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Kody Brown deals with death of his father on 'Sister Wives'

Tonight on "Sister Wives" Kody Brown will be shocked by the loss of his father. Radar Online shared a big preview of this upcoming episode and Kody's dad will pass away at the age of 78. His name is Winn and he has been seen on the show before.

If you remember from a past episode, Winn is more than just Kody Brown's dad. He is also the husband of Janelle's mother. When Janelle was spending a lot of time with Kody and Meri, her mom wanted to know all about the lifestyle. She ended up falling in love with Winn and marrying him before Janelle and Kody even got married to each other.

Janelle's mom is making it look like she is doing just fine with the loss of her husband, but she obviously has to be hurting inside. She is a woman who keeps a lot to herself and when Kody asked her about it she just didn't want to talk about it.

Don't miss this new episode of "Sister Wives" on Feb. 9 on TLC at 8 p.m. CST. Everyone will see the family head home to Utah after Kody's dad passed away.