Ron Paul patriot tweets for his candidate, meet Dwayne Williams (Ron Paul song video)

Ron Paul patriot tweets for his candidate, meet Dwayne Williams (Ron Paul song video)

Montgomery : AL : USA | Nov 24, 2011 at 1:33 PM PST
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Ron Paul taking on the others

Ron Paul's patriots: Meet the people behind the candidate #1

Cecil (Dwayne) Williams @dwill6413 Alabama The mind is my primary weapon, so I keep it sharp. The body is my temple, so I keep it strong. The soul is my essence, so I keep it pure.~Luke A. Speirs II

Ron Paul's world is full of unique individuals who participate in the r3VOLution, yet have their own ways and means of showing support for the presidential candidate.

Some people follow politicians because everyone else does--this week I heard of someone saying they are following so and so because they have the best chance to win. How many other Americans are following candidates only because they are the "most popular" this week? There are an army of Dr. Paul supporters who know exactly why they use every means possible to get the word out about their candidate of choice.

Let me introduce you to one of those unwavering patriots. When I started writing about Ron Paul, I noticed a trend---this one person kept retweeting my Ron Paul articles over and over again. So I contacted him and asked him who, what, why he was supporting the Texas Congressman. Word for word, here is what this amazing communicator wrote:

Why I support Ron Paul.

First, a little about me. I am a 44 year old from the southern area of the country. I am an Independent who leans Republican. I have voted for the Republican in every Presidential race starting with George Bush Sr. I have, on occasion voted for a Democrat in local and state elections because I tend to vote for the candidate that I trust on the issues, rather than being a party hack. However, there has never been a Democratic Presidential Candidate that I felt I could trust, yet.

I support Ron Paul for many reasons but I will try to elaborate without being long winded. He is an honest man, who tells the truth as he believes it, without pandering or political correctness. He addresses real issues that he knows are unpopular with the Republican base because those issues must be addressed and debated. We are in the midst of a worldwide economic crisis that appears to be getting worse by the day.

Other than Ron Paul, not one of the candidates seem to understand the graveness of the situation. If they do, they do not seem to communicate it well. It seems to me that the current economic situation is glossed over by the candidates, other than Paul, as a minor policy tweak issue and that with the stroke of a pen would change and everything will be back to normal. That couldn't be further from the truth. This economic crisis is systemic! We have come to this point in our history as a nation because of 40 years (conservatively) of profligate spending by Government, paid for with deficits, because deficits didn't matter.

The Federal Reserve has, with its easy money, monetary manipulation and political back scratching enabled, thus encouraged the political class to spend like drunken sailors with no consequences. It's not all the Federal Reserves fault. They have just done what the Government wanted. Easy money for the Government to spend, without having to raise taxes on the American People to support the spending. It was a win win for the Government and International Corporations that benefit from the spending binge along with a certain portion of the American people who were showered with entitlements in the name of compassion.

We the American People are to blame because we did not do our job of regulating the Government through the political process. We have allowed the special interest to run/influence the Government and the middle class has paid for the spending with the inflation tax. So, you see deficits do matter. The wealthy are not impacted by a 2-3% inflation rate which is the Feds target rate, however, depending on whose numbers you believe it is more like 6-10% right now.

The poor and middle class are the ones who really feel the pressure from inflation because those living on the margins (paycheck to paycheck) are pinched from it, along with the elderly on fixed incomes and retired people with a certain amount of money in savings or retirement accounts to get them through each year. With high(er) inflation their money doesn't go as far as last year. I'm sure you've been to the gas pump or grocery store lately, how about your health insurance premium rates that Obama said would be reduced by ObamaCare but have actually increased substantially?

You see, what Ron Paul says is true and its proven by the numbers. Anything the Government puts its money grubbing hands on increases cost and someone is going to pay for that increase in cost. Think about the skyrocketing cost of K-12 and higher education with the heavy involvement of Government. The people who are affected the most are the poor, middle class and small business.

Employers can't foot the bill alone, they must pass some of it on too you. The increased share the employer pays (small business here, not General Electric) pinches the employer on the margins just like the individual, which means less money to hire more employees and to invest in equipment. So, I think we have discovered the problem, its systemic Government intervention in the economy.

Government must cut spending now. Yes, there will be pain. You can't pull the drug from an addict without expecting the addict to experience adverse reactions but, if you don't stop the drug use it will eventually kill the addict. That's where we are. We are a Society that has become accustomed to relying on the Government to take care of us. That is not the role of Government in a FREE Republic. This nation was founded on rugged self reliance and independence.

The Founders established a document to RESTRAIN the government from ever becoming too powerful and oppressive to the individual. We the People are the Sovereign in our Constitutional form of Government, not a King or a Washington/Government Bureaucrat. Like Ron Paul has said, “we have allowed ourselves to be over regulated, over taxed and over run with bureaucrats, the Founders would be ashamed of us for what we put up with.”

America, it is time to elect a President who concentrates on America 1st. It is nice to worry about the rest of the world, and we should, but if this world wide financial crisis does what many economist think it might, then we along with the rest of the world are going to experience some great pain.

Ron Paul is trying to explain to us dumb dumbs that with his plan we can try and have a soft landing and wean ourselves off the drug slowly. If we do not, then we will have a hard landing. If that happens, our beloved Republic may come under attack, for real, not the fake attack from people still living in the 16th Century residing in tents and caves.

Do you see how divided this Country is? If a financial collapse occurs it could come down to another Civil War right here in America. The Government would be helpless and broke, trying to fight off every foreign nation coming here to get their money or a piece of someones ass. It may be so bad that democracy might win out here in America. That would be majority rule. If its bad enough, people might say give me security and food over freedom and civil liberties. America will be no more.

I believe, and trust me I don't want to believe it but I truly feel that there are some in our Government that are waiting for that day to occur. 50.1% of the people could say we need a NEW Government, the old one doesn't work and you in the 49.9% would be powerless to stop it (think Van Jones here, he has said this over and over). Think about that for a minute. Would you say no and leave the country?

Think again. Remember what Ron Paul said in the debate about people controls and capital(property) controls during economic crisis?

Think about that fence some want to build on the border of Mexico and the United States. It could, theoretically be used to keep you here to endure a new Government run by a dictator or a Socialist Democracy. So, all the other things we worry about are second to the financial security of this Nation.

And the future of the financial health of this country is not what we have been doing for the last 40 years. We must change. We must drastically wean ourselves off of the drug of deficits and live within our means. We must secure this country's borders first and foremost and we don't need a fence, we just need to implement sane proven policies that address the magnets that allow and encourage people to come here illegally. We must simplify and welcome productive highly skilled peoples through our Immigration Polices. We need highly skilled productive people here. Low skilled, undocumented labor hurts our poorest citizens but small businesses have their backs to the wall with labor cost, which is a direct result of inflation.

The borders of lands thousands of miles away are secondary to our interest at this moment in our history. If America isn't healthy financially and fails, where does that leave the world? I honestly don't care. I think of what it would mean to Americans and thats what we must concentrate on now, not 10/20 year projected budgets that aren't worth the paper they are written on. We can't continue to let Congress and our elected Representatives pass the real work of Governing and real decision making onto a generation that is still in grammar school or high school.

It is immoral and disgusting to live high on the hog knowing that future generations are going to struggle mightily to deal with what we have passed on to them. That is if we make it that far. I don't think we will if we continue to go down this path we have chosen. We must choose a new path but the new path is the original path. The Constitution, sound money, living within our means and the rule of law. Its really that simple.

~*~ Due to the media black-out, Stephanie Ealy intentionally shines a bright light on GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul. Some individuals call it unbalanced journalism, she calls it liberty of the press--"marching for 'We the people'--maximum freedom, minimum government


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MTV's Aimee Allen, Ron Paul Anthem music
Stephanie Ealy is based in Tacoma, Washington, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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