This Election is Markedly Different

This Election is Markedly Different

Colorado Springs : CO : USA | Jan 09, 2012 at 10:44 AM PST
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Ron Paul on Iowa Caucus, Spending Cuts, Opponents

I don't know why voters can't finally wake up, and just mark the November ballot for Ron Paul.

He was absolutely the only candidate who saw the housing and economic crisis coming. He predicted it in detail in 2003, at least 5 years before it even began. Gingrich, Santorum, Huntsman, and Romney were clueless. It certainly “snuck up” on Pelosi and Frank. Meanwhile, President Bush and Junior Senator Obama and John “100 Years” McCain were right there – “We'll save you” - wholeheartedly supporting the bailout of Wall Street firms with our tax dollars.

And Americans still trust these clowns?

Why is anyone still pretending? President Obama has virtually the same foreign policy that Bush did (he’s “pulled out” of Iraq, actually, on Bush's own timetable; he's ramped up the war in Afghanistan; he's even started a few new ones). Military spending under Obama is even higher than it was under Bush (an increase of 3.6% in 2010 and then 2.5% in 2011 alone). Oh, but gays and lesbians can now openly die in undeclared wars too... that's just what everyone wanted, wasn't it!

Federal Reserve policies and domestic/international bailout practices are exactly the same. The federal government was already paying for 50% of healthcare costs before ObamaCare, so the insurance mandate is really all that's substantially different now. The Patriot Act and its regular suspension of 5th Amendment rights is the same, and the TSA is even stronger than it was when Bush was in office. What's the difference? Rhetoric?

Obama has increased the debt by 15.4% so far in his first term, while Bush increased it by 27.8% over his two terms. So who's worse? I'd say it proves they're almost entirely the same. Again, what's different? All the anti-opposition-party talk?

Every other candidate will only trim the federal budget at the edges. Ron Paul would eventually cut it in half, and he would finally limit the function of government to what is spelled out in the U.S. Constitution. That's the Rule of Law. I'm sorry, but Rachel Maddow's talking points are not the Rule of Law. Neither are Sean Hannity's. If you can't support a complete return to the limitations of the Constitution, then you're in essence supporting the collapse of the American republic as the founders knew it. If preserving that great republic really is such an “extremist” or “unelectable” option, I wonder if we actually do deserve those repercussions.

The party of the winner next year won't really matter. The end result - our economic, international, and domestic ruin - will be the same, because the most crucial policies that will lead us into financial ruin are exactly the same with both parties. Anyone who thinks that Romney/Gingrich are going to do anything other than delay that collapse, in a better fashion than Obama could, is completely delusional. The reverse is also true.

But is Ron Paul electable? Honestly, I’ve become sick of all these “front runner” games. Remember when Rudy Giuliani had a strong lead in the national polls for months last election cycle, followed by Fred Thompson, and then John McCain? Giuliani didn't even come close to getting the Republican nomination. In fact, many of same arguments regarding Paul's supposed "un-electability” could have easily been applied to John McCain in 2008. If a regrettable candidate like McCain can get nominated, then so can a revolutionary candidate like Ron Paul. The media and the political establishment have no authority to bully us around with these subpar, status quo sorts of candidates. We shouldn’t buy into it any longer.

In fact, Ron Paul is simply the only candidate in this race who can win with support from a wide base of Independents, betrayed Democrats, and Republicans. It’s a strong possibility that’s been very well demonstrated over the past year. In polls, Ron Paul is frequently the only one who leads Obama among Independents.

In the end, this election will be about principle over party. The tipping point, as opposed to the regular denials of so many media pundits, is here. There was a report released by the think-tank Third Way in December, revealing that more than 825,000 voters in 8 battleground states have left the Democratic Party since Obama won in 2008. Independents and temporarily-registered Republicans (self-identified “Blue Republicans”) will support Paul overwhelmingly in a head-to-head match, because Paul will bring our troops home, he’ll protect personal liberties, and he'll cut the size of government bureaucracy down to its constitutional limits.

This election is markedly different, and so many American people have finally begun to realize it. Whether we choose to elect the Romney/Gingrich type or the Obama/Pelosi type, it's all the same bloated, centralized government. Big deal if the rhetoric is different. The reality is, either way, our country will eventually bankrupt and the dollar will inevitably collapse because of unsustainable debt and runaway inflation. In light of that, I'd much rather spend my time campaigning hard for Ron Paul than some status-quo “shoe-in."

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Ron Paul
Ron Paul
martyr_rabbit is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States of America, and is a Stringer on Allvoices.
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