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K-Mart's new Christmas commercial: 'Show Your Joe' gets everyone talking

Tonight as people were watching television they got to catch the new K-Mart commercial for Christmas 2013 and it had people laughing and going straight to social networks to post about it all.

This new commercial is called "Show Your Joe" and it is just a bunch of men in boxers. They start out behind a white curtain in what looks like a suit, but then the white part falls down to show them in their Joe Boxers ready for a new kind of dance.

Next comes their great booty shaking dance to the song "Jingle Bells." It is a cute little dance and gets fans talking. K-Mart is doing exactly what they wanted and they now have people talking about them and rushing to share the video.

They had a huge hit in the past with the one called "Ship My Pants" that made you think they were trying to keep from saying something else. Whoever writes commercials for this company knows exactly what they are doing and has done a great job again this year.

What do you think of the new K-Mart commercial called "Show Your Joe"? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.