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'19 Kids and Counting: A Duggar Leaves Home' Don't miss Amy heading to Nashville

Tomorrow night it is time for a big "19 Kids and Counting" special called "A Duggar Leaves Home." This one will show their cousin Amy heading to Nashville to try to make it in the country music industry. Check out the preview above.

Amy is the oldest of all of the grandkids but she is considered a wild card. She has always wanted to be a singer. Amy doesn't do things the way everyone else does and has even kissed a man before.

Her mom and grandma are headed with her to Nashville to work on her career. You never know how it will turn out but she is at least going to try it. Amy is ready to take chances and see what happens in Nashville.

This is only a two hour special for now but it is very possible that Amy Duggar could get her own show if she can win over the fans. TLC doesn't air something without considering bringing it back as a regular series so you never know what will happen with "A Duggar Leaves Home."