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Rebecca Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' starts a new blog

Next week is the return of "Duck Dyansty" to A&E. News came out this week that Rebecca Robertson is joining the cast of the show. Now news is out about her new fashion blog that sounds like something you won't want to miss.

Rebcca posted on Twitter about the new blog called Duck and Dressing. If you look at the website, it is obvious she is doing this with her mom Korie Robertson. They also have a new store located at 411 DeSiard Street in Monroe, Lousiana.

If you don't know anything about Rebecca, she is the adopted daughter of Korie and Willie Robertson. You can read more about her at this link. This will be her first season on the show and she looks like someone fans are going to love.

"Duck Dynasty" is returning to A&E on January 15. Phil Robertson will be back as well despite being suspended at one time. They have fully reinstated him to his job and things should seem like normal on the series. If you want to see a preview with Rebeccca, you can check it out at this link.

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