Scientists hunt for elusive sub-atomic particle

Scientists hunt for elusive sub-atomic particle

Brookhaven : MS : USA | Dec 16, 2011 at 6:46 AM PST
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NEW! May 2011 Higgs boson/God's particle reproduced in the CERN to deny Allah/God

Scientists hunt for elusive sub-atomic particle they say they have found "intriguing suggestions", but not definitive proof, that there is, narrowing down the search for what is believed to be a fundamental building block of the universe. The researchers added that they hope to reach a conclusion on whether the particle exists as next year.

the mass of the Higgs boson, referred to commonly as "the God particle", probably falls within a particular range, the lower end of the spectrum that can be produced smashing protons together in the machine massive being used to track him down, two independent teams of researchers

The two teams have said that their data indicate the particle itself could have a mass of between about 114 and 130 volts of electron billion. A one billion electron volts are approximately the mass of a proton. The most likely mass of the Higgs boson is around 124 to 126 volts of electron billion,.

heavily anticipated by thousands of researchers who hope that the particle, if it exists, can help explain many mysteries of the universe. The British physicist Peter Higgs and others have hypothesized the existence of the particle more than 40 years ago to explain why subatomic particles, building blocks of the universe has mass.

Both research combines work at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research near Geneva. CERN runs the $ 10-billion Large Hadron Collider under the Swiss-French border, a 17-mile (27-kilometer) tunnel where the high energy beams of protons were sent to the clash with one another at speeds incredible.

Fabiola Gianotti, an Italian physicist who heads the team that runs the so-called ATLAS experiment, said "the hottest region" is in the lower ranges of mass of the collider. there are signs of the Higgs' existence and that with enough data could not be found ambiguous or could be excluded next year.

The results exclude different mass or energy lines for the Higgs with a high degree of confidence.

After Guido Tonelli, the first physicist to the team that runs what he called the CM experiment, findings similar to those outlined in the ATLAS team, saying that the particle is more likely to find "low mass in the region" between the spectrum possible Higgs masses.

Rolf Heuer, Director of the European particle physics laboratory near Geneva, the window for the Higgs mass gets smaller and smaller."

"But be careful of intriguing suggestions. "We have not found it yet, we have not ruled out yet."

The Higgs boson is hard to find because it is not particularly small, but rather because it is hard to create, said physicist Howard Gordon of Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, the NY, who works with the ATLAS experiment.

The physical break up of protons together with very high energy and only a minority of collisions will create a Higgs boson. More energy involved, the higher the fraction of collisions that will be a boson.

a professor of graduate and physics Nobel Institute of Technology of Massachusetts finding the Higgs boson would tie a loose end of the so-called standard model of physics, which requires that a Higgs particle exists-loving.

Prove that the Higgs exists would be "a vindication of the equations we have used all these years. "Since the equations hours worked so brilliantly for decades, it is really nice dotting the is and cross the .

In addition, if the Higgs mass is within a certain range, which would support some other theories that goes beyond the standard model and improves, he said. These theories predict the existence of other particles, however, to be found. This would mean the Great Hadron Collider "will have another wave of brilliant discoveries in the future," Wilczek said. The range of mass is "perfect" to meet that requirement.

"This goes well together so beautifully with everything else we know ... I'm certainly inclined to believe it.


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sub-atomic particle
Scientists hunt for elusive sub-atomic particle
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