Divine Inspiration

Divine Inspiration

London : United Kingdom | Dec 27, 2011 at 10:47 AM PST
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All discoveries are visual despite the propaganda of science and the cinematographical cliché where the scientist writes out long equations on a board then shouts “Eureka,” because the Eureka moment comes long before and the written equations are simply the logical language in which they are written down.

Every object you see around you, and every object you have ever seen in your life, is a phenomenon that once existed in someone’s mind as a neumenom. Before an object is born into the world the creator has an idea and then an image forms in the mind.

To create the prototype the creator makes a drawing of something he has seen in the mind and then projects it into the world as a drawing or plan from which a model is made. This model, or the first design, is called the prototype and only one exists upon the Earth.

Humans are the only creatures on Earth to have consciousness and scientists, who understand very little about the human brain, have various theories of how an ape came down from the trees started to walk upright, discovered fire, cooking and began to eat meat and, hey presto, they became conscious!

Rene Descartes, a 17th-century philosopher, said “Je pense donc je suis” -- I think therefore I am. Today scientists are pretending that they know what consciousness is -- they don’t. Humans have feelings about what they see and when they speak this is an imperfect way of communicating those emotions to another person.

The eyes are two lenses that record the images that they see “outside” -- these images are projected onto the back of the retina upside down, each eye recording the world at a different focal length in order to give the impression of three dimensions. These audio, visual and olfactory images are transmitted to the brain where they are seen the right way up on a screen in the brain called the visual cortex. All these images are linked, and that is why smell can evoke memory.

What one thinks about what one sees colours the picture; everyone’s view of the world is different and in this sense the observer that is you, is part of the observation.

Creative people are seers, visionaries who see images that come from somewhere that I call the creative centre of the Universe.

Visual artists see pictures, musicians hear music in their heads and sometimes see the notes, writers hear words, and all creators, no matter what, see their creations before they are born into this world. Mozart showed his genius and composed from the age of five and performed before European royalty.

When Mozart was nine in the 18th century he wrote a symphony and all the famous musicians of the day and music lovers turned up to hear Mozart play. No one said that he would have to go to music school to be properly trained as they would if Mozart were alive today! The audience all sat in spellbound rapture as the child prodigy played, knowing they were listening to a genius who had been divinely inspired.

There are geniuses around today that can paint draw, write poetry and books, compose musical masterpieces and invent amazing new inventions, but what happens to them? Nothing, even if they go to a special school for the gifted they are put through the mill because in the 21st Century they are classed by the state as subversive and it cannot be admitted that a child is a genius!

Governments like to give the false impression that they and their scientists understand the secret of life and government-employed scientists put forward simplistic theories like the Bing Bang because they want to impose logical order on the supernatural nature of life.

If they admitted the truth that life is a mystery and they or their scientists cannot answer the three classical questions of philosophy, “Where did we come from, Why are we here, and where are we going?” then they feel they would be discredited.

All artists speak of “the accident” and by this they mean something that appears out of nowhere, ex nihilo. Artists have various methods by which they enter a visionary state and see what the gods are transmitting to them from the godhead in the Universe.

Leonardo da Vinci used to smoke his canvasses by holding a white one over a candle until it was blackened, then he would stare at it for hours until those accidental smoke marks would be transmogrified into images that that he could see and develop so as to make them visual to others.

Artists are born, not made, and their brains are hard-wired differently; the visual spatial lobe being larger than the logical side, as is the case in most humans.

We are all upon the Earth and gifted with different capabilities. If humans were not conditioned and socialized by government conditioning that starts with children, sets up mental blocks by rewarding “appropriate” behaviour and punishing “inappropriate” behaviour in order to subvert biological programming, then the human race could all work together in a symbiotic and co-operative fashion.

One strange and thought provoking thing about discovery is that creators have often accused each other of plagiarism, of other inventors of stealing their ideas, when in fact their discoveries, the Eureka moment occurred at exactly the same time on different parts of the

Earth and the creators did not know each other nor had any previous contact!

Makes one think doesn’t it?

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Divine Inspiration
All discoveries are visual
mikefreeman is based in London, England, United Kingdom, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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