600 Libyan mercenaries enter Syria via Turkey to fight in Syria, according to Arabic website

600 Libyan mercenaries enter Syria via Turkey to fight in Syria, according to Arabic website

Aleppo : Syria | Dec 02, 2011 at 2:12 PM PST
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The Arabic website "Al-Rai Al-Arabi" has reported that some 600 Libyan "volunteers", who want to participate in the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad, came to Syria through Turkey. The site indicated a representative of the current leadership of Libya as its source.

This is not too surprising; the current Transitional National Council (TNC) was the first to recognize the Syrian National Council as the "sole legitimate representative" of the Syrian people.

The "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) in part of a group affiliated with the Libyan rebel movement, which have been linked in the past to Islamic extremist’s organizations and al-Qaida of the Islamic Mahgred (AQIM). Their agenda simply put is to establish an Islamic caliphate in Syria, much as they did in Libya, with the help of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the U.S.

Thanks also to the U.S., Saudi Arabia and its allies they have an abundant supply of arms and financing to do that.

The FSA origins as insurgents are murky at best. It is very difficult to get any information on the group. What we know is that the FSA was formed in the lawless border areas with Turkey by some Syrian army defectors. It is unknown if they have received help clandestinely via western nations or intelligence services. It would not surprise me if they did. Some people I have talked to suspect the FSA may be backed by the CIA, but no evidence of that have I been able to substantiate in this case.

The FSA has launched frequent attacks against the Syrian government forces, according to various reports out of Russia.

Last week, they brazenly attacked the buildings of the Air Force of the Syrian Intelligence but were unable to seize them. In a counter attack, they were pushed back, after sustaining heavy casualties...

According to some reports, Turkey and Libya have had a number of informal talks on the supply of Syrian rebels and volunteers with arms and munitions bound for Syria. Turkey is a member nation of NATO.

A French journalist and political analyst Thierry Meyssan has reported that there is much violence provoked by mercenaries in Syria from other nations besides Libya they include, "Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Chechnya." A

Associated crimes like gunrunning and arms smuggling is on the rise in Syria. We reported that weapons such as an M-16 rifle goes for $2000 dollars on the street in Syria, when just a few months ago you could purchase one for around $400 dollars U.S. This speaks to the increased demand for such weapons by groups in Syria who have taken up arms against the government. Many of these M-16 trace back to Iraq, where they were ripped off and stolen from the United States military...

Nearly fifteen hundred police officers in Syria have been killed in battles with al-Assad opposition groups, according to credible Russian media reports. A fact all but ignored by the U.S. entertainment based media who seem content only to demonizing Bashar al-Assad and mis-report a lot of facts on the ground in Syria.

Meanwhile the British newspaper The Financial Times recently wrote that Arab countries have taken the unprecedented step of imposing sanctions against Syria, which will hurt the Syrian economy in a big way. According to some in Syria, they are seeing a price increase on certain commodities...like food and gasoline.


Turkish Weekly wrote that the conflict in Syria continues between the Assad regime and dissidents.

France Press is reporting that the Human Rights Committee of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning bloody repression against demonstrators in Syria. This is something the U.S. may use as an excuse to intervene in Syria militarily...

Which may also explain the arrival last week of the 46 billion dollar USS nuclear aircraft carrier HW Bush, one of the most technologically sophisticated carriers in the world, along with its contingent of support ships, who are operating near Syria? A move that is seen as very provocative by both the Syrian and Iranian governments, as well the Russian government.

Iran and Syria have signed with Iran a treaty of mutual assistance in 2009. Units of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) can be transferred to Syria if Syria is attacked by the U.S. military under the guise of humanitarian intervention.

Russia is also involved here and has dispatched at least three warships to Syria to protect the estimated 100,000 Russian citizens living in Syria and protect a key military base it has in that country.

All this seems to indicate that Syria may explode in war at any minute. War it seems may be inevitable, unless a diplomatic solution can be found here. That is increasingly unlikely as all sides are very polarized in this matter. Trapped in the middle of all this are the Syrian people, many of whom have nothing to do with politics and just wish to live their lives in peace. They do not want anything to do with the violence.

I spoke with some young people in Syria (via facebook) recently, many attend school. One young girl dreams of getting married another one is working toward her degree in medicine.

What future does the world hold for them?

Who represents them in all this?

Is it President Assad, who is struggling to maintain power and prevent a western backed regime change? Is it the Muslim Brotherhood who has its own agenda? On the other hand, is it Iran, who sees Syria as a military ally against the United States? Or is it the United States who is seeking to divide and conquer the Middle East in its attempts to alienate Iran from the rest of the world, according to "the Plan" laid out by former US General back in 2002, who says the U.S. is targeting Syria and Iran in particular with regime change http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXS3vW47mOE

Whatever the case may be, it does not appear anyone is concerned too much about the people of Syria.

Robert Tilford

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Mercenaries are soldiers for hire. Some fight for money. Some fight for ideology or religion. In the end they all kill and die the same way...
RobertTilford01 is based in La Crosse, Kansas, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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  • Mercenaries are soldiers for hire. Some fight for money. Some fight for ideology or religion. In the end they all kill and die the same way...


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