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Breaking News: Fierce storm batters England, northern France
Posted by: skooter

Cebu :: Philippines | updated 2013-10-31 02:48:52 -0700 | causes-news

Skooter reports 10/28/13 Britain faced travel confusion on Monday and 30,000 homes sustained power failure in northwestern France as a huge storm swept in from the Atlantic Ocean. Falling trees, damage to buildings and disruption to power supplies and transport...
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Breaking News: MilesTones - Obama Dictates "Girly Hats" for Military
Posted by: RevAustinMiles

Washington :: DC :: USA | updated 2013-10-28 15:24:47 -0700 | causes-news

by Rev. Austin Miles WASHINGTON, D.C. Earlier we reported that Nancy Pelosi, determined to ramrod through the 2,014 page Obamacare Bill that nobody had read, famously said, “Look, just pass the bill, THEN you can see what’s in it.” (emphasis...
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Breaking News: Don't become a cultural jerk-wad this Halloween season
Posted by: BaileyVincent

Charlottesville :: VA :: USA | updated 2013-10-31 05:03:03 -0700 | causes-news

Racism. It’s a word that most of us hate, abolish and despisem yet unintentionally propagate in our day-to-day lives. Lately, this word has been getting a lot more publicity, whether from Barney’s supposed in-store racial profiling (the department franchise, not...
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Breaking News: More than 100K in Houston area lose electricity
Posted by: doapmusicpoet

Houston :: TX :: USA | updated 2013-10-27 10:46:19 -0700 | causes-news

(Houston, TX) Storms in the Houston area are the cause of more than 110,000 customers electricity being knocked out today. Uutages started after strong storms moved in to the Houston area. As of 12:15 pm (Central Time), there were still...
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New Delhi :: India | updated 2013-10-27 06:25:22 -0700 | causes-news

It seems a plan to defame nation's democratic set up just before the coming Election season but the God Knows whether the blast is political, communal or PAK SPONSORED ,But who ever may have done is the act of highly...
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Posted by: NickBishop

Blackpool :: United Kingdom | updated 2013-10-29 12:38:52 -0700 | causes-news

As a resident of the UK, England, I often find myself watching various American programmes whether it be news, films, music etc and notice that white and black people are very well represented in the echelons of American society, however,...
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Breaking News: Saudi women get behind wheels to campaign for women's right to drive
Posted by: Avaline

Riyadh :: Saudi Arabia | updated 2013-10-29 09:54:08 -0700 | causes-news

Saudi women got behind the wheels in various cities of the kingdom on Saturday. The women decided to go ahead with the event even though the government had warned of arrest and trial in case women participated in any campaign...
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Breaking News: No reports of damage after 7.3 magnitude earthquake hits Japan
Posted by: skooter

Cebu :: Philippines | updated 2013-10-29 14:51:41 -0700 | causes-news

Skooter reports 10/26/13 Early Saturday, a quake of magnitude 7.3 shakes off Japan’s east coast, the U.S. Geological Survey said. A tsunami advisory was issued by Japan's emergency agencies for the region that includes the crippled Fukushima nuclear site. At...
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Posted by: OmerOscarAlmenario

Manila :: Philippines | updated 2013-10-27 17:17:39 -0700 | causes-news

THE National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in Manila has arrested 52 Chinese and Taiwanese nationals suspected to be involved in an online financial fraud. Daniel Daganzo, head agent of the NBI Foreign Liaison Division, said the foreigners were arrested in...
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Breaking News: Saudis warn supporters of women planning driving-ban protest
Posted by: skooter

Cebu :: Philippines | updated 2013-10-29 16:34:02 -0700 | causes-news

Skooter reports 10/26/13 Saudi officials intensified warnings on Friday over campaign by women to defy the male-only driving rules in the ultraconservative kingdom, stating that even online support for the protest could be arrested. The warnings emerged on the day...
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Breaking News: Ex-Felon Releases Documentary Film on Tourette's Syndrome
Posted by: Matt Duhamel

Salt Lake City :: UT :: USA | updated 2013-10-23 13:21:49 -0700 | causes-news

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) October 23, 2013 Matt Duhamel, a former KUTV news personality and ex-felon, has completed production on his debut documentary film entitled, “What Makes Me Tic?” Duhamel is hosting a public film screening on December 11th...
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Posted by: neelamyousafzi

Warsaw :: Poland | updated 2014-04-19 01:47:07 -0700 | causes-news

Nobel Peace Prize laureates calling on world leaders to accommodate the universal legal and unconditional abolishment of atomic weapons. The statement which came Wednesday at end of an anniversary acquisition of the accord cost victors aswell alleged for negotiations to...
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Breaking News: In defense of ladies: A dying art, not a threat toward feminism
Posted by: BaileyVincent

Charlottesville :: VA :: USA | updated 2013-10-23 10:12:07 -0700 | causes-news

“Stop that… you are a lady!” This is the sentence I find myself saying to my two girls on almost any given day of the week. “I am?” my 4-year-old asks perplexed, as if the thought of ladyhood had never...
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Breaking News: Busted at Barneys for being black
Posted by: skooter

Cebu :: Philippines | updated 2013-10-26 15:50:59 -0700 | causes-news

Skooter reports 10/23/13 A black teenager is suing the high and mighty Barneys staffers and NYPD cops for racially profiling him for credit card fraud after he bought a $349 belt. Staffers at Barneys’ Madison Ave. flagship store targeted the...
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Breaking News: MilesTones - Cocked Eyebrow Tidbits
Posted by: RevAustinMiles

Antioch :: CA :: USA | updated 2013-10-23 20:00:27 -0700 | causes-news

by Rev. Austin Miles ANTIOCH, Ca (10/22/13) Outrage arose yesterday during a walk while encountering a young woman named Erika with her dog, Nala. the outrage was not at the young woman nor her dog (so stop jumping to...
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