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Paul Walker news: TMZ reports actor died in car crash

Reports are out that according to TMZ actor Paul Walker has died in a fiery car crash. They say that the story is still developing, but other websites are saying it is just a hoax. At this time, fans are confused and just want to know if he is alive and well or not.

The report from TMZ says that Paul was in a Porsche along with one other person. They even have a picture of the accident scene. Their report says that he died and so did the other person in the vehicle, but the story is still developing at this time.

Media Mass which is a UK site is saying that he is just fine and that this is just another death hoax. It is really confusing people on what to believe and what not to believe at this time.

Hopefully news will come out later that Paul Walker is just fine and this was another death hoax. At this time, TMZ is reporting that he is dead and they are normally pretty good on their stuff. It would be shocking if they reported a death that wasn't true at all considering they even have a picture of the wreck. You can see the aftermath of the accident in this video link and check out his last tweets here.

Update: This is confirmed by his rep! Read more about it here.