How President Obama Stacks Against the GOP

How President Obama Stacks Against the GOP

Washington : DC : USA | Jan 08, 2012 at 2:17 PM PST
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GOP Presidential Debate June 13, 2011 in New Hampshire

Back in 2008, I listened to a southern Georgia lawyer in Atlanta who adamantly declared that Barack Obama would never be elected President of the United States; then he added to his declaration, "And even if a Democrat (like Hillary Clinton) does win, we just make sure that the Republicans in Congress oppose everything and stalls them for four years so that nothing gets done until we can get another Republican elected President."

They seem to have succeeded at doing just that: Getting nothing done.

No matter what the President 'who wasn't supposed to win' does, they have opposed and obstructed nearly every measure he has taken, without fail; and they believe that they've done it long enough and hard enough to make President Obama not only look like a failure, but to ensure a win for themselves in 2012 so they can reverse everything he has managed to accomplish from the day he first put his foot in the Oval Office as President.

However, in recent primary developments, the mainstream news media did not hesitate to broadcast the fact that President Obama was still the biggest winner in the Iowa primaries; and he wasn't running against them at the time.

The Obama for America 2012 campaign slogan is a tuned down version of "Yes we can!" called "Are you in?" There it is in three words. Are. You. In. Question, no exclamation point. The GOP believes his slogan should be something more like "Can't work with others."

How well did the President live up to the many promises he made during campaign 2008? According to Politifact's "Obameter", he and his administration have kept 159 of his promises, compromised 50, broken 56, sixty-five are stalled out in Congress, 176 promises are still in the works, and two remain unrated. It would appear that he still has a long way to go.

As a matter of comparison, Politifact also keeps up with what they call a "GOP Pledge-o-meter." It is used to keep up with the pledges that the GOP have made in Congress during the 2010 campaign. So far, the meter registers that they have kept nine pledges, compromised one, broken one, five are stalled, 14 are in the works, and 27 remain unrated.

Of the pledges they've kept, one was to repeal a small business mandate to report purchases of more than $600 to the IRS, to establish a hard cap on new discretionary spending, to cut the congressional budget, to eliminate congressional resolutions to honor individuals and groups, and to require enforcement of tough sanctions against Iran, amongst several others.

They had to compromise on a webcast of committee meetings, and broke a promise to publish the text of bills online at least three days before a house vote. They are stalled out on repealing the health care reform act and ending TARP, are still working on making Bush tax cuts permanent, cancelling unspent stimulus, ending government control of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, keeping "combatants" in Guantanamo Bay instead of America, and blocking funding for implementation of funding for the health care act.

The GOP is also working on a "cut as you go" bill on Congress which calls for those who implement new government programs to also cut a program of equal or greater value in order to get the new program approved; and to update the nuclear warheads. It seems significant to also note that the GOP plans to end lifetime and annual spending caps in health insurance plans once they have achieved repealing the health care reform act.

While the GOP stumbles and fumbles the ball on many unpopular-outside-the-GOP-camp measures, President Obama goes on with a campaign that doesn't make half the noise that was necessary in 2008. The fact is that incumbents usually get a second term. Though many have declared Obama a one-term president, there doesn't seem to be much by way of political pickings to oppose him, especially not by way of a Democratic opponent in 2012.

Who the heck in the Democratic Party is going to be outstanding enough to take on President Obama? Any takers?

Now that the "he has no experience" talk is officially off the table, where are his GOP opponents standing in 2012, especially considering that they have no exact or precise plans for America's real future. None, apparently, but to tear apart everything President Obama has managed to accomplish so far, in spite of them.

CBS News made recent headlines of the fact that the GOP's political mandates are "humorless" this year. Nothing there to laugh about. Nothing funny. At all. isn't funny.

It's very sad watching the GOP topple all over themselves, each other, and talk about nothing except all of their own evil directives and how best to "stop" President Obama. If they had something worthwhile to talk about, we Americans might find some humor in that.

But even as GOP candidate Rick Santorum falls flat in New Hampshire with his typical and expected "God versus Gays" message, we Americans snore, yawn, kick back and scratch our asses while waiting for the boorish presidential wannabe's to make some real political waves and tell us what they see for America's future besides a staunch "anti-Obama" agenda. Nothing there so far that makes any of them eligible to be our next President.

For the GOP in 2012, it's a matter of failure to engage the American people except for their own special Republican fan club; and a working President who is too busy making America a better place to live to humor them.

He doesn't have the time to entertain them or their politics, and neither do we.

Updated as of 4/12/2012:

Daily Kos: Obama leads Mitt Romney by landslide numbers

Using TPM's aggregation of the latest poll numbers, here is the current state of the electoral battleground. I'm even keeping in Rasmussen polls to give the GOP an unwarranted bump in their numbers.
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Political Pundits
The 2012 Non-Talking Heads.
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