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Why it is our utmost duty to refuse SmartMeters, fight science-based GLOBAL TOTALITARIANISM, Smart Meter a wi-fi enabled data, snooper- transmitter and controlling/rationing energy provider to your home.

The world has been in turmoil since 9/11, "the global war on terror* and recently since 2007 and the revelation of the corruption and rottenness of the bankers and the banking system,set for a purposeful systemic collapse.

There have been many wars compliments of the american military machine and now NATO, goading and provoking anyone and everyone, Doomsters and soothsayers have predicted a looming apocalypse by 21.12.2012 it's either death to the world or rebirth from the ashes, which one?

There is much mis-information out there to keep us all fooled, guessing and at alarm stations,nothing is stable and of course with the global financial upheavels and the global wars for resource domination, it can't be right now.

So, what's going on, as Marvin Gaye sang, a recurring question through the decades and one I have personally been asked by randoms such as my postman.

What people need to know first and foremost is that most events are orchestrated by the elites include therein the richest folk on the planet including the most prominent banking families, names that you no doubt know well.

So of course 9/11 orchestrated to facilitate the *global war on terror* without borders without boundaries making the USA the rogue nation of the planet and giving *the west* reason to implement the taking of civil rights and liberties from the peoples of those nations primarily USA amd the UK where under Mr.Blair, we became the most watched nation, leading to even fingerprinting of children in schools,(comply or your child will be denied lunch) a total crime against civil rights of minors. The media controlled by the likes of Murdoch, just spewed out propaganda not real news, and so a world of lies was built.

Many people talk of the New World Order. What is it ? What are they coming at us with. In recent years, most notably the past 10 years, we, the people have been attacked on all sides by government, our freedoms, our food (read GM ) our healthcare of choice (read natural herbal remedies being outlawed) our families (read immorality promoted non-stop in the media) our religious beliefs,(read politically correct policies) our genders, unfettered profiteering by energy companies, banks and globals, we have truly been under attack. Essentially the NWO nucleus is america,britain,france,germany,italy.

The idea of the new world economic order was born in the 1930s when co-founder of Technocracy Inc. Mr.Hubbert,a geo-physicist, wrote a theory called *peak-oil* a buzz word oft used today, where he wrote how resources would *run out* therefore ideally, consumption should be globally controlled. As some people may know the *malthusian theory* of too many people on the planet to feed, never did come true, similarly the *peak-oil* theory is an untruth.

Bottom line is control, no more no less.

Brezinski was an admirer of Technoracy, although the movement died out in the early 40's and all historical references erased, the ideas lived on in the corridors of Columbia University.Brezinksi wrote a book in the late 60's *Between Two Ages* which mirrored technocratic beliefs.

Along the way, Brezinski met with David Rockefeler Snr and the idea was sold.

What followed was the set-up of The Trilateral Commission born in 1973, whose self-stated mission was to create a "New International Economic Order" later shortened to the New World Order, development started on a global construct fashioned by scientists, technicians & ,engineers to micro-manage global society using technology without the freedoms enjoyed by humanity thus far.

So cut back to today for a moment and we can see how far this construct has advanced and what stage we are at now. The internet was the foundation of the technological web first launched as a service with ISP's to the public from the late 80's. Add to the mix, mobile phones, wifi, computers, social sites like FB, myspace, google, twitter,emails, all information gathering technology that adds to their vast databases of humanity on file, and you can see the shape. When scientists designed the formula they would be working to, to implement Technocracy, non-stop data was part of the equation. Now that we have the hierarchy of the internet connecting billions of humans and the data that goes with it, add also the SMART GRID, benignly described as a system to efficiently deliver energy to our homes.

Whilst we were sleeping and Unbeknown to the people of the planet and without our consent, billions of dollars, pounds and yen of tax payer money has been spent latterly on developing out the SMART GRID system and particularly rapidly in the last 3/4 years.

Hovering over Canada/Usa/Mexico this smart grid system is about to be connected over this land mass treating it as 1 unit for energy consumption/management (hence the populatity of globalism/science-based/sustainable development/climate change/managed healthcare/carbon credits and SMART GRID, to deliver intelligent power meters that deliver intelligent energy. These are all the *buzz words* to be very wary of. Of course the priceing structure of what we will receive is in totalitarian control.The idea that any of these resources are in short supply is just another of their favourite myths. In actual fact the SMARTGRID blurbs do say that it's not supply that is a problem, but delivery.

In the UK,the plan is to have SMART METERS fitted into every home by 2020,currently smaller projects have been rolled out by British Gas, NPower and First Utility maybe around 400,000 so far, benignly being promoted as an environmentally conscious energy provider, where the homeowner has the RIGHT TO REFUSE, and you should exercise this right without question or be enabled for totalitarian technocracy within the NWO's SMART GRID encircling our land masses. The goal ultimately is for each person to be assigned their own individual "identifier" by way of an RFID code for life embedded on your person, easy tracking from cradle to grave. Unthinkable, some may say, look around the evidence is all there. Through food and energy primarily they will corral the people. Currently hundreds and thousands of acres of food producing land is either being converted to bio-fuels to take food out of the market-place or flooded and being bought up in great swathes by Soros. Also by incentivisng businesses to relocate abroad, as in china and india,leaving long-term unemployment at home, and a weakened economy,more and more people are reliant on some sort of welfare handout,percentage probably quite high and getting higher,leaving people dependent upon the state, more easily compliable and therefore easy to capture into their RFID future. Same process is happening all over europe and america, so easy to *see* the strategy.

The idea, now that they are doing their very best to destroy money as we know it,property rights and values, through a totally unregulated corrupt banking system which is crashing even as I write,which will not neccessarily work while people turn to gold & silver, is that the *new money* will be energy tradeable units from every household that has the smart meter. So, each family unit will be valued as a tradeable energy unit by which we will trade for life's essentials such as electricity,gas,food,water,healthcare on and on. So everything consumed needs to be tracked hence also the Technicians discussing RFIDS in our food supply so they can track it from farm to belly. I think by now this picture is very very clear. The enablement of the SMART GRID right here right now is KEY. It is the duty of each and every one of us to reject SMART METERS and make sure everyone is fully informed of the FULL implication of this last part of their Technocratic Control Grid which in a few more years would become TOTALITARIAN and control all aspects of our way of life as we currently know it.

The current movements also that are decrying our *democracy* whilst the sentiment is correct and we do need a new system of direct democracy that actually represents the people's wishes, we have to be careful that these movements will not be hijacked by the technocrats in disguise, anyone using any of the buzz words described should be treated with caution.

It'll be yes, we have the answer to all this, let us save you from all this,another opportunity for them to unleash Technocracy on an unsuspecting world.

At present the global war centred around the middle-east that america has kept alive and kicking these past 10 years shows no signs of abating just yet. America has been pushing and prodding at Russia, China,N.Korea,Iran,Pakistan,Syria, in fact anyone and everyone to goad some kind of an apocalyptic event. They may get more than they bargained for as China & Russia hold talks, and Syria has threatened to wipe out Israel if NATO moves to strike against them, despite the fact that china and russia vetoed any move against Syria at the latest NATO meet-up. This will have to play out, this is the ground struggle for america and the elites to usher in the NWO. Stay focused, the huge plus today is that people are informed.

As the NWO have tried to lock us down and as information has been disseminated more and more widely in the last five years or so, Globally, people and nations are fighting back. There are sovereign nations that will not *sign-up* to this NWO who america normally decries as terrorists. Individually people are fighting back by going off-grid,leading independently designed lives growing food bartering the seedling start of a new way.States in the USA such as Utah, have broken away from the central banking system and written their own declaration, gold and silver to be legal tender. This is a tremendous battle unleashed upon us by the NWO, and we the people will fight back. It doesn't have to be physical, more ghandi-esque, as in peaceful and opting very firmly for non-participation of their constructs.

Take care out there, do what you need to do, off-grid independent living, grow food, using gold and silver as true money is truth and freedom. Of course there are many who cannot take that option, you need to stand up for your rights in your own backyard, just say no and stick to it.

Thanks for reading, all this information is in the public domain and free for anyone to gather together.

relevant link to the expert in the field Mr.Patrick Wood....


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Smart Grid, the Trojan Horse of the NWO

here, there is no *peak oil*

also no food shortages except for those which are created, an acre of land can produce loads of produce.

please feel free to refer these articles onwards..

crazeesheep is based in London, England, United Kingdom, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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