whom were Masons. From 1941 to 1971, the Supreme Court dominated by Freemasons and by these judgments, which they released, they created a Masonic doctrine of separation of church and state.

In addition, we impose, unconsciously using the masonic signs or people to carry the devil every day, such as amulets, a man who consciously or unconsciously uses amulets, moves away from the grace of God.

But I do not have to move to the amulets. The simplest example of sophisticated U.S. dollar, which is the same as the above-mentioned amulet and it's hard not to have it with you , and this kind of imposed on us characters that we carry are not consciously, there are many many many more.

But that's nothing. In addition to the rituals of Freemasonry are to fulfill their mission, which is very important for them ever since. Now, one example of which was not so long ago.

- and now here's Tatra National Radical Camp (such a nice name for you - right?) Has organized a summer camp for young people in the White Dunajec, inviting him right-wing sympathizers. The camp was to promote sport. Specifically, combat sports. Scratch that question WHY? Let's focus on this - why in this camp were invited ONLY right wing, and as an instructor invited the Finnish neo-Nazi organization (close this murderer of Norway) "Blood and Honor".

"Niko Puhakka, successful in the ring, does not hide his fascist views. About his tattoo "Blood and Honour" on the chest, as well as others with similar themes over the body, says that describes his views. "

After the coup planned in Norway became interested in ABW camp - with the result of hosting the participants of this camp withdrew center, in which participants were to present this strange meeting. Everything suggests, therefore, that this camp will not be .. .

...but the question remains: if you want that your children would participate in these camps? To be under the pretext of sports, or any other pretext, indoctrinated propaganda of hatred?

To become the enemies of their peers who think differently?

Infected by criminal thinking became a threat to your grandchildren and children, and exposing themselves to the misfortune of committing crimes?

So I ask - how many such camps are organized quietly? In how many places feathers in the brains of "right wing" with the participation of young people "instructors", "trainers", "faculty", "teacher" - who come from the criminal organization - often with the participation of priests officiating at the unconscious there in good faith Masses?

About how many of these camps, you know and approve of them?

Think , so while there's time, and until they are made from one of your children and grandchildren Breivik and until you do not have other children and your grandchildren to mourn over their graves.

However, I know from a reliable source that Masons assist as they can.

So, "Again, it is not known Whether Breivik is sick. He is a need for additional research."

What will be in April again proves that he is insane? or to silence the people will be punished like, mentally healthy?

For me it's not just about that celebrate, sick rituals. Also, the point is that they tend to provoke war. the game will enter nuclear bomb of great power. destroy everything. A Freemasons begin their "New World" which is already so strive at all costs.

Freemasonry is a worship against which we defend.

Just little think on this, What and WHO are supporting ourselves.

Masons allowed to have their vision, and it has no place for us, but also there is no place for a number of Freemasons. In this sick vision have only elected experience a higher degree Freemasons, who will begin their New World Order. And if they do not implement the plan tomorrow, they will do it: for 1 year, maybe 10 or 50. But in the end they will do.

And do not you think that you are not concerned, because the truth is the opposite. Applies to all of us. Sometimes you just have to think that you're not the most important. and So, in this situation, do not think about yourself. Think of your loved ones the people who love and can not imagine that does harm to them: children, grandchildren.

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Dark Secrets - Iside Bohemian Grove - Alex Jones
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