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World's Toughest Job video goes viral: Do you want this job?

A new video is going viral fast and it is called the World's Toughest Job. This is a fake interview that was set up to try to get people to decide if they want this job. It is about a real job and it actually pays nothing. Check out the video above.

This is a job interview that is being done over a webcam. The interviewer explains the job and it sounds really hard. He tells them it is 365 days a year including holidays, that you never get breaks, and you don't get to sit down very much. This sounds terrible and the people he is interviewing do not seem interested at all.

As the interview goes on, he asks them if they do realize that this is a real job out there. He then gives out the punch line and this job is that of a mom. Now that is a job that a lot of people want and have, but never think about how hard of a job it is really.

So do you want this job even though it doesn't pay at all? Sound off in the comments on if you figured it out.