2011 flashbacks and 2012 looking forward

2011 flashbacks and 2012 looking forward

Olongapo : Philippines | Jan 03, 2012 at 2:08 AM PST
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2011 flashbacks and 2012 looking forward



Allvoices Reporter

Olongapo City, Zambales

Central Luzon, Philippines

For a while, this writer paused at Allvoices with a note dated Jan-01 05:26 am (PST) which says, Dear Mr. Dean Schaffer, “ Hopefully, the turn of the year to 2012 may bring more Allvoices to greater heights of achievements with the never ceasing supports of contributor writers like yours truly”. Zaina, Jan-01 10:34 pm (PST) in response says, “Hi Alfredo, Thank for the email. We have forwarded your email to the relevant authority. They will catch you soon. Regards, The Allvoices Team”.

With unbending resolved, he shall now break that self-imposed lull to once again, go to the mainstream of citizen based journalism platform at Allvoices.com. Interact with and learn from fellow contributor writers. Writing, posting, commenting and rating each other’s news reports, articles and stories mean making life wholesome for many and most of them.

2011 was impregnated with extraordinary events which ushered in the rumblings and crumbling that ended the repressive dynasties and dictatorships in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya henceforth, President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia; Hosni Mubarak gave up the house of the pharaoh in Cairo, Egypt; messenger of death conqured and claimed the life of Muammar Gaddafi in his own hometown in Sirte, Libya. The human inspired wraths and hostilities of the year spilled-over and their ripples spread all-over to the streets of Damascus; shook and still shaking the despotic regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen. Crying, moaning, groaning and mourning over deaths and upon deaths of those who perished to culminate the birth of such awesome, gruesome events of the year which heavily displayed human frailties, cruelties, hatreds, animosities and inhuman actions and deeds which up to these days still go on in those lands.

Man induced sufferings of mankind became inadequate for the year which necessitated the forces of nature to awaken him in his state of deep slumber after he had spoiled and prostituted the natural equilibrium that had once bonded the symbiosis between him and his environment thus, the lashings of cold waves in India; forest fires in Greece, in the United States of America and in Australia. Earthquake-tsunami devastations in Sendai, and other parts of Japan; floods in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Australia; South America; twister disasters in Joplin, Missouri, and other parts of USA; floods in Bangladesh; Bangkok, Thailand; Central Luzon, Philippines and Washi flood disasters in Southern Philippines at the closing of the year. Multitudes of humanity were slashed out from the face of the Earth consequent of those natural calamities that a God loving and fearing human being who might have said, what God has wrought? Those sufferings indeed, made man to realize that, nature starts to claim anything man had taken from on and bosom of the Earth.

Yet, 2011 was incomplete without the unusual occurrences against the human dignity of women journalists in the likes of Lara Logan of CBS News who was sexually assaulted on February 11, 2011 while covering the jubilation at Tahir Square on same day Hosni Mubarak stepped down; Caroline Sinz of TV station France 3 (together with cameraman Salah Agrabi) was victim of sexual assaults while covering the protests in Cairo and Egyptian-American journalist Mona Al-Tahtawy was arrested at Mohamed Mahmoud Street then, assaulted sexually and detained for 12 hours by security personnel. Allvoices through the mighty pens of its contributor writers the likes of MichelleDevlin, Nina Rai, Vicky247, Veronica Roberts, Stephanie Ealy, Skooter, dunite, Prabirghose, Saleh 1966, MrsPleats, Northsunm32, this writer and many more who championed the rights of those journalists by denouncing the brutally inhuman sexual assaults on each of them. Cairo and Egypt in general became a” bastion of women’s indignation” that AV writers did not allow any moment of it to pass without roaring the loudest voice of protest for and on their behalf. Indeed, the year did not look good for women journalists. Nevertheless, the isolated and extraordinary incidents may have inspired international policy-makers to forge measures insuring the protection and safety of women pen pushers while doing their jobs during crisis in any country of the world.

Likewise, the year had witnessed the emergence of a phenomenal movement that assaulted the giants of greed in corporate America. The Occupy Wall Street Movement easily ramified to nearby Canada and its presence simultaneously felt in Makati, dubbed as Manhattan of the Philippines and almost everywhere in the world where corporate greed keeps eating the vital financial life lines of the disadvantaged 99%. In certain instances and circumstances, the movement fomented anarchy and street parliamentary in the USA and Canada but in other cities in the world injuries were never heard while staging their protests. It is a movement that awakened the consciousness of the 99% disadvantaged that remains to mouth its rightful share but remains at the mercy of the well oiled and powerful 1%. Apparently, news reports about the Occupy Movement was heavily occupied by the pen of this writer’s dear friend, Michelle Devlin of Innisfil, Ontario, Canada which her friend dhreff did it sparingly.

Yes, 2011 was a year of natural disasters, year of uprisings and wars especially in the Middle East and in four African countries where White House sent 100 troops to repulse Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army which is fomenting violence in 3 other nations namely South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic. However, towards its end, President Barack Obama pulled out US forces from Baghdad, Iraq as he promised at an earlier date which did not yield peace but broke the peace in Iraq with pockets of sectarian bombings which put the future of that nation very uncertain and full of oddities. There was no peace after the war and Allvoices pens covered with candor but sorry if no mention of their names here.

In the country of this writer, the year ended putting in detentions Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, her election Czar, Benjamin Abalos, her former Gestapo, Maj Gen. Jovito Palparan and former DOTC Leandro Mendoza. All were disgraced news of questionable exercise of credibility and integrity while occupying public offices in principle are “public trusts”.

This writer respected and shared in the celebrations of the big holidays of the year characterized by the virtues of giving, forgiving, charity and generosity. He classified himself as a well-wisher of Muslims, Christians of all denominations, Buddhists, Jews, Zoroastrians, Hindus, and Sabaean for he believes in the Teachings of the “Glory of God”. What greater teachings there are than Unity of Mankind and the establishment of Universal Peace for Humanity? Let your vision be World Embracing rather than confine it to yourself and Ye are the fruits of one tree, leaves of one branch, flowers of one garden and Waves of one sea. This writer regards everyone as his brother and sister. The World is but One Country and Mankind its Citizens.

This writer’s heart was broken into pieces consequent of Washi devastations in Southern parts of his country at the time the year 2011 was about to meet year 2012. Yes, heartbreaking was the disaster and the survivors must have to stand as soon as possible from the mud and ruins of the floods. Life must go on for the calamity battered Filipino.

This mover and clicker of the computer mouse have certain prayers and wishes for 2012. That, the American electorate would put in the White House the man who has the expertise, experiences and the one who could draw and commands legislative respects, cooperation, collaboration and builds teamwork for the welfare of the American nation and its deliverance from its present financial crisis and difficulties like other countries in the world. North Korea and Iran would abandon their nuclear ambitions in order not to threaten the peace and unity of the world. Europe would be able to weather its own financial difficulties without entailing adverse effects in USA, Canada and Asia. That, USA and Mexico would be able to mend border differences and so, Prime Minister Harper and President Barack Obama would come to terms with their border, trade and labor problems.

At home this writer prays and wishes that, President Noynoy C. Aquino would finish the year without any attempt to grab power from him. He would continue running after those who had put their wills at the disgrace of public trust at the expense of proverbial Juan dela Cruz making every Filipino suffers the brunt of burdens in 2012 and after.

These flashbacks of the previous year and objects of looking forward for 2012 maybe known to all men through the platform of citizen journalism – The Great ALLVOICES.Com, the voice of all voices from its contributor writers including this one. And lastly, he would wish fellow contributor writers to continue exchanging page visits, comments and generally interact with him like, Michelle Devlin, NinaRai, Veronica Roberts, MrsPleats, Stephanie Ealy, Northsunm32, Itobin53, Adrian Homan, Vicky247, Solarp, MikeFreeman, Amagda, Fifleigh, Saleh 1966, Brigid Primrose of South Africa, DavidWarthen, Prabirghose, Seneratne, Skooter, Dunite, Neilica, Vauldine and others who had and still actively exchanging notes with him. Friends, fans and admirers of his, you made and still making encounter at Allvoices a fulfilling and learning experience. We all make Allvoices alive, vibrant dynamic and impactive in one way or the other. A well informed, educated and responsive citizenry is the wealth of a nation and of the international community.

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The Philippines is battered by an average of 20 typhoons a year
The Philippines is battered by an average of 20 typhoons a year
dhreff is based in Olongapo, Central Luzon, Philippines, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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