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Kelsey Smith and Collin Varallo deal with ex-girlfriend drama since 'Sweet Home Alabama'

Kelsey Smith picked Collin Varallo as her one true love on the season finale of "Sweet Home Alabama." This couple could not be happier, but now his ex-girlfriend is causing them a lot of drama.

Today Kelsey went to her Twitter page and shared several photos that are of text messages sent by the ex to Collin's sister. They prove that she was not talking to him while he was filming the show even though now she is trying to say that they talked all the time.

Kelsey also went to Facebook today to clear things up. She said the following:

"As crazy as it seems I feel as if I should step in and clear up a few things. I have humbly kept my mouth shut to negativity, mainly because everyone is entitled to an opinion. Now that the season is over I believe I have a right to stand up for myself; not to the negativity, but to the lies. Collin's ex girlfriend has gone to desperate and pathetic measures to make this exactly what it isn't. I refuse to bash her or judge her simply because I do not know her. I will only stand up for myself and tell the truth of her lies." You can read the rest of it on Kelsey's Facebook.

Are you shocked that Kelsey and Collin are dealing with this problem now? Hopefully she will let this couple move on and have their happily ever after in "Sweet Home Alabama." Please like my Facebook for fans of this show.