The state of the WWE storylines

The state of the WWE storylines

Stamford : CT : USA | Jan 04, 2012 at 10:22 AM PST
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Divas Championship Match

I have been a wrestling fan since I was three years old and my primary interests were female wrestlers and wrestling families.

The way the WWE is treating their female talent is embarrassing. They are pushing girls who are not ready to have such high profile matches and they are ending up hurt. Even former multiple time women's/divas champion, Mickie James ranted about the missed spots (bad moves) made by other girls in one of her last matches before returning to TNA, which was a good move for any diva who is Indy trained. The company is headed by and matches made by wrestlers. The cream of the Indy talent seems to be heading and starring in TNA's Knockout Division: Traci Brooks, Gail Kim, Mickie James, Angelina Love, Velvet Skye, ODB, and Madison Rayne just to name a few.

While Gail, Mickie, and even Tara achieved main stream success by being well known champions in the WWE, their success seems to be on another level by returning to TNA. They are put in matches with other qualified female wrestlers even if budget or scheduling conflicts cause them to lose wrestlers like Roxxie Laveaux.

The WWE needs to take note about the way the female talent is handed in TNA. Granted, having Karen Jarrett as VP of the Knockouts is a mistake. I like Karen. She is a funny and caring woman who actually takes time to tweet her fans whenever possible, which in itself as a mother of two and step-mother of three, (five kids in one house) is amazing. I have two and I barely have time to tweet much less respond to the tweets that interest me. Karen is a celebrity so that means she receives a considerable amount of tweets directed at her.

Having a retired wrestler run the division would be better. I nominate Al Snow, as a longtime trainer and husband to a qualified (my fave) Indy diva he would be a better proponent of the Knockout's Division. He helped mold careers on WWE's Tough Enough, including WWE superstar and multiple time champion, "Miz," multiple time champion John Morrison, and divas like Melina Perez. Miz and Morrison were once a dynamic championship quality tag team before splitting to achieve success again, this time as singles champions.

TNA however is not my problem. I may not have time to watch all of Impact; I do attempt to watch Matt Morgan, who if all was right in the world would be one of the primary contenders for the heavyweight title, if not the actual champion, and the Knockouts. While Trish is probably my favorite diva, followed by Natalya, the bulk of my fan support is in the knockouts division. I am a big fan of Gail Kim, Mickie James, Tara, Traci Brooks (fave knockout), and Velvet Skye. As far as heels go, I think I despise Madison Rayne the most. As talented as this woman is, she seems to put the most effort into making people hate her, although Winter is hot on her heels with this bizarre twisted past live romance that she and Angelina supposedly shared. Wrestling is the only soap opera that I am for some reason drawn into and TNA is the biggest soap opera.

My problem is WWE and back to the point.

The WWE seems to back women who are beautiful whether they have been properly trained or not. Consider the disaster of Jackie Gayda, early in her career when she messed up during a mixed tag match vs. Trish Stratus and Bradshaw. Consider the disaster that was Candace Michele's broken collar bone in her match with Beth Phoenix. Consider the walkout by Molly Holly, a prolific former female wrestling champ after being told she had to lose to a recent diva search or Tough Enough winner.

Trish was still making a name for herself and could not carry a rookie as well as a Molly Holly at the time or as Melina, Gail, Mickie James, and now Natalya. Candace was put into a match with Beth, shortly after Beth signed with the company, and was still in Indy mode, where her opponents were used to her strength and were generally complimentary to her talent level. Not her fault. It was the WWE's fault for forcing Candace into that level of a match when she wasn't ready. Candace's career was never the same after that. I think she was afraid to put herself out there and take the risk.

Fast forward to WWE's current roster of The Bellas, Natalya, Alicia, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Kelly, Eve Torres, Rosa, and Vickie Guerrero are just a few of the names on the roster. For some reason I loathe The Bellas, vehemently. It seems whenever there is an injury, male or female, by hook or crook, for whatever reason, they are somehow involved. They are kryptonite to all of these talented people who put their bodies on the line just to entertain the masses.

Every few months, they seem to alternate who are good guys and who are the bad guys. In the current storyline, I am only pleased with two things: Beth Phoenix is worthy of being the current champion and Natalya is back to teaming with her longtime boyfriend Tyson Kidd.

The WWE seems to like picking one woman and then spinning the entire division around her for several years. This decade seems to be about Kelly Kelly. She has come a long way for where she was when she first signed with the WWE and she did come from the Indy circuit. I am just not pleased with placing the whole division on her shoulders. Eve Torres seems to fit the WWE stereotype much better. She's is absolutely radiant and she is, like Trish going out of her way to make a name for herself. She is training with Gracie Brothers in California in Gracie Ju Jit Su. I believe she's a purple belt. Gracie Ju Jit Su is the backbone of many MMA stars' success in the Octagon. As much as I despise Brock Lesnar, even he can admit that much of his success was attributed to training in Grace Ju Jit Su and he was a heavyweight champion.

So my suggestion to Laurentitis, step down. I beg you. Let Stephanie McMahon handle the women's division or name one of her former in ring rivals take over the position for making the matches for female talent. Put Dean Malenko in charge of a lightweight division. Bring back the lightweight title. Let Paul Heyman run some storylines. I would not let Heyman manage my five year old's snack money but he knows how to put a storyline together and he can make some matches. The original ECW would never have lasted so long if not for Heyman's genius for booking and talent making.

At the very least, showcase Eve more as a wrestler rather than a valet. While I respect Trish's opinion, (she tweeted that divas paired with wrestlers would allow them more screen time) I think Eve, if she has to be paired with someone, her current partner, Zack Ryder has a considerable cult following. He is finally getting recognition from the fans supporting his Broski videos and he is also being supported by his fellow superstars. I guess he is somewhat cute if you pay attention to twitter, but I would really like to see her paired with DH Smith. Harry could help her with her training and they could feud with his cousin, Natalya and her real life boyfriend, Tyson Kidd. The three Hart Family members are the last of the Dungeon trained stars and they could be an amazing influence on her career. In fact, if worked properly from the company's point of view, they could have another watershed moment in wrestling history. They could find the same dynamic between Eve and Nattie that they had with Lita and Trish and to a lesser extent Mickie James and Michelle McCool. Michelle has done extremely well for herself and then married wrestling legend, The Undertaker.

WWE you claim to listen to the fans. The people that you are pushing, especially in the women's division is not what the fans want to see; and since you have a large social media presence: HIRE a social media manager per social application, and have them come to production meetings to make reports. People are sick of having John Cena shoved down their throats. He is not THE ROCK. He cannot carry the whole company if he is all you are putting out there. He needs other people to fight and not other people with large cult followings like the Miz. CM PUNK has a great cult following and bringing Chris Jericho back was a great start!

Stop making Christian look like a tool! You can't do that if you are feeding him to Randy Orton all the time. Pretty soon, Orton is going to start losing steam if you are not careful! OF all the force fed superstars that you keep shoving down our throats, he has the best chance of becoming a legend. However! You cannot force people into accepting Orton and Cena as the Stone Cold and Rock of this decade. We are not mindless sheep that you can tell us who to like. This is not the 80s hush hush days of kayfabe where you force brothers to pretend like they cannot stand each other even though they have to take the very same flight out of the very same airport, especially when they are a part of a very large Hall of Fame award winning wrestling family like the Harts. Granted, there is a long history of animosity between the Hart and McMahons. Hopefully, Vince will retire and leave his daughter Stephanie in primary control of the company. Stephanie has taken her turn in front of the camera, gained a large fan base, and married an iconic and much loved future WWE Hall of Famer, Triple H. A changing of the guard could be the breath of fresh air that the WWE so sadly needs.

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Two of todays greatest female wrestlers vye for the Divas Champion
Kristina Stancil is based in Houma, Louisiana, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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  • Beth Phoenix hoists Natalya on her shoulders as her win unifies the WWE Women's Title and the Divas Championship

    Double champ

  • Eve Torres is a two time Divas champion and a Gracie Ju Jit Su student

    Eve Torres

  • Former Shimmer champion turned multiple time WWE Women's and Current divas champion

    Beth Phoenix

  • Third Generation female wrestler, member of the legendary Canadian Wrestling family, Natalya was born and bred to be a champion.


  • The only diva in the last twenty years to compare to Trish Stratus, a future hall of famer


  • Model turned wrestler turned successful business owner, Trish Stratus seized the opportunity while recovering from an injury to become the Diva of the Decade, the record breaking holder of the WWE Women's title, and future hall of famer

    Trish Stratus

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