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'Sweet Home Alabama' finale: Who did Kelsey Smith pick in the end?

Tonight was the big season four finale of "Sweet Home Alabama" and Kelsey Smith finally made her pick. It was down to just Nate Kabanuck and Collin Varallo. Did she pick a city or a country guy?

Kelsey had one last date with both guys tonight and then even got a chance to meet part of their family. This was a great way to help her decide who she wanted to pick. It seemed like she is into both guys, but it was hard for her to decide for sure.

The last 15 minutes of the show started out with Nate coming up to talk to Kelsey and looked very obvious she was going to send him packing. She told him that her fairytale ends closer to home.

Kelsey picked Collin Varallo was the big winner tonight! He told Kelsey that he even looked at engagement rings, but he feels like that is something they should do together and he didn't give her one. She has already revealed on Twitter that they are still together and going strong.

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