The world's smallest vertebrate discovered.

The world's smallest vertebrate discovered.

Port Moresby : Papua New Guinea | Jan 12, 2012 at 10:54 AM PST
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Meet the World's Smallest Vertebrate

"Recently discovered a frog in New Guinea only 7 millimeters is new record. Its predecessor was a fish slightly longer, while its counterpart is the blue whale, 25 feet. See Video"

Scientists at Louisiana State University (LSU), United States, this new species discovered in one of the most famous centers of biodiversity in the world, New Guinea.

This is a frog Paedophryne family, which in its 7.7 mm containing bone material. This feature is it possible to be regarded as the world's smallest vertebrate, according ensures journal PLoS One.

With voices barely louder than the hum of an insect, the smallest ever discovered frogs are smaller than a dime and jump on the soil of the rainforest on the island of Papua New Guinea, U.S. scientists said.

Not only are these amphibians with big names, like amauensis and swiftorum Paedophryne Paedophryne - smaller frogs known to man, also believed to be the smallest vertebrates on Earth, according to a report in the journal PLoS ONE.

So far, the vertebrate believed to be the smallest was a transparent fish Indonesian known as "Paedocypris progenetica", with an average of eight millimeters.

The largest of vertebrates is the blue whale, which is about 25.8 meters.

The small terrestrial frog Paedophryne amauensis reaches 7.7 mm. The other newly discovered Paedophryne swiftorum, it measures a little over eight millimeters.

"It was particularly difficult to locate the Paedophryne amauensis due to its small size and the type called for insect mating by males released," said scientist Chris Austin State University, who discovered them. "But it's a great find." He said.

The dark brown frogs with small bluish white spots have probably existed for a long time, under the feet and out of sight in the jungle floor, eating small prey or being eaten by larger predators.

"The ecosystems of these tiny frogs are very similar, mainly inhabit the litter on the floor of the rainforest environment," said Austin.

"We now believe that these creatures are biological rarities but represent a previously undocumented ecological group. Occupy a niche of habitat that has no other vertebrates."

In fact, judging by the frequency of male mating calls heard, Austin said these tiny frogs could be separated from each other about 50 inches.

Before this finding, the title had a fish named Paedocypris progenetica another frog was found in Indonesia, whose average adult size reached eight millimeters.

Now the team of teachers led by Christopher Austin, discovered two species of a family of frogs and named the smaller as Amauensis paedophryne, in honor of the people in Papua New Guinea, where he was found.

The professor said that this discovery is of great interest to biologists, "because they still know little about the functional limitations associated with extreme body size, large or small."

"New Guinea is a center of biodiversity, and discover everything new that adds another layer to our general understanding of how biodiversity is generated and maintained," he said.

Of the more than 60,000 back bone animals currently known, the largest is the blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus), with an average of more than 25 meters.

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A frog that can sit on your little finger's nail with room to spare has been crowned the world's smallest vertebrate, out-tinying a fish that got the title in 2006. The adult frogs are about three-tenths of an inch long, found in New Guinea. (Jan. 11)
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