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Things That Make Me Go, Hmmmm.....

January 17, 2011]------America has always appeared to be having a duel with itself. Don't get me wrong, I love this country dearly and liken my relationship with the U.S. as family whom you clearly love but can't help but notice that some of their habits drive you crazy!

The parade of paradoxes and contradictions of this great country are numerous. Oh let me count the baffling ways.

A nation that professes to be deeply religious and God-fearing from it's 'inception,' also engineered executed and profited highly from one of the most inhumane, genocidal, holocaust in the Western Hemisphere:Slavery. Then continued the inhumanity way into the 20th century, with institutional racism.

We lock up prostitutes in prison. Why? They are consenting adults. Yet the porn industry is a billion dollar business. Aren't they selling the same thing?

We lock up folks for taking drugs, marijuana included. Yet the one that really kills, cigarettes, are perfectly ok to do.

Most states have the death penalty on the books yet we call Iran and others barbaric.

You go to jail for killing yet it's perfectly legal on death row and in the army. In fact, you get a medal of valor for doing it in the army.

We get highly uptight over a little nudity, (remember the Janet Jackson slight wardrobe malfunction during the superbowl?) and is wound so tight over sex that we censor pretty much every art form, including movies, to the point of almost being dry and boring but violence--let the games begin. Need a gun? Just walk to the corner store. I think you have to wait longer for a passport than a gun.

We impose embargo on Cuba yet we're practically married to China and we know who wears the pants in that relationship.

One that really makes me shake my head is when we drive to the gym, then take the escalator or elevator. After, we drive back home. Can you see the many contradictions lurking in this one? What about leaving the car at home, which helps reduce your carbon footprint. Then for exercise, go for a run or brisk walk. All of this cost nothing so you will save a pretty penny, which is sure to come in handy in this abysmal economy.

Can you think of any more contradictions?