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Mackinac Island : MI : USA | almost 3 years ago  
These are the following percentages from the Michigan Staw Poll as reported via "Romney won 50.1 percent of the 681 votes cast compared to 16.8 percent for Perry. Cain...
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  • LAMBRO: Perry and Romney maintain party parity

      The Washington Times | almost 3 years ago
    Thus far, the maddening Republican storyline in the presidential election cycle is complicating the party's prospects of winning back the White House in 2012. A clear majority of the American people disapprove of the job President Obama is doing,...
  • Herman Cain Gains Stature Among GOP Faithful

      Fox News | almost 3 years ago
    Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., Friday, Sept. 23, 2011. Long-shot Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is not such a long shot anymore. His short declarative sentences, resonant voice, and plain-spokenness is a style that's...
  • New Poll: Cain Now Part Of Top Tier?

      KTUV | almost 3 years ago
    The survey, released Wednesday, indicates that 17 percent of likely GOP primary voters say they back Cain, a businessman, former Godfather's Pizza CEO, and radio talk show host, for their party's presidential nomination. According to the poll, Cain...
  • Gingrich Fired Up? Ex-Speaker Tries to Regain Traction in GOP 2012 Race

      Fox News | almost 3 years ago
    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich speaks during a town hall meeting with employees at the Principal Financial Group Sept. 29 in Des Moines, Iowa. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is moving to revive his presidential campaign, unveiling a modern...
  • The Caucus: Candidates' Spouses Make Fund-Raising Push

      The New York Times | almost 3 years ago
    02 pm In the final days before the close of the third quarter fund-raising period, the presidential candidates are bringing out the big guns: their spouses. Almost there was the subject line of an e-mail solicitation sent Thursday afternoon by Anita...
  • Facebook �polling' favors Mitt Romney and Chuck Grassley

      Des Moines Register | almost 3 years ago
    the website Inside Facebook has breakdowns showing U.S. lawmakers and candidates' popularity based on the number of fans they have on Facebook...In the GOP presidential race , Mitt Romney leads the field with 1.1 million likes, followed by Michele...
  • Romney Withstands Perry Surge To Retake GOP Lead In National Poll

      National Public Radio | almost 3 years ago
    Mitt Romney may be back on track to the Republican presidential nomination...But the signs are that Romney has resumed what seemed, until a few weeks ago, his steady march towards becoming his party's standard bearer against President Obama in the...
  • The GOP's nuisance candidate syndrome is back

      Salon | almost 3 years ago
    AP Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry It may be the surest sign yet of Rick Perry's failure to meet his potential: Two of the GOP's nuisance candidates are suddenly rising from the dead. Perry's entrance last month was supposed to put these folks in their...
  • Rick Perry slides, Herman Cain surges in Fox poll

      Los Angeles Times | almost 3 years ago
    A new Fox News poll shows that the state of the Republican race for president is as fluid as ever as the first filing deadlines approach, with Rick Perry 's instant front-runner status fading away as Herman Cain makes a sudden leap to the top tier.
  • Cain and Gingrich Benefit from Perry Swoon

      Fox News | almost 3 years ago
    I was probably a bit over-passionate by using that word and it was inappropriate. -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry in an interview with conservative Web site Newsmax. The latest FOX News poll shows that the Herm-entum' is for real, with the former Godfather'...
  • Romney Leads Perry in New Poll; Cain Leaps Into Third Place

      International Business Times | almost 3 years ago
    The latest US business and financial news as well as issues and events Sample The poll showed Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, with 23 percent support among Republican voters (unchanged from a Fox News poll last month), Perry with 19...
  • Fox News poll: Romney ahead of Perry

      The Orange County Register | almost 3 years ago
    Previous Post A new Fox News poll puts Mitt Romney in front of Rick Perry for the Republican presidential nomination, 23 percent to 19 percent the first time a major national poll has found Romney in front since Perry entered the race in early August.
  • The GOP race and the power of irrational thinking

      Salon | almost 3 years ago
    Reuters/Scott Audette Rick Perry and Mitt Romney The fact that Rick Perry has been enduring a bad-to-terrible few weeks means that Mitt Romney has been enjoying a good-to-great few weeks. When Perry burst into the race last month and immediately...
  • Fox News Poll: GOP Race Top Tier Now Romney, Perry and Cain

      Fox News | almost 3 years ago
    Three September debates have shaken-up the race for the Republican presidential nomination...The new poll found Cain's support has nearly tripled among GOP primary voters to 17 percent. That's up from 6 percent before this month's debates, and puts...
  • New Poll On Iowa Shows Romney On Top

      KTUV | almost 3 years ago
    But it also presents a mixed bag of news for the former Massachusetts governor and his two top competitors in the GOP race. According to the American Research Group, Inc. survey: Mitt Romney leads among those Republicans likely to attend Iowa's...
  • Mitt Romney leads new Iowa presidential survey

      Des Moines Register | almost 3 years ago
    Covering Michele Bachmann A new survey of likely Iowa caucusgoers shows Mitt Romney leading the Republican presidential field with support from 21 percent of those contacted. Michele Bachmann, who has made Iowa the major focus of her campaign, polled...
  • Bachmann second in new Iowa poll

      Star Tribune | almost 3 years ago
    While Rep. Michele Bachmann has fallen to the mid-single digits and into the pack in most recent national polls, she's still in second place in a new Iowa poll. But it's not Rick Perry who's ahead of Bachmann in the American Research Group poll...
  • Poll: Romney tops Perry in Ohio

      United Press International | almost 3 years ago
    Ohio Republicans favor presidential hopeful Mitt Romney over Rick Perry , but both are neck-and-neck with President Obama in the Buckeye state, a poll indicated. Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, led the field with 24 percent, while Texas...
  • Romney brushes off talk of a Christie candidacy

      Kansas City Star | almost 3 years ago
    Christie entry is all part of the glaring media spotlight on politics...You've got to have some intrigue."Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry are dueling at the top of a GOP candidate field that includes one woman, Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.In...
  • TAUBE: Raising Herman Cain

      The Washington Times | almost 3 years ago
    Herman Cain 's upset victory in the GOP 's Florida presidential straw poll shocked political pundits and party activists alike. It's too early to tell if this was a one-time fluke or the start of an astonishing political story. What's clear is this...
  • Perkins: Social Issues Impact Voter Attitudes on Romney, Perry | almost 3 years ago
    Social conservative voters are more concerned about a presidential candidate's policies going forward than with the candidate's views from the past, said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. The FRC is hosting the Values Voters...
  • Bachmann hits Perry as she asks for campaign cash

      Moreover Silicon Valley | almost 3 years ago
    The Minnesota congresswoman, who is lagging in national polls, does not mention Perry by name but it's clear she is directing her ire at him. She tells potential donors not to settle for someone who "doesn't understand the problems that we have in...
  • Poll: Obama would beat Ron Paul by just four points

      Los Angeles Times | almost 3 years ago
    If that hypothetical election were held tomorrow, Obama would beat Ron Paulyeah, that Ron Paulby just four points. While it may be a sign that some voters are adopting an anybody-but-Obama attitude, that same poll shows Obama handily stomping...
  • Health Insurance Industry Opens Check Books for Mitt Romney, Barack Obama | almost 3 years ago
    As of June 30, the date of the most recent campaign finance reports, Romney edges out Obama in terms of money raised, $43,750 versus $42,675, the Center's analysis indicates. Both men have favored health care policies that include an individual...
  • Jon Stewart advises Ron Paul on his campaign

      USA Today | almost 3 years ago
    The Texas congressman, making his first appearance on The Daily Show this year, took all the irreverence in stride last night as he discussed the very serious issues of the sagging economy, federal spending, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that...
  • Romney's Secret Weapon Against Perry: Immigration

      Mother Jones | almost 3 years ago
    GOP presidential front-runners Rick Perry, left, and Mitt Romney. On immigration, the former Massachusetts governor may have his Texas rival fenced in...AM PDT It's tough for a Harvard-educated, one-time moderate Republican governor (who used to...
  • Michele Bachmann says Republicans need authentic conservative like her

      Des Moines Register | almost 3 years ago
    Michele Bachmann urged Republicans not to settle for a moderate candidate in 2012 and held herself out as the conservative ideal in an afternoon swing through Iowa on Monday. Appearing at a hotel ballroom in Cedar Rapids and on a statewide radio show,...
  • Straw poll vaults Cain as Perry fizzles

      Orlando Sentinel Online | almost 3 years ago
    I've watched the Republican debate and I've watched President Barack Obama lead. And based on that, the pizza guy is looking pretty darn good. Cain won the Florida straw poll by default, but you have to start somewhere, even if it is as the none-of-...
  • DECKER: The Romney advantage

      The Washington Times | almost 3 years ago
    Herman Cain is becoming a serious contender on the national stage. Winning the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll in Orlando catapults him to the front of the pack. Through feisty debate performances and a compelling personal...
  • The lovable Rick Perry

      Moreover Silicon Valley | almost 3 years ago
    More on this Topic He vainly tried to explain his compassion...His biggest crowd-pleaser came in the Sept. 7 Republican debate when he took credit for 234 executions more than any other governor in modern times, moderator Brian Williams said ...Perry...
  • Herman Cain works to keep Florida poll bump from turning into a bust

      The Hill | almost 3 years ago
    The former Godfather's Pizza CEO won the poll with 37 percent of the more than 2,600 votes cast more than double any other candidate, including presumptive front-runner Rick Perry, who devoted substantial resources to the contest. For Cain's part, he...
  • Bachmann's in a tailspin, but the GOP race is volatile

      Kansas City Star | almost 3 years ago
    Michele Bachmann's presidential hopes have lately taken a nosedive. The Minnesota congresswoman finished dead last Friday in the Florida Republican straw poll six weeks after leading the field in Iowa's straw poll. And even when Bachmann does score...
  • Candidates Scramble to Pad Coffers

      KSAZ | almost 3 years ago
    The Republican 2012 candidates are racing to secure last-minute pledges from big donors and supporters before the third quarter fundraising period comes to a close Friday, as rumors begin to swirl about which candidates will meet or fall short of...
  • Michele Bachmann: Don't 'settle' for a moderate

      Los Angeles Times | almost 3 years ago
    Los Angeles Times Reporting from Cedar Rapids, Iowa Taking a swipe at her rivals for the GOP presidential nomination, Michele Bachmann said Monday that Republicans will take the White House in 2012, so the party should not settle and nominate a...
  • Erickson: Beltway doesn't get Romney's vulnerability

      CNN | almost 3 years ago
    The media, in effect, have become film critic Pauline Kael, who allegedly expressed surprise when Richard Nixon won, because no one she knew had voted for him...Just about every Republican pundit, commentator, and prognosticator that the media rely...
  • Herman Cain insists victory in Florida straw poll wasn't a fluke

      Los Angeles Times | almost 3 years ago
    Still basking from his surprise win in a Florida straw poll, Herman Cain , the businessman turned GOP presidential aspirant, tried on Monday to build on his 15 minutes of fame by insisting he really is an authentic candidate and more than just a...
  • GOP presidential hopefuls dash for cash

      United Press International | almost 3 years ago
    The question observers ask as the third-quarter fundraising deadline nears is who will raise more money: U.S. presidential hopeful Mitt Romney or Rick Perry . Republican insiders say they think both men will clear $10 million by the Friday deadline...
  • Cain calls win in Fla. straw poll genuine, says it was not 'protest vote' ...

      Star Tribune | almost 3 years ago
    Businessman Herman Cain says his victory in the Florida Republican straw poll was authentic and wasn't a statement by voters against Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Cain tells NBC's "Today" show the weekend test balloting was "not a protest vote." Cain says...
  • Romney tops Perry in Michigan straw poll

      The Herald | almost 3 years ago
    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he isn't competing in any straw polls not even the one this weekend on the island where he spent summers as a boy and where pictures of his father adorn the Grand Hotel and George Romney's legacy as...
  • Romney's Michigan roots carry him to victory in straw poll

      Denver Post | almost 3 years ago
    Mitt Romney, returning to his home state over the weekend, won a straw poll of Michigan Republicans at a weekend conference here, picking up more than half the 681 votes cast in the test of political muscle in this early-nominating state. Romney took...
  • Republican candidates seek Trump stamp of approval

      Arizona Republic | almost 3 years ago
    A visit with Donald Trump has become an important campaign stop for Republican presidential candidates. The celebrity real estate mogul opted out of his own bid for the GOP nomination...Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is the latest to pay a...
  • Florida straw vote winner Cain plans Lee County visit

      News Press | almost 3 years ago
    Links Herman Cain, the surprise winner of Floridas straw poll and the new hero to many of the states hard-core Republican conservatives, will be bringing his campaign to Lee County in the near future. Gary Lee, executive chairman of the Lee County...
  • Herman Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll

      Epoch Times | almost 3 years ago
    Sep 25, 2011 In a rather surprising victory, GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain was announced Saturday as the winner of Florida's Presidency 5 straw poll, with 37 percent of the vote, garnering more votes than the next two candidates, Texas Gov.
  • GOP Looks for Winner in Midwest Swing States

      Asian Wall Street Journal | almost 3 years ago
    Mich.Republican Party officials and activists in Midwestern states say a GOP candidate can reverse President Barack Obama's 2008 victories in the region...Mitt Romney, a Michigan native and son of a former Michigan governor, has a home-field...
  • Field opens up as Perry loses lead in race for US presidency

      The independent | almost 3 years ago
    Another straw poll in Michigan yesterday saw Mr Romney win by 51 per cent in his stronghold, to Mr Perry's 17 per cent...The doubts over Mr Perry's campaign accelerated after a dismal performance in the latest television debate, held in Florida last...
  • GOP debates signal a race between Romney and Perry

      USA Today | almost 3 years ago
    After three debates in as many weeks, the Republican race for president has come into clearer focus. The debates between Sept. 8 and Sept. 22 have taught the campaigns and voters four key things, political professionals and analysts say, that will...
  • Santorum sees Cain win as sign of GOP dissatisfaction

      Los Angeles Times | almost 3 years ago
    Reporting from Des Moines, Iowa Rick Santorum said Sunday that the results of a Florida Straw Poll the prior day show that Republicans are deeply dissatisfied with the front-runners in the GOP presidential contest. Businessman Herman Cain won the...
  • Herman Cain victory in Fla. straw poll a sign of voter displeasure with GOP ...

      Moreover Silicon Valley | almost 3 years ago
    Many of the more than 2,600 delegates at the Florida event said their vote for Cain was a way to register their frustration with all the GOP candidates, particularly Perry, who they felt gave a dismal performance at Thursday's debate. But in...
  • Romney using wife's story to connect with voters

      Virginian-Pilot Online | almost 3 years ago
    But the Republican presidential candidate was not alone in cooking attire one recent morning as hundreds of potential supporters lined up for free pancakes. Ann Romney, his wife of 42 years, stood with him, spatula in hand, wearing the same white...
  • Republican presidential debates not addressing serious issues

      Examiner | almost 3 years ago
    These events are supposed to be about quality information, raising the bar and producing a thoughtful, informed electorate. But they are being produced to provide entertainment, and we are barely getting that. Technology didn't take the place of...

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