Robert Weller, a journalist who gives 'til it hurts

Robert Weller, a journalist who gives 'til it hurts

Tacoma : WA : USA | Aug 25, 2011 at 1:03 AM PDT
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Who is Robert Weller?

Robert Weller is a journalist who has spent over 40 years as a professional for mostly the Associated Press but currently he spends his days and nights helping writers beyond their imagination on You see, Robert coaches, directs, and encourages a large number of writers on the site. Robert Weller has spent hours a day, writing, mentoring, giving tips to writers, story ideas, and suggestions.

catspirit Quite frankly, I wouldn't be where I am without the support and the encouragement of Robert. It has and will be a pleasure to learn from his vast experience. When I first started a year ago....some guy would comment on my stories and then I would see them on the landing page.. that some guy started sending me tips, then moving my stories up.. eventually I worked with that some guy.....

Thanks Robert,I owe you more than I can say...

This isn't his lifetime achievement award is it? lololol

Stephanie Ealy Lets give him one now instead of waiting until he is dead.

Veronica Roberts

Seriously,I have always been a fan of paying tribute to someone when they are with us rather than when they're gone like we usually do. Happy to see Steph believes in that too...

I hope RW knows how we all feel---a veritable veteran of the written word and an outspoken, no-holds-bar critic that an outspoken, opinionated novice like me appreciate greatly.

Now where is the champagne Steph? Let's get this tribute started....((:

Robert Weller gives and gives and gives

But there is one big problem with Robert Weller! He does not know how to rest. He does not stop. He does not step away for a day, most of the time. He just keeps driving forward, completely consumed by the latest top headlines. I believe Robert Weller gives 'til it hurts!

BMcPherson It takes a rare talent to coordinate and support such a disparate group of writers.

BorderExplorer I, too, owe a great deal to Robert Weller. I'm sure I would not have persevered on Allvoices but for his encouragement. I hope he takes great satisfaction in knowing that he has had such a positive impact on so many throughout his career.

My take on Robert Weller: is a great place for writers and readers to contribute and get their news. Behind the scenes of this news site is a man who is amazing to me. I call him a magician, because when you open one of his articles to read, you never know what you are going to get. What is he going to pull out of his journalistic, creative, and mysterious hat of tricks, next?

His name is Robert Weller and here is just a short summary of my experience with this journalistic genius.

A while ago on CNN I saw this BREAKING (they kept calling it) news story about Yemen. Since, I didn't see anything on ALLVOICES about it, I slammed out the info in a very short article and went to bed.


I got up late to find emails from Robert Weller that he had edited it, he educated me on how my story was behind and to go here or there to update and find the latest, etc. (I have asked him to tell me when I do things wrong and to edit anytime) The next day as I am doing college homework, I decided to check on the story before I buckled down, and guess what?


Robert updated it again--I don't know how many times this man has updated my stories behind the scenes and given me tips on how to be a better writer and fixed my mistakes, but he is like an editor for ALLVOICES.


He is a professor on how to write breaking news, he is an amazingly generous person, and has instructed me this way or that numerous times. I have heard he hasn't just helped me, but many others the same way.

Veronica Roberts Nice to see selfless support here on Allvoices for sometimes it is the other way around! Hats off to you Stephanie. Robert is my cheerleader and he does a flip and dip and complicated cartwheels extremely well!


One time, he asked me to write a story about "breaking tornado news," knowing very well he could slam it out in a heartbeat, but instead he asked me to do it. He watched my every move virtually. After I posted, he gave me tips, "Make sure you cite your sources, do this, don't do that, good job, etc." I felt like I was in writer's bootcamp.

I told my husband, "Robert didn't need me to write that story, he just wanted to teach me...that whole thing was about him teaching me to write breaking news better."

Cathy Taibbi Wow, what an awesome tribute, Stephanie! I concur, Robert goes above and beyond and deserves kudos from us all. Robert, I also thank you for all your hard work - and I know how grueling it can be on the 'front lines'!

Stephanie Ealy . Cathy, I so enjoyed that night we had together, not the tornado, the writing experience. We were so relieved you got through it okay!!! But your commitment to the story was very inspiring to me. You should have been running for your life, but you wanted to get the word out...true journalist you are. Risking your life for the news!!!


He edited and added to that story. Cathy (Birdpond), another ALLVOICES contributor, who was IN the tornado had interacted with us as well. It was such a rush and an amazing moment in time I will never forget. Why did he spend all that time with me?

J. R. Huetteman What a great tribute. I appreciate the personal sentiments and this report from a first-person view of someone else. Robert Weller has a great sense of humor, is extremely modest, and I figured he had to be an important person for those qualities among all of those that you mentioned. I really like the reports where we get a more personal look into people's lives, especially, here in cyberspace.

Robert Weller is actually a former head of Associated Press - New York desk among other important positions--for all you other name-droppers like me! Robert Weller was the first person here to offer me his help, and I felt for the first-time at a website like I was a part of a real community. I learn so much from everyone here I am constantly amazed at everyone's talents and knowledge, whatever they may be, and their genuine goodness. Most of all, I like that everyone "keeps it real."


The amount of time he has spent on helping me and others is priceless, just priceless. I feel like I have taken a journalism class, but better because these stories really do get published and people around the world read them.

Brigid Jean Primrose Robert has helped me from day one and looking back at my first articles I realize how raw they were and how lucky I was that people gave their time to read them. Somehow across all the miles and hours Robert seems to stay on top of everything.

Robert, heartfelt thanks for all the help,encouragement and editing you have done for me.

dhreff Stephanie, yes I agree with you and the rest of the sincere notion "Robert Weller is a great man and writer". During my early days at Allvoices, he had commented to some of my reports and articles and such gestures from him I took each as encouragement, morale boost to keep writing.


This man spent years as a professional journalist for major outlets. Now he spends his days on ALLVOICES teaching, mentoring, and getting down in the foxholes with us when some of the comments are just downright cruel.

Brigid Jean Primrose Every day there are many of us who look forward to news from Robert. He is like my morning first cup of coffee, he brings great joy and friendship into my life.

Thanks Robert.

saleh1966 Thanks Stephanie for sharing. Robert Weller is a decent, kind and respectable man.I am proud to know you guys.


Weller defends writers in the comment area, under our own articles, when others can be less than kind. He has taken quite a few hits for us -- I've seen the commenter turn away from the writer and start shooting at him. Sometimes, it is a war zone being a writer. But it feels safer when Robert Weller steps in and becomes a buffer.

MichelleDevlin I have the utmost respect for Robert Weller - he is sincerely dedicated to helping writers, and to improving the site overall. The group of monitors are also constantly looking for good writers to enhance, and often they will boost a new good writer they have noticed, and try to promote those stories. It isn't easy when everyone is scattered all over the world! Nice tribute, rated up!

Weller supports so many writers. He encourages, he pours his knowledge into others, and he defends.

Yoko Otake How much I owe Robert Weller! He encourages me to report, especially on earthquakes since NZ ones and make necessary corrections on my articles (not only spelling and grammar) assisting me as a volunteer tutor for journalism. I worked around Press people in the Winter Olympic Games of Sapporo 1972 ( AP, UPI, ZDF-TV, Asahi, Kyodo etc.)and Newsweek International in Tokyo 74-79 during the Saigon falling and Watergate scandal. At that time Washington Post's Catherine Graham owned Newsweek.

However, I've never been a journalist, but only a staff at the committee and/or marketing promotion dept. For the first time in my life, Robert-san(I need to put san to show my respect to him) made my dream come true to be a citizen photo-journalist. (Photograph will cover my insufficient English explanations!) ありがとうございます。感謝。

Why does he help so many people?

Why does he do so much for others to make them better writers?

I hope he gets appreciated.

He should get a medal of honor.

I hope he gets a purple heart!

Written by: A Student of Professor Robert Weller and a contributor for

Who is Robert Weller?

Robert Weller, a history major and a history lover, has been a journalist for nearly 40 years, mostly for The Associated Press. He has covered wars, coups, earthquakes, the Alaska pipeline, massacres (domestic and foreign), as well as opera, theater, and movies. He was the head of the AP New York desk the day Saigon fell.

Surya Gaire I feel so good that we are around professionals, thanks for sharing about the great journalist.

Weller is based in Denver with his South African-born wife and two faux jumeaux (that's French for boy-girl twins). He loves classical, Brazilian and other music, as well as skiing. A graduate of William Jewell College in Liberty, Mo., his father was an Army-Air Force lifer.

What have others said about Robert Weller?


This is really great! You have covered everything there is to say. I affectionally dub him RW the nostalgic one. He is the consumate officer and a gentleman. Robert has protected me from the ones who have sometimes act with much malice when they are online,rating down stories unnecessaily and disparaging others . He has saved me from abuse with comments on my page letting others no they are here to uplift and not destroy.

When he comments on my story I feel I have done a great job.

Lest we also forget - he has a fantastic sense of humor and to love him even more he bears the name Robert which is the name of my favourite man,not honey but my terrific 19 year old son.

So kudos to you on this post Ms Steph.

To RW, thanks for all that you are and for all that you bring to help us continue to do what we love, being free to express. Keep up the good work. Love and blessings to you and your family always.

MichelleDevlin Robert is a straightshooter and as honest as they come - his integrity, passion, and commitment to journalism and to the writers on this site is truly inspiring! I have learned so much from Robert and continue to do so daily. Any writer who needs support and guidance should feel free to ask Robert and he will give you all the help you need and then some! He is an original true-blue authentic die-hard, balls-to-the wall writer, editor and reporter and he is my hero!

StarReporter Yeah you are Correct he is an amazing Writer and teacher as well.

Vicky247 Excellent venture on Robert

Stephanie Sklar Arrowed up, retweeted, and liked on Facebook. A really excellent article.

Adrian Holman If Mr. Weller can work with a jerk like me, then he can help anyone have a successful blog on this site.

dunite thanks for that wonderful tribute for a well-respected man Stephanie i'm an avid fan of RobertWeller too and has been following his posts whenever i can. i hope he gives me tips in writing too :))i'm putting a couple of ice cubes in my iced tea drink and raising it to say 'CHEERS' to you, to Robert and to all of the awe-inspiring writers of Allvoices!!!

nikmahadi Robert Weller for me is just not a name, he is the man, who will not be easily forgotten, event his bodies go six feet underground, he is personally for me is jest a legend, his name will never dies in the allvoices and the other side of the world, world of journalism...Thank you for your advice not long ago!

Vicky247No doubt he is the best ever and you have shown it now, while his profile is shouting it every where on earth that he is the best, a legend alive.

madn3wz nice way to pay your tribute to anyone you idealize, you love and you follow.

unfortunately, being a relatively new member on allvoices, i couldn't get any chance to interact directly with this great guy but i use to read his reports and won't hesitate to say you have portrayed him exactly what he is.

wish him very best and love to have some guidelines from this great guy and thank you for sharing this article about Robert Weller.

Stephanie Ealy Thanks Madn3wz, I have seen your great news! You need help? I think you are a fantastic writer and see many of your articles on top but I'm sure Robert Weller will be glad to help you out--just send him a private note.

Robert Weller i am here. don't hestiate to contact.

StarReporter Yeah you are Correct he is an amazing Writer and teacher as well.

Darlena Bonds Yes, Robert helps in many ways. He's commented on some of my stories and his comment helped me to see what I should or should not have done. Thanks Robert for caring, and thank you Stephanie for sharing your views on such a wonderful man. Hats off to Robert!

safdarjaved Great outstanding awesome wonderful tribute to this ordinary man with extraordinary talent. I am going to have to find him because I am surely in need of his care. Big rate up and if I could do it twice I would.

kingston23 Robert Weller is the king of allvoices and great journalist

vauldine Great news about Robert. I must confess that even though he is my fan I am yet to receive his courtesies as a contibutor on allvoices. I am not sure he has ever commented on any of my news. However, I join in congratulating him on his kind support to writers on Allvoices.Some writers are doing well here while others are smelling hell too!

Punditty Robert Weller is the closest thing to a president-in-waiting this country has had since Bobby Kennedy.

Robert Weller makes Mohandas Gandhi look like Genghis Khan.

Robert Weller once went 5-for-5 with two home runs and five RBIs off Mets ace Tom Seaver, propelling his Pittsburgh Pirates to the NL East championship and an eventual World Series title.

Seriously, though, I do agree that Robert Weller is a major asset to Allvoices and "knows his stuff," as the saying goes. What is funny to me, though, as someone who worked for 15-plus years in professional journalism, is that a love-fest like this one would definitely turn sarcastic in a matter of minutes were it taking place in an actual newsroom environment. But don't take my word for it - ask Weller! I'm sure he recalls the "wry humor" from newsrooms of yesteryear, and I would venture to say he probably appreciates a little sarcasm here and there as much as the next long-time media professional does.

Keep up the good work, RW! And no, that does not stand for "rewrite" - at least not in this case.

BorderExplorer Good point, Punditty--many of us are journalistic "greenhorns" here on Allvoices. But, for as highly as I regard Robert Weller, I'll be danged if Steph--a citizen journalist--did not do him justice here. Better than "nice job" on this one, Steph! Thank you for this and--thank you, Robert!

dunite thanks for including my comment in your article about my 'idol Robert' Stephanie :-) made me feel important too ^^^!


A great place to write and learn:

I love writing from my heart and soul on ALLVOICES, this article came from my sincere heart and appreciation for Robert Weller.

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Robert Weller
Robert Weller, a hero to writers from around the world!
Stephanie Ealy is based in Tacoma, Washington, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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