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Jeff Gutt performs 'Dream On' during 'The X Factor'

Tonight on "The X Factor" fans got to see Jeff Gutt perform the song "Dream On." This song was posted to YouTube right away and you can see it in the video above. I would personally say it was one of the best performances of the entire night.

Jeff did the song with just him out on the stage. He was surrounded by green lights that reminded me of a laser maze, but it looked really cool. When he was done with the song, all four judges were on their feet for him. They did have some trouble hearing at their table though.

Jeff got very emotional when watching Detroit and how much they were supporting him. He had a lot of support from home and did a great job.

Simon Cowell said it was the first time he saw Jeff believe that he could win the show. He said it wasn't fake at all and that Jeff Gutt is the real thing. He could not imagine that a record company won't sign him after that one.

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