Ron Paul wins straw polls -- media continues to ignore.

Ron Paul wins straw polls -- media continues to ignore.

San Diego : CA : USA | Nov 14, 2011 at 9:50 PM PST
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Republican presidential candidate and Texas congressman Ron Paul speaks at the Iowa Straw Poll

Texas congressman Dr. Ron Paul won with a purpose and a crowd in the San Diego Straw Poll on Nov. 14.

Mike Benoit, 60, a congressional candidate and organizer of the Ron Paul meet-up, said Ron Paul won San Diego's straw poll above the other Republican candidates on Mitt Romney's home turf.

"Brian Brady spoke as Paul's surrogate and eloquently spelled out his foreign policy in such a way to clarify the thing that keeps separating him from the other candidates," Benoit said.

Video of Brian Brady speaking for Ron Paul in San Diego

Brian Brady's tweet to me: LibertasAmo Brian Brady @StephEaly The only thing to note is that there was a lot of applause for Gary Johnson, too. Liberty candidates will take back the GOP!

Benoit went on, "Brady spoke of Paul's position on war and that if there was a need to declare war it would be approved by Congress and have an objective and an end, not like these endless careless wars going on now."

Many tweets went on record Monday night: derrickroach Breaking: Ron Paul wins San Diego GOP straw poll! Ron Paul 112, Newt Gingrich 83, Mitt Romney 64, Hermain Cain 59, Rick Perry 21...

Showing their solidarity, young and old from all over the Greater San Diego area showed up at the Rancho Bernardo Spa and Golf Club Inn to show their support for Ron Paul on Monday night.

Throughout the week you couldn't walk, ride, skateboard or surf in San Diego without seeing amazing signs all over the area night and day saying, "Ron Paul President 2012," "Ron Paul Revolution," and "End the Fed."

Colt Gordon, San Diego photographer and Ron Paul supporter said, "It is so inspiring to be a part of an underground revolutionary movement compiled of mostly young so-called rebels who are waking up to our corrupted government, who should be the people's servants--not masters."

"It is no wonder our country is going bankrupt -- it is run by lawmakers who are lawbreakers," Gordon said, and continued with, "We will not stand by or compromise to the direct contradiction of our freedom, this present government."

"It is sad that we are considered rebels, but really we are patriots who stand up for The Constitution with the powerful tool of the internet in which we cannot be stopped, we are too many," Gordon said.

As in the words of Thomas Jefferson, "A little rebellion now and a necessary for the sound health of government," and, "Every generation needs a new revolution."

"We will continue with Ron Paul our leader, but Ron Paul is only a man, this is a revolution, let it not be said that we did nothing, let our voices be heard," Gordon said.

Update: Ron Paul also won a straw poll in Charleston County in the state of South Carolina.

It was November 14, and this particular vote was held at the GOP Executive Committee meeting, but once again the mainstream fails to cover that Paul came in first with 38 percent, beating Newt Gingrich out by 10 points.

Ron Paul's 2012 National Campaign Chairman, Jesse Benton said, “Congressman Paul’s message is really resonating in South Carolina and elsewhere,” according to Business Wire.

Two days before this vote, three-hundred people came to hear Dr. Paul at a Veteran’s Rally in Spartanburg.

“Voters across the country, from South Carolina to California are ready for a leader who will fight for limited and constitutional government, bring our troops home, and restore our economy to bring prosperity back to America,” Benton said.

On November 14th Ron Paul won a Republican Party straw poll in San Diego

More Ron Paul straw poll results--the ones the media hasn't told you about:

2nd – New Hampshire GOP 2012 Straw Poll (1/22/11)

1st – DC CPAC Straw Poll (2/10-12/11)

1st – Online Phoenix Arizona Tea Party Straw Poll (2/27/11)

1st – Combined Phoenix Arizona Tea Party Straw Poll (2/27/11)

3rd – Onsite Phoenix Arizona Tea Party Straw Poll (2/27/11)

1st – Republican Liberty Caucus of California Presidential Straw Poll (3/20/11)

1st – New Orleans Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll (6/16-18/11)

1st – Clay County Iowa Republican Party Straw Poll (6/19/11)

2nd – Ames Iowa Straw Poll (8/13/11)

1st – New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll (8/20/11)

2nd – Georgia State GOP Straw Poll (8/27/11)

3rd – Maryland GOP Straw Poll (9/9/11)

1st – Pre-Debate Cincinnati Tea Party Straw Poll (9/12/11)

1st – Post-Debate Cincinnati Tea Party Straw Poll (9/12/11)

1st – California GOP Straw Poll (9/17/11)

1st – DC Values Voter Straw Poll (10/7/11-10/9/11)

1st – LA County RPLAC Straw Poll (10/13/11)

1st – Charleston County Republican Party (10/18/11)

1st – Ohio GOP Swing State Straw Poll (10/22/11)

1st – Des Moines Iowa Voters NFRA Presidential Straw Poll (10/29/11)

1st -Des Moines Non-Iowa Voters NFRA Presidential Straw Poll (10/29/11)

2nd – West Alabama Straw Poll (10/29/11)

1st – Illinois GOP Straw Poll (11/5/11)

As reported on ronpaulforums.

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Ron Paul wins San Diego
Ron Paul wins San DiegoPhotos by Colt Gordon
Stephanie Ealy is based in Tacoma, Washington, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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