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Teen's often base their ideas and decisions on peer pressure and on what theur friends think about them. some times the peer pressure can be negitive and some times it can be positive. peer pressure can make you dosome things that you want to do, others that you do not want to do. Teens often allower their peers to inffuence their image, the goals they set for themselves, and the different activities they choose to participate in.

To alot of teenagers their image is important to them. Many like to look a certain way and keep up with in fashions. It is important for teenagers to keep up their appearances because it will affect their reputation. It matters how other people look at them and thow ther present themselves. Often teens girls choose their clothining, hair styles, and makeup based on friends that they have. For example, some girls that hang out with people that wear more reviling clothes tend to feel the pressure to were the same type of clothing. Also, if a person's friends wear alot of makeup then they will want to wear just as much.

Goals are important for teenagers to have and pay attention to because they affect your future and carreer. Not only do peers influence a teen's image, they also influence the activities that they get involved in, after and during school. EX if a person hangs out with frinds that do sports or other after school activities they will want to do sports or any other thing that their friends are doing. Some teenagers are invloved in sports and other after school avtivities. Others like to watch tv and playing video games, some teenagers like music and reading all of these activities are based on what their friends probably do after school. Some teenagers do something productive with their free time. Most teenagers hang out with friends. But alot of teenagers need to have goals and expectations set for them. Some times who they hang out with influences the goals they have for themselves

For example, the friends you hang out with affect your attitude and the choices you make for yourself. Other wise nothing will get done because they're bussy on the phone talking to friends or on the computer doing MSN or emailing peopls. School is very important because you need your education and teenagers have to studdy for tests and others school projects to be sucessful and also pass their grade.

Always thing before you act to succeed in any thing, other wise you could end up in big trouble with your parents or with the law, or other teenagers that are mixed up in stuff that you don't want to be in. That could get you in trouble with the law, or you could end up in jail, and wreck your life just becuase of what your friends are doing or invloved with. Ex, your friends are on drugs and they want you to do drugs to, and you say well, i guess i can try them and say you get cought, since drugs are illegal you would have to go to jail, right there you wrecked your life because of what your friend wanted you to do. And you did it because you wanted to be cool and have friends. Well i would rather not be cool and have no friends then have friends and be pressured into doing things that you don't want to do or are unsure of. Becuause at least with no friends you can still have a life be free to do anthing you wan with your like or career. But if you are in jail you can't do anyhitng you want, and you're always under rules, and never have anytime to your self.

The conclusion is that teenagers like to be left alone and have their pricavy in their room on the phone, computer they don't like their parents always hanging around them. Teenagers like to have space and have time to themselves and with their friends, boyfriends but they also need good loving parents and a good foundation at home, other wise they can get into alot of trouble with the law and could end up in jail or on drugs and alochol. Teenagers need to be watched from a distance and still need to be guided but don't always wreck their moments. The parents need to let their teenager's figure things out for themselves and learn from there experiences and only but in, if things are getting out of hand. And slot of teenagers let their friends control and moastly guide them in there life. EX, if your friend is doing something then your more likely to do what your friends are doing and follow

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