Meet Gloria Cain,Herman Cain's Wife Standing By Her Man Like Tammy Wynette

Meet Gloria Cain,Herman Cain's Wife Standing By Her Man Like Tammy Wynette

Atlanta : GA : USA | Nov 02, 2011 at 5:57 PM PDT
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Gloria, Jacobo Cain

“She is this tranquility of the campaign.”

““My wife has been an absolute gem,”

“She has been 200 percent supportive of me today; she has been 200 percent supportive of me for 43 years.”

These are quotes from Herman Cain, Republican Presidential hopeful who is now in the news re allegations of sexually harassment according to a report by Patricia Murphy of the Daily Beast called "Gloria Cain Stands By Her Man"

Ms Murphy reports that "As allegations of sexual harassment continue to dog Herman Cain—The New York Times reports that one of his accusers received a severance of $35,000, or a year’s pay—his wife is finally stepping out of the shadows. Gloria Cain will defend her husband in a Fox News interview on Friday.

In the report Gloria Cain is described as "the friendly, traditional Gloria a reason the report says is "why she’s been so reluctant to join the campaign trail until now."

MrsPleats Comments: Oh wow! and how bold and admirable of Mrs.Cain, I agree with her one million percent just like I did when Hillary stood by Bill Clinton.

Cain the Pizza man and Bill the I never had sexual relations man, who everybody is now goo goo gaw gawing over . At least the Pizza man never indulged physically as was alleged in the Clinton's case.

Every wife or husband for that matter always knows if only intuitively what's going on in their marriage and what their spouses are capable of. If Mrs. Cain as Hillary Clinton did decides to stand by her man good for her.They both put their heads on their pillows in the same bed assumedly at nights so it is their bees wax and no one else's.

Perhaps Mrs.Cain feels her lifestyle ,family and friends and her marriage vow are worth standing by the Pizza man. Who knows what their bedroom life is like for crying out loud.We do not know.

The Tammy Wynette song says stand by your man and show the world you love him and based on the report everybody thinks Mrs.Cain loves the 999 tax plan man and that they are great together. Didn't people know of this case before?

As soon as someone wants to run for office out comes the armchair private eyes and scandal mongers, the grim reapers seeking someone to devour,no wonder the people who would do a better job at leadership stay out of politics before someone digs up a time when perhaps curiously while in junior school played you show me yours and ill show you mine which in this politically correct day and age would be called sexual harassment..

Who are these women accusing this man? We were not there . I am not saying Cain is innocent or not culpable if guilty but as someone who travels to conferences I have watched many women push themselves on men of influence to get favours. Men sometimes do too.

Some want 15 minutes of fame no matter what to get money to pay bills,travel or pay down a mortgage etc. Come on, in this case $35,000 what the heck is that? oh lawdy da what's the women's worth. Could not be that strong of a case it seems.

if that were me it would have to be in the millions like the settlement in the Bill O'Reilly's case of alleged sexual harassment.

He said, she said who the heck knows.I have no empathy nor sympathy one way or the other, I am just sorry that Mrs. Cain and her family are dragged in this sordid story.

What amazes me is the Press which seems to be salivating over the story perhaps getting orgasmic covering the crap re this case which happened over 12 years ago and was settled. Aren't there more important things to report on? For crying out loud!

I am sure Mrs. Cain was aware then and has remained with her husband. Maybe the Pizza man had to sleep in the Pizza parlour who knows when the whole thing occurred 12 years ago.

Aren't there more important issues like creating jobs for the 9 plus percent of unemployed people in America? . Why aren't the reporters not hounding Republicans for not passing the Jobs Bill and it goes on and on.

What a dysfunctional society,which seems not to focus on its priorities the majority of the people who need help but alway focussing on irrelevant issues.Smear campaigns seem to get the Politico excited, what a sad state of affair. Aren't there many Republicans and Democratic leaders who I am sure today are still cheating on their wives.

Admirable I must say are the Republicans sticking together like Siamese twins supporting their own wrong or right.Sticking up for their guy,even if their reason is questionable like making sure Cain is in to get rid of Romney.Oh the Limbaugh, the Coulters and it goes on.

Cain would not be the first and neither would be the last.How many philandering Presidents,members of Congress have there been? These people left, right Democrats, Republican are all the same power hungry and will do whatever satisfies their egos.

is this another Tiger Woods story? I would hope not and then again that's for Mrs Cain to deal with unfortunately.

Moral issues come in many form and the politically correct are just being hypocritical. I do not agree with infidelity but let Mr Cain and his family sort that out.

It is more hypocritical and immoral to want to deny seniors of their benefits and for corporations to close factories and ship jobs overseas and leave people unemployed and starving.

if Gloria Cain did not leave after 43 years I do not think she will now at least she is taking her vows of for better for worse seriously unlike Kim Kardashian whose engagement lasted longer than her marriage.

What double standards I say.

You go Gloria Cain, defend your man if you want, you alone know if he is worth defending, who are we to decide.

As the bible the book of morality says he that is without sin cast the first stone.

For more on the story read Patricia Murphy's story in the Daily Beast

Gloria Cain Stands By Her Man

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Herman Cain & wife Gloria Cain
Republican Presidential hopeful Herman cain & his wife Gloria
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