Texas Governor Rick Perry Says Evolution is Just a Theory -- What's That?

Texas Governor Rick Perry Says Evolution is Just a Theory -- What's That?

San Francisco : CA : USA | Aug 24, 2011 at 3:40 AM PDT
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Swaggering, shoot 'em up & knock 'em down cow-poke, bad-boy, lone-star-state Republican Governor Tex Rick Perry, whispered to be a mystery-sourced recently become millionaire, & Confederacy-Christian Tea-Party Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann reject the reality of biological evolution by the forces of nature over the biblical story of deity utterances and gestures in accounting for human origins or etiology.

They also reject the science that human industrial pollution is a major causal factor in global warming (predominately the warming of the oceans & seas, as well as the hydrosphere in general, that, along with air-pressure dynamics, normally driving weather, are herein exceptionally heated by heat-trapping hydrocarbon greenhouse gases in the upper atmosphere, reflecting down the heat, absorbed by the oceans, seas & hydrosphere spawning extreme weather events) & climate change (previously uncommon or unknown extreme weather events, volatility & frequency now common or known, as well as new regional weather patterns).

On What a Theory Is & Why the Biblical Account of Creation Is Not a Theory


Scientists are the lawyers of nature.

The court of nature

Is history and time.

Fact and circumstance

Are its legislation.

Truth is its law.

Copyright Lord Prophet of Powertix

A Scientific Theory Defined

A scientific theory is an evidence-reasoned, objective, as opposed to subjective, explanatory inference (or family of inferences) of cause and effect, process and outcome, or source (or composition) and state of affairs, based on or derived from an authentic and honorable, unbiased body or system of facts (or unbiased research findings from relevant generally randomly sampled, cross-sectional or comprehensive scientific investigation referred to as "the database," inclusive of the specimen pool of study, where practically possible, and/or the pertinent characteristics and behavioral data on the pool from which the research findings come) on a subject matter, normally of nature, that is the product of research. There are unconfirmed scientific theories; conclusive, or confirmed, scientific theories (which by their nature of being test-confirmed explanations have application for making dependable extrapolations and predictions concerning the subject matter or phenomena of study, and possibly related subject matter or phenomena); and debunked, or discredited, scientific theories. An unconfirmed scientific theory is an hypothesis, or scientific guess based on preliminary observations, that is a research project in progress with substantial findings or an overwhelmingly substantial finding supporting a tentative inference of fact as to a cause and effect relationship. It differs from a mere scientific hypothesis in that its data and evidence-based reasoning are highly developed and disciplined, whereas a simple hypothesis is the starting point for a scientific theory and is a deduction or induction based on casual observation and analysis, in need of further, thorough research for a determination or adjudication of fact or not. A debunked or discredited scientific theory is one that has been proven wrong by irreconcilable critically relevant research findings or failed the test for its affirmation (confirmation). Evolution is a conclusive or proven scientific theory, as confirmed by the worldwide anatomical, taxonomy, fossil-record and DNA studies and analysis of plants and animals, as well as by biological field studies and experiments. The process of evolution, effected by environmental and reproductive forces, for giving rise to species, species divergence, morphology and sometimes extinction, is definitive or established fact. If a thesis, declaration or account is not a scientifically testable hypothesis, it cannot be and is not a scientific theory. Science retains the use of the term theory or confirmed theory or confirmed scientific theory for a theory that has become established fact because science does not want to use the term scientific doctrine, which connotes blind dogmatic belief, allegiance and conformity associated with religion and cults, which it rejects, as even peer-reviewed established fact is open to eternal evidence-based scientific critique, debate, challenge and refinement or improvement. Peer review includes studies or research by one's technically competent peers in replication of a scientific project's or theory's procedure for replication and confirmation of its results. If peer reviewed studies uphold the hypothesis or theory of the original test research (often an experiment or experiments and not), it is judged to be confirmed; if it they refute the hypothesis or theory of the original test research, it is judged to be disconfirmed. A confirmed correlational hypothesis (such as one tendering that A tends to be associated with or accompanied by the presence of B to a stable, higher-than-chance degree, independent of a direct cause and effect relationship between the two, based on casual and later systematic in-depth investigation) and study, normally referred to as a correlational study, would most likely not rise to the status of a confirmed scientific theory, although an evidenced-based explanation for the basis or cause of the relationship or significant correlation ultimately might. There are straightforward factual-outcome hypotheses, too, that are narrowly explanatory and not regarded as theoretical. In any case, the fundamentals of an hypothesis or scientific theory are that it be evidence-reasoned (empirical logic), testable, tested and proved or disproved -- its tenability is "proof" dependent.

A proposed explanation on a matter of science that is not based on empirical and mathematical evidence would be a philosophical proposition, in the common dictionary definition of the word proposition, or simply "an idea," which, with empirical evidence, could progress to becoming an hypothesis or scientific theory. Some hypotheses and theories begin as a philosophical proposition, or an idea, whose credence would be based largely on reasoning, logic, cited studies and data, and argument.

Not All Science Is Directly Hypothesis or Theory

(A scientific theory must not be confused as constituting the enterprise or endeavor of science itself, which in large part is to inquire into, examine, study, discover, determine truth, learn all about, understand, inventory, decode, quantify in all manner, and explain and describe nature and phenomena and their structures, functions, relationships and workings as well as to discern and formally establish fact and distinguish fact from fiction, fact from illusion and delusion, fact from myth, fact from fantasy and nonsense, and fact from falsehood and fraud, employing the scientific method and the procedures of scientific inquiry and investigation. From a practical or utilitarian standpoint, the job or mission of science may be defined as to explore (inclusive of probe and research), to know and to understand and to apply knowledge and understanding to problem solve, predict, control, innovate, invent and engineer. While the job or mission of science most succinctly may be defined as the acquisition and application of knowledge, I personally insist, in this regard, that it is the acquisition and application of knowledge and understanding -- to me understanding is a special, more complex and advanced relational form of knowledge than the knowledge of bare facts and natural laws.

Make no mistake in imagining that science is purely benign. Science and scientific knowledge can be the indeed Godly-in-power forbidden fruit of the knowledge of [for] good and evil, depending on whether its practitioners and possessors are moral and morally observant or not. Without a doubt, great malevolent intelligence or amoral great intelligence in possession of science or scientific malevolent knowledge, technology and knowhow can in the very short term dwarf all of the forbidding horrors, of all time of humankind, of malevolent politics and religion without high science. Such has and has already had respectively the ultimate potential and realization, on a restrained scale so far, with phony propaganda excuses and justification, for horror [like the atomic bombs detonated on the civilians of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki near the end of WWII, when demonstrations of the atomic bomb, if necessary, could have been conducted on Japanese military bases or an imperial palace with a prior warning to Japanese government authorities, broadcast or communicated via diplomatic channels]. Fortunately the World-War-II military-aggressor nascent-scientific fascist regimes of Nazi Germany [contrary to the misinformation that Nazi Germany was an atheist-led and administrated state, the historical record bears out that it was roundedly a gone-rogue multidenominational Christian and Christian-neopagan state and not an atheist or agnostic state], imperial Japan [a Buddhist state, gone rogue] and Italy [Catholic, gone rogue], undertaking variously to become the leading science and technology nations, and to breed eugenic master races from their populations and create super conventional and atomic weapons and acquire international or world empires for themselves, were defeated. In historical truth, and without any personal identification with or political brief for them, atheist-agnostic-led communist Russian and Chinese-Maoist armed forces during World War II initially [and largely for the Maoist armed forces, also militarily engaged against the Chinese Nationalist government of China reluctantly tolerant of and intimidated by the invader military of imperial Japan] were respondent, anti-imperial-aggressor armed forces. It is no secret that the eugenic-society idea, conceived of by Sir Francis Galton of Britain in the 1860s, was developed and first programmatically put into practice in the U.S. in the 1920s with a federal policy of restricting from immigration into the U.S. certain pseudo-scientifically ethnically slandered populations and with state policies within the U.S. of forced sterilization of socially and biologically undesireable persons [undemocratic policies with the then potential of genocide by sterilization -- i.e., of Native Americans, black Americans, underclass, problematical and ethnically slandered white Americans, Hispanics], as viewed by government authorities in consultation with the human sciences community, to keep these reproductively out of the U.S. gene pool in order to presumably improve the future U.S. gene pool and the future U.S. and state human product, an idea that gained foreign popularity from U.S. eugenic thought and whose practices were adopted by fascist, democratic, democratic-socialist and communist societies throughout the industrialized world in the years preceding WWII but phased out over several decades following WWII. Also, during WWII various scientifically advanced nations conducted medical experiments on their disenfranchised citizens as well as on foreign populations and on prisoners of war. Since the end of WWII, various nations have conducted secret and involuntary medical experiments [sometimes involving STDs, electroshock treatment and psychosurgery], and biological, chemical and radiological warfare experiments, and such psychoactive drug and mind-control experiments, on its unwitting and underage citizens and foreign citizens, as well as, as applicable, on farm and herd animals, apart from once nearly routine nuclear-arms tests. Career employee and contractor malevolent and amoral scientists and engineers are contentedly and enthusiastically dreaming up, innovating and working on heinous military and lucrative commercial technology everyday of the workweek and defensively arguing against critics of such technology and the reality of the adverse effects of such technology [like land mines, depleted uranium munitions and white phosphorous bombs; hydraulic fracking for natural gas; drill-baby-drill, pollute-spill-and-kill exhaustive oil exploration, extraction and infrastructure; continued and expanded industrial and automotive dependence on greenhouse-gases emitting fossil fuels, fueling climate change and catastrophic extreme weather events; and nuclear power plants', and their nuclear-fuel-ore mining, transportation and waste, catastrophic hazards and inevitable mishaps], caring little about anything other their expertise, pay, jobs, awards, bonuses, investment returns and growth, fringe benefits, career advancement, titles and social status, value to their employer or contracting payor, retirement, food, mouth and stomach, groin, house, clothes, vehicles, computers, gadgets, collections, amenities, family, dining, entertainment, travels and friends [that is, themselves and their self-centered social microcosm].

Incidentally, the intriguing trope of the forbidden knowledge of good and evil in the Genesis-3 chapter of the Old Testament Bible appears to reflect, in an allegory, the narrator’s personal recognition of the probably ages-old insight that the achievements of comparatively advanced civilizations owe to knowledge, knowledge-based skills, know-how [strategic and mechanical intuition, ingenuity, and creativity] and technology [the product of knowledge -- in the form of insight, serendipity, trial and error, experimentation and knowledge by instruction and example -- and imagination], knowledge transmitted from generation to generation via teaching and learning [apprenticeship, mentoring, and other formal and informal education], and technology reproducible also by education but upgraded by individual and concerted imagination and experimentation, with both capable of being used for good or evil: e.g., knowledge of making fire, used to cook, make bread, ward off dangerous animals as well as to raid other villages, burn their huts, torture and maliciously kill and carelessly destroy habitat; the learned knowledge-based skills of pigment extraction from plants, animals and stones, and drawing for body painting and making artwork, used for innovating design, counting, writing and reading, chronicling and record keeping, math, etc., which themselves could be further used to design and construct or make near precision tools, huts and houses, boats, lofty architecture, fine art, engineering projects, etc., and mass-destruction war weaponry. The narrator of Genesis — among many others in his, Moses's time (no record of him, the enslavement of the Hebrews, the miraculous ten plagues and parting of the Red Sea in ancient Egyptian history as reported in Exodus chapter of the Bible, Exodus 7...), before and continuously since who observed the same — was sure to observe that this knowledge grew and its resultant technology proliferated in all kinds and improved in quality or was supplanted endlessly [mutated and proactively evolved], conferring its possessors or commissioners and controllers with increasingly godly achievements and power [control] relative to the other animals, primitive human societies and lesser achieved civilizations. It is a common musing of technology aficionados, authors and scientists that if our species survives its character flaws, conflicts and destructiveness and continues to evolve technologically, benignly to our planet and relative to one another, that our species can eventually become a godly species in lifespan and technological powers, perhaps like survivor, much-older, more-intelligent extraterrestrial technological species. The fruit of the tree of life in the Genesis story, of which Adam and Eve were deprived from eating by their expulsion from Eden, in minimal paraphrase, “so they would not eat of it and live forever and become as one of Us [an omniscient, omnipotent, immortal God],” Genesis 3:22, after having eaten of the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of [for] good and evil, Genesis, 3:1-13, is implied to be a riddle for the fruit of immortality from its tree of eternal life, since Adam and Eve were already alive, with the narrator recognizing that the capacity for knowledge — symbolically attained by humankind by consumption of the fruit of knowledge by humankind’s first ancestors Eve and Adam — and the continuous, timeless acquisition of knowledge by an immortal, knowledge-driven species, or being, would eventually make that species, or being, a true god or the peer of an omnipotent God. Conceptually, such a conclusion would be correct. We can liken in our minds such an evolving or evolved god to a once-mortal, knowledge-driven and -acquiring, smart creature turned an immortal, omega-exponential genius or immortal supreme, unlimited genius peer of God, or immortal, omniscient omnipotence — sounds like great, sumptuous religio-science fiction. What if such immortal cognitively-unlimited geniuses relished their former mortal-state vices and retained and indulged them in infinite variety?)

Why the Biblical Account of Creation Is Not a Scientific Theory, Let Alone Any Theory (Not for the religiously faint of heart or insecure)

By contrast, the biblical account of creation is not based on an hypothesis at all and is not a scientific theory based on or supported by etiological research in the very least. Not even being surmise or conjecture open to evaluation or questioning as to its reasonableness and veracity, it is all baseless, the-narrator-says or said-so, dogmatic declaration. From a reality, natural processes and behavior point of view, it is utter nonsense (or irrationality, if it is meant to be believed) and simply a fictional literature depiction of the creation of the universe, Earth, nature on Earth and man and woman -- the heavens and Earth having been created in six days by the utterance of the words “Let there be... (as though God were summoning newly into existence something that already existed), periodically followed by the words “And God saw the... and/that it was good (as though God did not know what He was creating until after it was created and he saw it),” and utterance of the words “Let..., And God made...,” the making of the first man Adam from dust or clay and his wife Eve from one of his ribs, a talking serpent in Eden having duped Eve into eating of a forbidden fruit and she having lured Adam into also eating from the forbidden fruit, resulting in the indelible, heritable stain of original sin upon all of humankind for disobedience on the part of humankind’s original mother and father (two parents) as purported by biblical scripture, in descendent humankind's sense of guilt and shame, and in Adam's and Eve's punishment with expulsion from Eden (Paradise) and their mortality and forever-after worldly suffering (immaturely attempting to explain in theological terms as divinely deserved and earned the otherwise seemingly unGodly and undeserved cruelty, suffering, wrong, unfairness, disaster and tragedy — including sickness, grievous biological imperfection or defect, injury and death — present in the world and indiscriminately even befalling the gentle, saintly and innocent). In this scenario, much of human justice, and maybe sometimes even tiger justice, is more enlightened than and superior to that of the God in the Bible’s Genesis story. Incidentally, from a biologically regard, the biblically-implied incest and inbreeding progeny of the one man and woman Adam-and-Eve ancestry of humankind would have resulted in the continuous biological degradation, reproductive failure and ultimate extinction of their descendants, as would have been the case for virtually all offspring of the animal pairs on-board the biblical Noah's Ark, except for one-celled animals, worms, other hermaphrodite animals and maybe some mass-egg-brood-sibling animals and some insect species.

What is touted to be divinely inspired or dictated and supernatural scriptural "truth" fails the "substantiation" condition and test for all truth: external empirical, mathematical or rigorous logical proof, for which testimonials and attestations do not qualify unless they themselves can be objectively and broadly substantiated, durably. In terms of truth testing and determination, to repeat emphatically, testimonials and attestations per se are neither proof nor evidence of anything unless they can be substantiated with certainty. So declarations such I, he or she was told or revealed whatever by Rumpa the spirit of an ancient warrior, by an ET alien in an interstellar spacecraft from a different planetary system, by a white salamander, by an angel in a cave, or I, he or she wrote whatever as it was given to me by God, in the form of a burning bush, or revealed to me by divine inspiration must be responded to with the request and question, "Where is the proof of the substance of these declarations other than the claimant's, acolytes' or believers' delusional (childish immaturity or mental illness, such phantom ideation or hallucinations), hoax (for power and social and political influence, or these and a strategy for a money stream and/or supply of followers, tithers, activists or combatants) or gullibility or cultural assertion?" Since direct or explicit, tangible and demonstrated substantiation of such declarations does not exist, they cannot be verified independently of blind belief and trust in their thereby truth-irrelevant makers and attestors. Therefore, the claim of "spiritual truth" is a fallacy and misnomer. By legal analogy, these declarations are not able to comply with the reality-test Writ of Habeas Corpus.

A sequel of this divine bad-justice scenario in the New Testament entails the most bizarre and befuddling sadistic and blood-sacrifice necessity of the humiliation, torment, torture and death of the “Son of God,” also identified as the “son of David” and “son of man,” allegedly immaculately conceived by and born of an 11- to 14-year-old virgin-girl mother (a latter-day tangent on Macedonian Greek Emperor Alexander the Great’s centuries-earlier claim of divine paternity) marrying an elderly widower, the carpenter Joseph, circa 90 years old (who lived to age 111), during the 9th-month of her most-probably very noticeable immaculate-conception pregnancy, to atone for descendant humankind’s collective guilt for Adam’s and Eve’s original sin of disobedience in the beginning in the garden of Eden and redeem descendant humankind from the stain and collective guilt of this original sin of disobedience by these two individuals. Of all of the females of Israel at the time, was this He-God -- with the requisite x and y chromosomes, penis, testicles, sperm and a male level of testosterone -- only able to find an innocent virgin girl no older than possibly age 11 (if her pregnancy occurred within the first three months of the birthday-year cycle, otherwise she may have been age 10 at the time of the onset of her pregnancy) but not more than 14 to bear his son (again providing her pregnancy occurred within the first three months of the birthday-year cycle, otherwise she may have been age 13, at most, at the time of the onset of her pregnancy)? For the full commentary, click on http://powerticspowerpolitics.blog.com/2011/08/24/texas-governor-rick-perry-says-evolution-is-just-a-theory-whats-that/

Was this almighty, merciful and moral God unable to spare, or insensitive to sparing, that pre-pubescent to pubescent girl the embarrassment of being an unmarried child with a pregnancy swollen belly, until the last month of her pregnancy, making her a socially scandalous spectacle for raging gossip and public rebuke? Despite the heroic and noble character and highly consistent moral integrity of Jesus, his “I am the son of him, him and him,” suggests to some scholars of human nature, as well as may have suggested to some rumoring others in his environments in his lifetime, that intelligent Jesus may have had troubling doubts and anxiety as to his reputed divine paternity, and that such expressions may have been symptoms of a morally doubtful, or unkosher, paternity complex on the part of Jesus. He is also recounted as at times having publicly addressed his mother Mary with the emotionally distant and esteem-lacking, for one’s mother, appellation “woman.” Non-fundamentalist Christian denominations -- those not taking all of the words or accounts of the bible literally -- regard the ostensibly far-out or farfetched biblical chapter of Genesis of the creation story as an allegory. It's a disobedience scare story and lesson. The bibles are scare-mongering heavy from Genesis of the Old Testament through always-pending, terrifying end-times Revelations of the New Testament, the last book of the bibles (the Vatican Bible and its various translations, the Eastern Orthodox Bible of Greece and Russia, the Coptic Bible of Egypt and Ethiopia). However, there are divine-fire-and-brimstone-fearing adults who will believe steadfastly anything their articulate, doctrinaire and power-attired or mystically costumed authority-figure thought-leaders tell them.

Non-fundamentalist, interpretative Christian denominations have long realized that the biblical divine-magician account of creation does not comport with natural processes, grossly defies everyday common sense and universal ordinary shared experience as well as especially rational uncommon sense, and is on the face of it, when taken literally, a childishly incredible story. The miraculous biblical stories have no more reality to them than their counterpart stories in Hindu and Greek mythologies, in which nobody but young children -- and the insane -- believe and grow out of believing, without censure, like children naturally grow out of believing in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny and superman in Western nations, without censure. Just as there are Hindu and Greek mythologies, biblical scripture is Jewish mythology, but also historical conflation and hyperbole, poetry, aphorisms, platitudes, exhortations, prohibitions, conduct and moral code, prescriptions of punishment, and male and ethnocentric-theocentric chauvinism. Christianity, an offshoot of Judaism (where Jesus, a rabbi, and his apostles were Jews), is the new-testament branch of Judaism -- based on the altruistic and magnanimous biographical life and teachings of Jesus -- expropriated and politically and financially exploited by outsiders of all kinds and mutated into innumerable denominational point-of-view brands of Christianity, often bigoted and contrary to the life example and teachings of Jesus reported in the New Testament Christian Bibles in their (the rogue denomination of Christianity) promoting and justifying, on the basis of spiritual superstition and dogmatism, theocentricism and religious sectarian feuds, wars (including crusades) and pogroms, as well as scholar, scientist, dissident, homosexual, heretic, alleged-witch and racial discrimination, persecution, execution, subjugation, massacre and genocide and wholesale racially based slavery and apartheid or segregation. The name of Jesus is very often obscured by the brand, rallying name "Christian" and the message and spirit of Jesus are often perverted in the name of or left out of Christianity, by takeover religious bullies and bigots. Jesus would say to such people “Thou art not of my kingdom! Go to hell!, whatever your color!, the abode of thy brethern of self-righteous, bigoted, cruel, self-centered, chauvinist and hypocritical devils and thy lord evil, unto and amongst whom there iseth no honor!” Jews for Jesus as well as atheists and agnostics fond of Jesus, or the legend of Jesus, make better adherents of Jesus than many of those who call themselves Christians, who use their prayers as voodoo in invocation of or in supplication for magical benefits, help, cure, privilege or special treatment from their lucky-charm God.

Pro-Slavery Tea-Party Republican Congresswoman & Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann

Tea-Party Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who takes pride in calling herself a conservative, endorses the Confederacy-Christian glossy viewpoint that black Americans were or would be better off under slavery, of course not taking into consideration what black American scholars, intellectuals and common folks think or have to say about this, and not caring. Slavery was good for the material and unbridled sexual indulgence, of every sordid kind, of slave masters and company, pay and responsibility free and criminally unaccountable, with slave mates and children bought and sold by masters without regard to their relationships with and to one another and most often slaves lived in squalor and worked under harsh and hazardous injury, maiming and death inflicting conditions (including young children), without recourse other than rebellion, insurrection or flight. She should convey her sympathies on this matter to her political party colleagues black American Republican notables General Colin Powell, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former Congressman J.C. Watts, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, millionaire presidential-candidate Herman Cain, federal Judge Janice Rogers Brown, author and former diplomat Alan Keyes and former California U.C. Regent and Proposition 209 champion Ward Connerly, who looks typically black American but regards himself as 1/4 black American or Negro and half white (almost all black Americans are indirectly or directly racially mixed, in small to large part). Given her proud conservative identity, is she also in favor of herself and most other women returning home to the old-time traditional-family-values life of being an ignorant, subservient housewife, barefoot and pregnant, shuffling, if not hustling, in the main between the kitchen and bedroom?, pursuant to Genesis 3:16 "Unto the woman He said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee." Hey, wait a minute!, this biblical passage does not fit feminist mentality, lesbians and bisexual women, nor sexually unfaithful nor departed divorcee wives. Maybe they must be coerced into conforming to this passage to make the bible true to life or reality, or otherwise dealt with to make it true, even if husbands or ex-husbands of some of these women are or were philanderers, alcoholics, drug addicts, income-and-asset squandering gamblers, speculative high-risk investors and irresponsible spenders, unrestrained family indebtors, spouse beaters and disrespecters, child abusers, reckless imbeciles, arrogant and oppressive male chauvinists, general macho thugs, lifestyle and mortal criminals, psychopaths, sociopaths, ideological or religious fanatics, maniacs and the like, as some wives or former wives may be themselves, as applicable. Finally, as a question of fairness on Congresswoman Bachmann's and Confederacy Christianity's pro-slavery viewpoint as relates to black Americans, one must ask: Do she and Confederacy Christianity also believe that the white underclass, white single-parent households, inclusive of children, white divorced and unmarried single parents without child custody and white childless singles of every class, and so forth, would be better off in mythological utopian plantation slavery? Try taking that belief to white society!

Early 20th-Century author Sinclair Lewis has long been cited, as he viewed the virulent sweep of militaristic fascism in Europe and Asia in the 1930s and first half of the 1940s, to have, arguably, originated the saying "When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross." The leading European fascist nations of Germany, Italy and Spain then were models for both criteria, and, without prejudice toward Catholicism, coincidentally their respective leaders Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Francisco Franco were all unexcommunicated Catholics (with Catholicism being the foundational denomination of Christianity). Both GOP Texas Governor and Tea-Party courter Rick Perry and GOP Tea-Party Congresswoman Michele Bachmann publicly present themselves as deregulation-for-business, forget-the-environment, anti-tax, big-money, drill-baby-drill big-oil, anti-social-safety-net billboard see-me, hear-me, I'm-so-holy fundamentalist Christians.

Governor Rick Perry Continues His Denial of Global-Warming & Climate-Change Antics in the First GOP Presidential Candidates Debate

At the first debate of GOP presidential candidates for the 2012 presidential election on the evening of 09-07-2011, when candidate Governor Rick Perry was confronted with the research finding that there is 98% consensus among climate scientists worldwide that confirmed global warming and climate change are in large part human caused (contradicting his previous public contention in the media that the claim of major human cause in, or human cause of, these was in dispute among the climate scientists and that they were defecting from such a claim daily), he wrongly, and possibly falsely as a debate tactic to escape looking bad (save face) in the debate and publicly, before the broadcast media, retorted that Galileo (referring to Galileo Galilei, 1564–1642, the Italian astronomer, physicist, mathematician and philosopher who confirmed prior Polish astronomer and polymath Nicolas Copernicus’s heliocentric theory that the spherical Earth revolved around the sun, dangerously contradicting the long-held geocentric church doctrine that the sun revolved around the flat Earth) was “out voted in his time” with regard to his telescopic finding, whereas in fact he was placed under lifetime house arrest, public isolation and censorship by church authority in his time for his announced finding but was spared burning at the stake for heresy, where such burning was common during the reign of terror in the then Western-World imperial Catholic Church’s era of the Inquisition. However, astronomers loyal to and raised and educated in the prevailing church geocentric doctrine of the time that the sun revolved around the four-corners flat Earth, who in fear of risking the security of their lives and careers also may have been intellectually compromised by the imperial church's reign of terror against persons expressing views and assertions in conflict with biblical scripture and church doctrine, disputed Galileo's empirical finding confirming Copernicus's heliocentric theory tendering the reverse relationship between the sun and Earth.

Human Genesis by The Forces of Nature v.s. Deity Utterances & Gestures

To reiterate in more detail, both Governor Perry and Congresswoman Bachmann reject the reality of biological evolution by natural forces, established as fact by a variety of factual scientific research, in favor of the biblical story of deity utterances and gestures, devoid of any evidence and as merely narrated, in accounting for human origins or etiology. Artificially using the Darwinian model of natural selection by environment and reproduction for illustrating superficially and with simplicity the process of evolution, poor, fair-complexioned male and female Europeans from Iceland en masse could hypothetically be transplanted to tropical, hot Africa or India to labor, minimally or lightly clothed (like historically nearly-nude rural African, native-South-American, Polynesian, aboriginal Australian, Tazmanian and Papua-New-Guinean as well as some South-Asian tribal peoples), inescapably and permanently, outdoors and reside largely in the open air, where those whose bodies would or could not produce skin-darkening and -protecting melanin would tend to sun burn and over time incur skin cancer, etc., as well as look unhealthy and unattractive, with their chronically painful, grotesquely and chronically sun-damaged skin, to those whose bodies produced melanin as well as to those whose bodies did not. They would tend to be forced to accept opposite-sex mates with the same melanin production deficiency and adverse skin conditions as themselves and tend reproductively to genetically pass (to grammatical sticklers, sometimes a split infinitive is appropriate) on the same trait to their offspring, to the environmental incompatibility and functional vulnerability and detriment of their offspring. However, those whose bodies could produce melanin and whose skin could tan, would tend to be better suited and effective in doing outdoor, open-air labor in hot, tropical Africa or India and better protected from skin cancer and other sun- and heat-related skin disorders, and in securing on an aesthetic basis opposite-sex mates with healthy and comparatively attractive, tanning-enabled skin and would tend reproductively to genetically pass on their melanin-production and tanning-capability trait to their offspring, to the competitive advantage of their offspring. These two distinct skin-types of an otherwise same European people would tend to diverge phenotypically in their new environment over generations, with the non-tanning type tending to be more sickly, less labor productive and with a much higher earlier-in-life mortality rate, and with the tanning type tending to be less sickly, more labor productive and with a much lower earlier-in-life mortality rate. The latter would also likely tend to increase their capacity for skin darkening over generations and at some point they would be indistinguishable in skin color from dark-skinned Africans and Indians who labor outdoors in the open air. Natural forces, perhaps in part human manipulated or influenced, would be responsible for this morphology and not a deity. If the two types were to stop interbreeding, given enough time, the non-tanning type might go extinct, maybe becoming a kind of new Neanderthal homo sapiens: a critically less functional (or biologically maladaptive and dysfunctional) and less competitive human in an incompatible environment. The complexion, skin texture and health of neither type would be the result of a generational curse imposed by a deity due to biblical Ham's misconduct. Similarly, rainbows, and weather, climate and geophysical events are not expressions of an almighty mute, intangible and invisible God's moods, caprices, judgments and collective, randomly distributed rewards and punishments for the approved or disapproved conduct of a human or some humans -- as interpreted by claimed confidantes of, spokespersons, and fundraisers and revenue collectors, too, for a God that cannot unambiguously directly and publicly physically manifest and speak for "Himself" and He Himself shower these with gold and silver (light weight, maybe foil thin, so it won't injure them), like the biblical manna. Rather, they are the result of knowable and known forces of nature or disturbances of or quirks in the normal workings of nature.

LordProphetOfPowertix is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America, and is an Anchor on Allvoices.
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