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Shocking "The Walking Dead" episode: Recap of "The Grove" (season 4, episode 14)

Did you miss "The Walking Dead" last night? If so, you missed a lot! Here's a recap. Warning: this contains SPOILERS for those who haven't watched the March 16 episode.

Season 4, episode 14 was called "The Grove." It focused on Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mika and baby Judith.

We've been seeing hints that Lizzie is an emotionally disturbed child since last season, but there's no brushing it off after this episode.

It's revealed that Lizzie is the one who was feeding the walkers at the prison. She thinks they are her friends and has more loyalty to them than people.

Tyreese tells Carol he saw the tween torture a rabbit for fun.

Mika admits she thinks her older sister is sick and she is obviously afraid of her.

It gets worse.

Way worse.

Tyreese and Carol find the makeshift family an empty house to hunker down in. They come inside and find Lizzie has killed Mika and is about to do the same to Judith!

Lizzie says not to worry. Her sister will come back, as she was careful not to hurt her brain.

Carol realizes the child is disturbed and obviously a danger to others. She takes her for a walk and shoots her dead.

Audiences were shocked by the grave turn of events. Do you think Lizzie was damaged before the world went crazy or was it a result of trauma?

Tyreese assured Carol she did the right thing. She confessed to him that she was the one to kill his girlfriend back at the prison during the flu outbreak. He forgave her.

Did you watch last night's "The Walking Dead"? Did they take it too far?