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Rion Paige performs 'Born This Way' on 'The X Factor'

Tonight was a new episode of "The X Factor." On this episode, they were supposed to send someone home, but that isn't what happened. Last night they had an error that caused the voting to be messed up and so everyone had to learn a new song in just 24 hours and perform again.

Rion Paige performed the song "Born This Way" by Lady GaGa. This song was the perfect choice for Rion and she did a great job on it. When she was done performing, Simon Cowell told Demi that she needs to make sure that she lets her pick out her own songs each week from now on.

Rion does enough with her voice to win fans over right away. The Lady GaGa song was a perfect choice for her and fans on YouTube can't stop talking about how much they loved it. It would be shocking if she gets sent home.

Next Wednesday night they will be announcing who goes home before the performances. Someone will get sent home after fans had a chance to vote tonight.

What did you think of Rion Paige and her version of "Born This Way" by Lady GaGa? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.