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"Veronica Mars" movie: Will Veronica end up with Logan or Piz?

I’m extremely excited for the “Veronica Mars” movie to come out. I was a huge fan of the TV series and am a backer on the Kick Starter campaign that raised funds for the film.

The big question fans (also known as “Marshmallows”) are asking is will Veronica wind up with Piz or Logan?

She and bad (but oh, so adorable) boy Logan were on again, off again high school sweethearts. Veronica started dating Piz in college during season three. Piz is nice, stable and treats her well. He definitely trumps Logan there, but she’s always been pulled towards Logan.

The movie takes place at Veronica and pals tenth high school reunion. The movie trailer shows her in New York city as a lawyer – and she’s dating Piz. Still? Again?

However, a call from Logan who is in trouble pulls her back to Neptune…and the reunion.

Are you Team Piz or Team Logan? Who do you want Veronica to end up with? I’m hardcore Team Logan myself.

Check out this video of “Veronica Mars” movie stars weighing in. Jason Dohring who plays Logan says he’s actually rooting for a hookup between him and Piz. Very funny stuff.

Kristen Bell, who plays Veronica, actually seems to be a bit torn.

What are your thoughts?