The Undecided - New Hampshire 2012 Primary

The Undecided - New Hampshire 2012 Primary

Manchester : NH : USA | Jan 09, 2012 at 11:46 PM PST
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Ron Paul and Rand Paul Townhall in Meredith, New Hampshire

Depending on which poll that you trust, the voters in New Hampshire are still on the fence about which Republican candidate deserves their vote. The voters in the “Live Free or Die” state appear not to be under the sway of the all too familiar Republican candidates who have been stumping the State for far too long.

Perhaps this obvious indecision in New Hampshire is the same type of indecision that exists nationally? Despite the fact that Mitt Romney is reported to have garnered the confidence of no less than 41% of New Hampshire voters, his popularity in the State fades dramatically once it is understood that almost 60% of New Hampshire voters say they are undecided.

So, the question becomes: exactly why are conservative Republican/Tea Party candidates failing to ignite the populace? The biggest reason for voter apathy, for both parties and all candidates including Barack Obama, is that a majority of the American public feels betrayed by their elected public officials. Few in Washington D.C and state capitals appear to be concerned about the needs and concerns of their electorate.

On the stump in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney, the so-called front-runner in the New Hampshire Primary, has had no difficulty in stating that he “enjoyed firing people.” It is well known in the state of New Hampshire that Mitt Romney’s Corporation, Bain Capital, was responsible for the loss of many thousands of jobs in the State. Although Mr. Romney tried to laugh off this obvious gaff, a chill spread quickly through the audience. Just how out-of-touch can a candidate be? Plant closings, job losses across the state have heavily impacted the state of New Hampshire. Yet, Mr. Romney felt it was appropriate to state just how much he enjoyed firing employees.

Herein lies what separates the 99% from the 1% and is the overwhelming reason why the majority of voters in New Hampshire cannot decide which candidate will solve the problems they face. The problems that most New Hampshire voters face are the same across the nation: jobs and job creation (the necessity of well paying, cost-of-living jobs with benefits), debt, both national and personal (the national debt largely caused by the Iraq War alongside personal debt), foreclosures and high bank interest fees on loans and credit cards (banks were bailed out but well over five million homeowners have lost their American Dream and foreclosures will continue to rise for several more years), and finally, trust. President Barack Obama ignited an angry, motivated electorate with his pre-election mantra of change. And change has clearly not been at the top of his agenda since he took office. There are a few knights who try to champion the rights of the 99 percent, senators like Vermont’s Bernie Sanders or Massachusetts’s Barney Frank.

Ron Paul is the one rare conservative Republican candidate who appears to believe and has voted against increasing our country’s debt limit. The problem with candidate Ron Paul is his desire to “fix” our nation’s economic problems by eliminating certain federal government departments and also pledges that he will reduce the deficit $ 1 T the first year after his election. Ron Paul’s economic plan harkens back to the mid 1800’s and would therefore increase the economic instability of millions.

Rick Santorum, a Tea Party member, who claims not to be a government insider, also appears to be a studied government insider who now earns a sizable income as a consultant to firms and organizations located in Washington DC and Pennsylvania. His desire to nationally change birth control laws based on what type of sex (only for procreation), and how he thinks adults should engage in sex.

Newt Gingrich, ever the angry conservative candidate, is adept at insulting his opponents and racially polarizing his followers. At a rally yesterday afternoon, Mr. Gingrich was requested by an African American man, respectfully, to change his negative, demeaning racist statements about blacks. Mr. Gingrich shot back; “this is not a debate!” Rather than engage the man, Mr. Gingrich chose to disrespect and verbally assault the man. Having occupied government for many, many years, Mr. Gingrich clearly perceives the world and our nation as an “us vs. them” environment, and clearly the young man was not considered to be a member of Newt’s “us” group because he talked to the man as if he were a child.

The current crop of Republican candidates so clearly identifies our nation’s dearth of in-tuned human beings who understand that public service is a valuable, note-worthy profession. Voters are frustrated and afraid that they have lost the ability to change their lives and their nation.

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L-R: Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann
L-R: Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann
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