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Is 'Talking Angela' app a front for a pedophile ring?

Fear is spreading on Facebook about an iPhone app for children called Talking Angela. The app features a cartoon cat that interacts with the users.

According to the post being shared, a mother was sitting with her daughter as she used the children’s app. The cat remembered the little girl’s name, asked where her brother was, made sexual innuendo about tongues, asked for personal information and took her daughter’s photo without permission. The post said the police were called and the investigators believe Talking Angela to be part of a pedophile ring. The post urges parents to share it on their Facebook page.

This is the second time this rumor has swept the Internet. The first time was almost exactly a year ago. According to Snopes and Naked Security, none of it is true. Their investigations have determined the concerns are a hoax and that the game is safe for children.

The makers of the app have explained that while the cat does ask children their name and age and then repeats it back to them in a French accent, it doesn’t go beyond that. The makers also explain that the user can take a photo within the app, but it doesn’t do it automatically.

However, parents on the comment sections of the articles aren’t convinced. They say they have heard the cat asking their child personal information and taking photos. Others swear they have witnessed the Angela the cat saying inappropriate things.

Does your child play Talking Angela? Have you noticed anything strange with the children’s app?