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'Scandal' season 3 episode 11 preview: Fitz won't lose Olivia no matter what

Fans have been waiting for season three of "Scandal" to return and they will be back soon. A new preview is out and Fitz is going to do everything he can to keep Olivia this time around.

We were left with the cliffhanger of not knowing where Olivia's mom has ended up now that she is free. In this new clip, Fitz pulls Olivia close and tells her he is not losing her again. Remember that during the last season he showed her the house that was meant to be their home and she told him to keep it for now.

Olivia and Mellie sit down for dinner together. These two are going to have to find a way to get along if they are both going to be in Fitz' life.

One more spoiler in this clip that is that Olivia's dad will sit down to talk to her a bit. He tells her that she should be very afraid of what is going on right now. It takes a lot to scare Olivia Pope.

"Scandal" will return on February 27 with new episodes. Don't miss this big return.

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