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Spoilers for 'The Bachelor' 2014: Juan Pablo's final choice revealed

"The Bachelor" 2014 will start airing in January on ABC and spoilers are already out for this upcoming season. Reality Steve has announced who he believes Juan Pablo Galavis is going to pick on the show. He also knows if they are engaged or not.

You have to remember that last season he was wrong and said that Desiree Hartsock picked Brooks Forester. Instead she picked Chris Siegfried and they are now engaged. Hopefully he has it right this time around.

Reality Steve has revealed that the final girl this season is Nikki Ferrell. She is from St. Louis, MO and Nikki will be the one girl that everyone loves to hate.

Reports are that Juan Pablo Galavis picks her in the end, but that he does not propose to her. That means he will pick her and say he wants to be with her, but there is no big engagement ring to seal the deal. Steve says that there is no chance that they will last and end up married in the end.

"The Bachelor" 2014 will start airing on ABC in Jan. On Jan. 5 you will get to see a special show and then the season premiere is Jan. 6.