Find planets with signs of life

Find planets with signs of life

Athens : AL : USA | Sep 14, 2011 at 5:26 PM PDT
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A New Era In Exoplanet Science

The European astronomers announced they had discovered an additional 50 new planets outside the solar system, of which 16 planets are considered "Super Earth" and potentially habitable.

Information on the astronomers announced at the Conference on Solar System has been held in Grand Teton National Park (USA). Accordingly, the Athens literature has used a telescope with high precision HARPS located in Chile to detect the presence of the new planet. In eight years, has gup the HARPS astronomers found a total of more than 150 new planets.

Notably, in this quest is the presence of the "Super Earth" is a term for the larger planets our earth, but not particularly large as Neptune's solar system. In particular it is planet HD 85512 b, with an estimated mass 3.6 times that of Earth, which many scientists predict the presence of water on it, conditions are considered necessary for the presence of life.

"The discovery of the planet HD 85512 b is a testament to the ability to detect super-earth orbits of the planets is similar in the Solar System" - Michel Mayor, a professor at the University of Geneva, Switzerland and the HARPS team leader said.

Officially discovered in August this year, HD 85512 b the planet is orbiting the star HD 85512 in the constellation Vela, the 36-year orbit of light. The temperature on this planet is estimated at about 25 degrees C.

The discovery of HD 85512 b is considered as a new step in the history of astronomy in an effort to search for life outside the earth and looking for new planets outside the solar system.

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Find planets with signs of life
The illustration planet around HD 85512 b HD 85512 stars
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