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'The Fosters' return: Find out spoilers for season one episode 11

Tomorrow night "The Fosters" will return to ABC Family for the rest of season one. Many people think this is season two, but they actually just took a break and will be airing season one episode 11 tomorrow. ABC Family went to YouTube and posted three different previews full of spoilers. Here is what to expect:

  • Callie is still gone and it is hard on everyone. Brandon and Jude talk about it all and Jude is sure that Brandon and Callie can't be together. He says that if they try it then the family won't adopt them.
  • Brandon even reveals that he loves Callie. Jude doesn't know that Callie ran off.
  • Their grandma is there to help them out after the big wedding. She is cleaning up everything and will be flying out that night to go back home.
  • It is Lexie's last day before she leaves and both kids want to spend it with her. Jesus is begging for some time with his girlfriend. She is only leaving for two weeks, but he feels like it is forever.

"The Fosters" will air a new episode on Monday night on ABC Family. This new one will be on Jan. 13.